Good deed for the month ft. Overcoming anxiety barrier

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Phil Siegel : Kinda wished I had edited out the swearing... sorry Mum.

Jake : Subbed. Do more of these brother! I'm in the same boat.

Dan Wetherington : There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. Your love overcame your anxiety. Love more, fear less. :-)

IcePeten : This is some good stuff, man. I love people with anxiety because of situations like this. You may have anxiety, but it's that feel of anxiety which makes you relate to people in the (probably) same situation. Good on you. :)

Hope Hurteau : anxiety = belief that something bad will happen. try applying doubt to those beliefs and exploring some positive options that maybe something good will happen. the belief that everyone hates me (shame and anxiety), or its opposite, everyone loves me (narcissism and excitement) are both false and can cause bipolar disorder later in the brain.