£5 Kebab Vs. £925 Kebab

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Comments from Youtube

Ali Ekrem Yiğit : Everybody knows that “Ayran” is the best drink for kebab!

Ben Su : Using wagyu then mincing is like having a Ferrari inside a fiat shell. The marbling is what gives the wagyu it's texture and taste, if you mince it, you may as well just use just normal Angus beef and get it for £25

ilhamionur : Just fly to İstanbul and stay there 7 days , each night try something different and it wil lstill cost less than that kebab.

Toni G : 1. If it doesn't have meat it doesn't qualify 2. Kebabs are not meant to be posh 3. Quick and on the go....that's what the Bab is all about 4. and yes the more pissed you are, the more chili you add We say in Oz it's the drunken gem that covers all the food groups in 1 easy feast, It's a no brainer 5 pounder wins hands down, great value!

Ella Godbold-Holmes : 'Touring the UK but really just London' is a summary of any piece of media in the UK honestly.

Abubakar Khan : When you're fasting, this comes on your Recommended and you got to click it....

Lennin Altunay : This is normal worth it with a brittish accent

Serhat Donmez : 925 pounds? You both go Turkey Adana and have maybe 100 video about different foods with that money :) crazy

gimmigota1 : That paneer dish is mot a kebab, it's a tikka. Lot different from a kebab or even cutlets.

maya : I’m so use to the the US cameraman not talking that hearing the UK cameraman talk is weird

MubariZMalik : Amina Koyim

Red User : 4:54 As a kebab, I've never seen this.

halit cenat : non of them were real kebab, except the last one, but that one is soo expensive, so come to Turkey and taste real kebap here

Patrick Brookings : Who's crazy enough to buy a £925 Kebab?? Apart from filthy rich people who don't know what else to do with their money, that is... Like he said, you could fly to Turkey and buy a kebab there, lol! It's insane, and even more insane that there are obviously people who pay that money for it, geez...

Alex Dyżlą : I really want the 5£ kebab.....

Mohammad Abu Zaid : What Egyptian prince? @8:47 Egypt doesn't have a prince lol

HOSAIFA ALABDW : I just been the HAZEF menu on there website, There prices very normal. They have nothing for £925?????

indahanggun lestari : I'm Indonesian, but I LOVE kebab sooo much! ❤❤

Cengiz söğütlü : 925 ÷ 5 = 185 kebabs with drink = this means more than half year you can eat ordinary kebab.... Or 2-3 week vacation in Turkey fly included

UnPhayzable : Nothing can beat the 2 AM drunk Doner Kebab

5thousandsubchallenge without video : 925 pounds is equal to almost Tk 100000. This amount of money can be used in Bangladesh to buy 5 medium sized Cows. In other words huge amount of money!

Toby Ibe : amazing how a kebab is both the most and least british thing ever

thetraveller0415 : The paneer kebab looks great, I enjoy anything with paneer.

Sandeep Prasad : Lol @ £925 kebab.. we get that for less than £1 in India ...it's not wagyu beef but it's the same recipe and it's hella tasty 🤣

Lolly McNeill : No matter how good a kebab is, it cannot be good enough to be worth £925

Tropical_ Kill : 7:25 My mans asking IF they have chili sauce inside of a restaurant that serves food for £1000

Hachem Shahrour : All of theses would get beaten by the average kebabs found in Syria and Lebanon

A G : 1st one aint a kebab its a shawarma

cliq uot : In Germany the pricepoints are 2€, followed by 4€ and the highest price being your youngest daughter.

Infinite Athletics : All of a sudden I’m craving a Kebab.

liAm : Please make worth it cafe uk season 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

Aran : "cows listening to classical music and getting massages is more myth than fact" awwww

Blue : "I've had more kebabs than hot dinners" then he mentions Chili sauce on kebab? What on earth are you on about man? Have you ever had a decent kebab?

Hamza Khalifa : Egypt doesn't have a royal family MATE!

xoALSox : Silly yanks in the comments are struggling with the fact that there's a world outside of the USA

AmazingManiac 9 : Wait wait wait. We have worth it intruders

oğuzhan Sancak : Döner is NOT kebab

Imagine Dragons : You should eat kebab in Turkey man

City Guard : Almost 1 grand for a kebab?! How do they price that much?! £5 all day!

jethrosketch : That last Kebab... nothing can be worth that price.. there are people in Turkey who earn that much in 3 months!.. and they probably have better Kebab than that.. posh nonsense

Efe Yılmaz : the best kebab i sin turkey and its only 10 liras whic is around 3 to 5 dollars

kevinmsft : 925 pounds for that crap? The beef is clearly not Japanese wagyu. LOL... the wine is "in-house".

Paddy Mc : That final place is just absurd. Pretentious nonsense and they're just charging whatever they can.

Ranzig Betucht : the only good kebab is in Istanbul and Germany

Paul Bassim : How to scam 925£

Iftekhar ahmed Rayan : Lol.... people are stealing nope robbing you guys in the name of kebab.... it's way too cheaper.

ccosta7 : "I'd never associate this with a kebab". The restaurant is called "Le Bab" and the logo is the silhouette of a bloody kebab what did you expect, paella?

B Wong : We are heading to the Woody Grill in Camden. Camden is famous for what, Joe? *Drugs.*

thisis Arman A2 : Why didn't you try the Iranian kebab