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devie borja : Gengis khan really liked dating. Glad they didn’t burst his bubble and explain it was raping not dating lol

Ally Blom ! : "Have you got any parents?" 😂


MIke J : Beautiful humans, innocence and honesty such as this is rare these days unfortunately.

Mickey Hampton : Alice: I feel love in my heart. Oh makes me want to cry, such straightfoward, no games, sweetness!

dbilly7 : Damm it, this program did it to me again....I caught myself smiling again!

Gordon Rosemary : Lizzy - “I need him to be tall, muscular, buy me a gift” Guy - “I hope she can read the menu”

Robin : "Do you think boys like pink?" "No, they don't like pink; but they aren't wearing it, are they?" GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL. 😂

Kara Y. : If Lizzie has difficulty with reading and counting...I really hope there's someone she can trust to take care of her finances. What happens when her parents are gone and there's no siblings? I worry about these folks being taken advantage of.

Lisa Brand : Luke, your a class act, very handsome, and just a breath of fresh air! You should be real proud of him mom, you raised him very well!

Joe M : Jamie has a lot of potential. I think he can up his game tremendously if he works on his posture and stops overthinking.

Lisa Bell : Jamie is so cool. I would love to discuss philosophy and ethics with him.

Miriam Kleinert : I managed not to cry through so many episodes. But this one was too much :-,) Luke asking Alice made me so happy

TD McCoy : I like Luke, he is awesome. He and Alice are super cute!

Laura Nadel : Luke & Alice are very sweet. I hope they are still as happy.

Dietrichdenise : ❤️this. Goes to show how powerful human affection and connection is despite a persons cognitive abilities or intellect. Watching this is humbling. All the best to all the singles on this show. YOU ARE LOVED🤗

Lilly Lazer : I have to say these gentlemen put alot of effort for thier dates. I wish my dates put in half the effort. Luke is very impressive! I wish I could speak like that

Laura : 41:04 awwww the moment he kissed her shoulder 😍

ActionBastard : it's like these ppl luv is real, genuine, innocent like how it should be.

PlanYourLift : omg 36:00 killed me so so sweet "when I think of love my heart started pounding and say 'go on joseph, go on my son, go wild, show her what you can do'" - what a beautiful internal voice

Marjolein van der Perk : My heart melted for Luke. He is so sweet.

66callisto : This is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Ashlee Rehe : “I’m charming, I’m handsome. I’m kind and I’m Er I’m good looking” 😂 so adorable.

Patricia Arce : 41:04 the way Joseph closes his eyes when he hugs Lizzie is the cutest thing ever

Kirsty Watson : ffs this is too pure

Thqt Yt : Jamie reminds me of Sheldon 💀

TheBighappy4u : We all need learning disabilities! Maybe we’d treat each other better!

Tyson Moore : That umbrella trick is freaking genius

garyoldmanfan25 : Jamie is just adorable.

Taran M : I love to watch this and pretend that I am more dateable than them briefly before the crushing reality that my crippling dating anxiety leaves me truly undateable.

Naïma Gabriel : I absolutely love Jamie!!!

Hexighost : LOL, love jamie, we're just glorified chimps

Cyn 91 : I love how Jamie thinks!

Iceteakilla : Good for these people connecting those with disabilities, I just started watching some of these episodes but damn these individuals honestly just teach you a lesson on how simple things in life are so priceless.

Jarrad Hurley : I admire Lizzie's honesty, but good lord, she couldn't be more shallow if she tried.

Krystal Hall : Alice and Lee have me crying. That was the sweetest court ship I have ever witnessed. I hope they live a happy life together.

Blueis Notgreen : There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jamie. He’s just looking at life how it is. And if you can be as realistic and logical as him and still have such human emotional needs and love on the inside well I’d say he’s doing better than just about every other “normal“ Person. I mean when people are trying to explain The intricacies and nature of dating and how you’re supposed to act they can only say what you’re supposed to do they can’t say why. What a waste of time ...learning the rules. It just gets in the way of love. Most if you’re reading this you’re probably pretty normal but have This idea like you have to just relax and be yourself… Well I think it’s important to realize that outside of being logical ourselves are irrational and they come from our environment. Logic is a great equalizer though. Jamie is better than all of us

Lucas Layton : I feel bad for Luke.... that language program is teaching him incorrect phrases.

Christian Allred : Alice and Luke are absolutely adorable! I loved seeing the look of pure joy on their faces, and it was incredibly sweet to see her take his hand before he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Aaron and Sarah Dungca : 41:04 my hearts melts when he kisses her shoulder

RKG : Does anyone else hate that they chose to name this show the UNDATABLES??? Not a very nice way to describe these lovely people

guanacahermosa : 43:50-44:03 cant stoo crying. Happy, Confident and Relaxed. It's for my girl. 😭😭😭💜💜💜

Rachelleski : The most eye contact I have received all year 10:07

N Corp : I'd definitely date Jamie and Joseph. Luke and Alice are literally the cutest couple ever! I hope they're still together.

Holly Rodgers : Ella is really pretty.

User K : 37:22 "Have you got any parents?" Thats a weird question for date :D


Sternenguckerle yo : Joseph is such a lovely guy

Cajoboy California : Joseph is a hottie. Nice bum too. They all could use a little dental work.