Guy Tries To Kidnap K-Pop Star While She's On Stage

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Nananki : lol, really? "Pardon me I'll just help myself to this one, please carry on."

Hello There : So stupid there are millions of fans that have cameras and phones but you think “welp if I just grab one in the back no one will realize...” 😑

Timothy Gallagher : that was just hilarious how he grabbed that girl in particular

mentalydisturbed95 : "come with me, No time to explain" 😂

WestSydneyFootball : They keep dancing wtf.

China Ball : If u guys r wondering the girl the guy try to kidnap was SNSD (Girls generation)leader Taeyeon

Ally Romeo : I like how he did it on stage, in front of a bunch of people... “Hello don’t mind me, I’m just here to take her, please keep dancing” *they all keep dancing but one*

Takaru : If I were her... I'd kick him somewhere below the belt

Brooklynn Martinez : "Hi, excuse me lemme just take this one and i'll just be on my way, thank youuu"

tiktok musically : why would someone even do that

CRAZYKILLA KILLAMAN904 : I would beat him to death. I dont even know these kpop girls.

Jimin bee : I would of kicked him were the sun didn't shine

Gods Ranm : how did he get on stage?

Wis Dom : That is how korean men get women to like them.

Veronica Brown : The way the girl walks after him at 0:09 is like “oh hell no you ain’t taking her on my watch” and I think that’s amazing

Sofi_Kits : The other girls just keep dancing till the end of the song then they go over to her at least one of the girls stoped dancing and helped her if i was her i would kick him somewhere below the belt i you know what i mean

Gods Ranm : scary

actionchaplain1 : Well, at least the lesson seems to have been learned, as nothing like this has happened to a k-pop idol since then.

Thomas DongTV : Seriously they keep dancing

Jaimelyn Dancel : Crazy man

Anime Fan : Can I have