How to play chess properly

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Black Plasma Studios : My eyes are watering I'm lolling so hard.

Tara Strong : They didn't even have to roll the dice. Very good sportsmanship!

Gluty Maximusy : My opponent has summoned the Kraken. What do I do? I do not have any means of killing it!

RG : How the hell did Short lose this match? His opening strategy was flawless and Kasparov just made mistake after mistake - he couldn't even make a goddamn unicorn and lost his megachessatron.

Angelo : What a shame, if Short waited long enough it would have been Easter and he could have resurrected the Chessiah

Ostrich160 : classic game, reminds me of the 1922 famous game where Mr. Forund actually called in an air strike on the board in a thrilling battle of wits

J T : How professional chess commentary sounds to most people.

Wyrd80 : I am a little disappointed that Kasparov didn't summon the Kraken.

Bradley Chen : Please help, my opponent has inverted his king and has summoned the anti-christ. What do I do in this situation? I positioned my queen onto my inverted rook to form a gravitational void but that hasn't worked out.

thehaxorman : Reminds me of when I won the 1932 world championships by summoning our lord Cthulhu.

jumpsplat120 : Wow, is he taking the piss? Alternatively, I guess he won that pissing contest.

Jason Zenarosa : my opponent activated the Game Change card turning chess into yahtzee, help?

Chibi Reviews : Seems Legit!

Alex Vue : This seems about right xD

Majin Wamu : Whew, I am happy I watched this video. So I have been playing chess properly all along.

Ahad Merchant : Well done Kasparov! But Short should've summoned The Hindu Godess of Kali Ma and tried to make it posses his queen to increase her Strength and Endurance and allow it to barrel right into the king. That was why he lost. What an amateur... 

victoriaac77 : "Kasperov's queen has been revealed to be an imitation, played very convincingly by Helen Mirren, she has won an oscar. But she will have to leave. She can of course leave in any direction she likes." I was expecting an entirely different video, but this was way better!

shaun03a : The one time I click on the mystery video, and it's the most hilarious video on YT. Good job, NerdCubed.

Un Disclosed : So this is how you play cricket.

Anders Petersen : No game no life ep 3 right there !

artman40 : Can this game be recreated in Tabletop Simulator?

Andy Ferber : The Canadian version has body checking and frequent apologies.

MaxNoSleeves : I love it

Cool Squirtle : So, I did something wrong and now my rook won't stop rambling about his crops. Anyone had this?

Gargamel Le Noir : Excellent video, beautiful game, insightful commentary, except a lapse in the technical terms : When you put a horn on a rook it becomes not a unicorn, but a narwhal. And if it can reach the end of the board and stay there for two consecutive turns, you get to put in play three randomly chosen Magic cards.

Hank Hill : I love it when they play outside the rigged confines of book theory and rely just on skill.

on the FRINGE : You cannot convert a horse to a unicorn without the approval of all the bishops on the board. Otherwise you have to begin a revolution of the church and state and this takes a long time. Then afterwards the official religion needs to by changed by royal decree to the regime of the one horn

kat punz : Why did Tumblr have to bring me here

crash979797 : This is the new best video on YouTube.

Mr. Helix : I wonder who made this video. It says BBC in the top left of the video, but that might be part of the joke.

Pie- pinkpony : Anyone else here from a foofy haired guy from Essex playing with a spinning light-saber?

EmpireOfTheRisingSun : HAHAHAHA , THE PISSING ON THE BLACK PIECES WAS SO RACIST ( it is referring to how the US peace keepers and firemen , used hoses to drown blacks who protested and so forth . , , )

Daniel Manahan : 322 non chess players have never learned how to piss their opponent off

Aurablasé : Oh man, I've been playing it wrong this whole time.

BitVyper : This is clearly a game of Calvinball

Lucius Malfoy : There are no words to describe how much I love this video

Colonizer-Chan : i thought this was legitimate until i kept watching......this is genius.

jessica couger : I was seriously trying to learn how to play chess when I found this lmao

Chris Mannion : "I have no idea who made it, or if it is copyrighted or not?" IT HAS A BBC WATERMARK FFS :-\

SnippleSnapple : Wow, this actually works! Thanks guys!

Sgt.Crawler1116 : A 9gag post brought me here

Ghost Lightning : No Game No Life episode 3 all over again.

Lefty Guns : I always knew chess was difficult.

MM!! : Chess according to /tg/.

Parismio : Still diagonally. Some traditions, Die hard. This bit is amazing.

Mike Abrahamson : this is the best thing i've seen in a long time

Vensey Ness : I was sent here by a man who sees the world through a glow stick's eyes (While in the tumble cycle)

Brandon Conrady : This is beautiful

YVZ STUDIOS : _Der König ist tot_

UnDrewsual : I *finally* understand how to play chess now. Indeed, I now know how to play EVERY game.