Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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Rodrick H Smokes Dank : He went in the closet, then he *_came out of the closet_*

Yeoman Hernandez Vieyra : Day 24 of no nut November

Rumiana Naidenova : 1 like=1 prayer for the TV remote🙏

Mr.Sw4g 831 : *the blanket raped him*

kiwi : Came out of the closet then shoved remote up there 😂

Top 10 Archive : Rumor has it that the remote still feels violated.

Bread Loaf : Anyone else feel bad for the remote

DaGamingDragon _ : 1:27 the new godzilla movie is looking nice already!

Moe_Lester : Hillary Clinton supporters after the election.

Mikhel Rowssen : Never understood why he tried to shove the remote up into his anus.

Charlotte : He shoved a remote... Up his butt.

anti brony master race : His calender has a picture of Brian's gay cousin.

a cereal killer : **calls the nearest exorcism service**

RobbIndustrials : *when my mom burns exactly one of my pizza rolls*

Miya : When I find out my mom came back from the grocery store without getting my snack..

Hugo Cornellier : Fake or not, this is one of the greatest YT vids of all time

jeon lalisa : 0:19 he sound like a pig dying

kelonwashington96 : He needs some milk

Suraj Marla : So this is how it was in 2009

ellismi19 : This one NEVER gets old! My fave part is when he beats on his chest like a gorilla and then attempts to shove the remote up his ass! Lol! Hilarious!

Soumak Nandi : Legend has it that he's still screaming till this day.

Some Dude : When you get your test grade back

V Mix : How is this getting views to this day

Mary Phanord : He hits himself with a shoe

Siraad A : 1:32 the purple minion has left the chat☠️😂

MetroVerse : 0:54 When you get expelled from Narnia

Luke Weaver : I laughed at this 5 years ago and I’m still laughing now. A true classic

Bored potato : Vegeta struggling to become super sayin 😂😂😂😂

KxS : Okay but why does he sound like a pig getting slaughtered😂

Cheese man : He was just flopping around like a zombie and attacking his blanket

Mr Hist : 1:10 *aaaand lets put a remote in my butthole while screaming out loud*

GULLWORKS LTD. : Gets mad. Has tantrum. Enters and exit closet, proceeds to stick remote in anus. ( note to self; never smell remote)

Adam The Fantastic : 0:24 demon being released

Commander Colt : Dad:SHUT UP! 😂👏

Carl Stevens : One seems to be a spoiled crazy kid, the other a straight up psychopath

DanceMoms LOVER : When your crush doesn't text you back

Ernie Vega : 1:13 Me when the D too big lmao


Erica F. Brun : He needs to go to therapy......😬

Zombie Prodigy : When youre turning into a Nazi Zombie...

Simachya H.I. : He needs an exorcism

George Seric : This video is perfect when you have sad day, you can see it and relax ☺️😊😂😁😂

Ewaaa Ewaaa : I honestly just came here for the comments

GamingShittyShit : wait.. does he have a hard-on?

supiamco : Hitler when he was 13

I haven't showered in 2 weeks, but : The new fortnite emote looks dope

Wendy Williams : When you find out you've been using data instead of your neighbors free Wi-Fi

Frank Phillips : A certain wife beater in the making

ItzDustin : Me when school starts .

Banana Girl : Me when I get killed in fort nite I honestly wanna like all of the comments in here.