Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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Fluffy Marimo : How it feels to chew 5 gum..

Raffi Adrian : 0:58 Become a zombie

Simachya H.I. : He needs an exorcism

Robbie Ridgeway : 1:31 Alien:Covenant (2017)

Hᴇᴊ Mᴏɴɪᴋᴀ : When YouTube wasn't shit.

Fluffy Marimo : He needs a snickers

Demon CreeperHD : Mom Deletes Kid's World Of Warcraft

Cool cube : Hmm *walks out of closet sticks remote up ass* 🤔🤔 its adding up

doublechin22 : Why did his mom cancel his Warcraft account Questions scientists still can’t answer

DrewTheKryptic : 1 like = a penny for him to buy a snickers bar

Shade The Chandelure : 1:10 And thats how everyone was commenting about steven shoving things up his ass

Julian F. : He needs some milk!

Mischief Rapids : 2018?

SCP Foundation -Foxygamerpromlg- GAMING : How it feels to chew 5 gum.

CMD : Why did he take off his clothes then try and stick a remote up his ass

AlexTheWiiSportsResortFan 2018 : Remembering This As The Funniest Video On Youtube

Uganda 02 : 1:10 wtf did he did xD


Math Math : Me when i lose at pvp or i lose at fortnite

linked.Z : This is the trailer for the the new paranormal exorcist

Helperino Kripperino : You could say that ( •_•)  ⌐■-■  he was pretty (⌐■_■) butthurt

Savage21 Pepe : Trying to go supersayan like

NikAzzy Vines : 1:27 when your mum says you have to do your homework

Flexx Slaya : 0:28 he tried to fly

Boibasaur : I watched this back in the day and this shit was hilarious back then and it still is

BellaDipulatz : Narnia ain't gonna save you hun

dj slimdick_19 : New rainbow 6 siege outbreak trailer?

Sebastian Meadows : 1:10

Bridget Briscoe : 0:55 he looks like a crashing helicopter 😂😂

itz._ rhxys : *Top Ten Anime Betrayals*

kortezfitness : Somebody please give him a Snickers

Madison x-x : Good lord he need yeesus

SuspEc t : 1:10

FabiFX / Motion Dzn : 1:32 The zombie apocalypse

jkjkj : This is my brothers state rn after fighting with a kid

blue badass : That's how my brother Acts when you so mad😕

Squirrel : 1:27 WRRRRRYYYYYY

Just Another Person : 0:53 me entering my sisters room because she ate the last donut

Tomato sauce : Omg these comments are too funny😂

Caleb Harris : HE NEED SOME MILK

Oliverdoesstuff : A velociraptor gorilla hybrid possesed him I think..

bartolongsleeve : Lol long sleeve

happy5808 : 2018 here

GoPro Niko Milanes : LOL 😂 LOL 😆 LOL 😝

Stan Ferdinand : Rare footage of a shell shocked soldier in WWI. 1916 colorized 😂

TolgaBey : 1:39 problem solved 👍

Fantôme Gaming : That moment your mom eats the last pizza roll...

Spugie Woogie : The remote probably smells like farts

Crazy Kenzie : He's acting like a freaking wild animal!!!!

REEZEY 101 : I bet he voices all of the zombies in cod