Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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Rodrick H Smokes Dank : He went in the closet, then he *_came out of the closet_*

Dark Megumin : 1:09 I've never seen somebody Soo mad that he want to shove what looks like a remote up his ass XD

MasterAquatics : Yeah I use to try to shove remotes up my butt when I would get angry back in the day too. Good times.

ashley r : why is this is my recommended in september of 2018 youtube stop

Awesomeman 3226 : *Speech 100*

Top 10 Archive : Rumor has it that the remote still feels violated.

zaytor the creaytor : 0:37 - 0:48 how magicians take off their cloths

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? Second Channel : *the question is..* Why did he stick the remote up his butt?


Road to 100 subs with one video : So he screams, strips, shoves a remote up his bumhole, shakes like a fish. Dude this guy could become a legendary dancer- did you SEE his BACK? It had so much flow, and the remote part? So much symbolism within that and I just am not intelligent enough to interpret. Kids these days. They’ll never be as amazing as this kid

Bonixo HD : When you realize that you've been using your data instead of your neighbors free WiFi.

DiKey 622 : How does it feel to chew 5 gum? 0:20 1:11

cat owner : You gota take off your underwear to make the remote go in

DaddyDain : We are hitting levels of autism that shouldn't be possible

b3to91frca : 0:29 Dolphin dive lol

Mr Hist : 1:10 *aaaand lets put a remote in my butthole while screaming out loud*

Catastrophe Cause : 0:54 - *Me Arriving to read these amazing comments on this video*

SnoggyTheBear : when my Roblox gf says gtg and joins another game

Trash Can : He has the power of Satan and western animation on his side

Houston C : And a school shooter was born.

Hugo Cornellier : Fake or not, this is one of the greatest YT vids of all time

keeara : When you passed the whole summer Holidays doing nothing and the week before school starts you find out that you had homework

Vincent Malpica : Someone call a priest

BonBon the bunny : 0:19 *a wild human gorilla has been spotted!*

Tyler Mcay : I've had those moments where shoved a remote up my ass... The only thing that's different is the fact that i wasn't angry

El Chump : thanks recommended, very cool!

Aaron Promsupsin : He needs an exorcism

Ragadan Aviatori : 1:32 Real footage of satan taking over a maniac (2009 colorized)

Electric Cruz : 2018 anyone?

Charlotte : He shoved a remote... Up his butt.

GrassDude39 : it makes it more crazy because of the frame rate

Deepak Karandhar : Conjuring 4 trailer looks dope

SevenFour : I can feel this guys pain possibly almost a year of hours ripped away from him.

Finn : when there aren't any chicken tendies and mom won't buy more

DanceMoms LOVER : When your crush doesn't text you back

GDKD14 : Turning into an adult is understanding how this guy feels like

Blyat Яuzzell : When Your Mom doesnt give you v bucks Me:

xXyourfriendred Xx : 0:22 he sounds like a pig or a zombie

nPhlames : Wow! There's no Justin Y. bot! Great achievement having this video untainted.

Sumukh : Where did his clothes go ? Wait.. Was that a magic trick ?

Mac Whan : Me internally when my mom takes my phone away

Hmm, Perhaps : Yo is this the source for the Call of Duty Zombie noises?

shiva thapa : *When you find out hannah baker just made your tape*

Bob Jones : Does this kid realise that his reaction is just confirming to the parents that they made the right decision lmao

NOW IM AS STRONG AS A BAAARGE : A timeless classic

A Comment : Ok I just watched this

2000 subscribers with no video : *meanwhile Remote on twitter:* #metoo

Booya- kabunga : How it feels to chew 5 gum...

GamingChaos : World of warcraft is not that good of a game

Elzeta : He is like one of those inflatable advertising dolls from automotive agencies