£5 Kebab Vs. £925 Kebab

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maya : I’m so use to the the US cameraman not talking that hearing the UK cameraman talk is weird

Ali Ekrem Yiğit : Everybody knows that “Ayran” is the best drink for kebab!

MubariZMalik : Amina Koyim

Ben Su : Using wagyu then mincing is like having a Ferrari inside a fiat shell. The marbling is what gives the wagyu it's texture and taste, if you mince it, you may as well just use just normal Angus beef and get it for £25

Lennin Altunay : This is normal worth it with a brittish accent

UnPhayzable : Nothing can beat the 2 AM drunk Doner Kebab

Z FM : President Kebab

Abubakar Khan : When you're fasting, this comes on your Recommended and you got to click it....

ilhamionur : Just fly to İstanbul and stay there 7 days , each night try something different and it wil lstill cost less than that kebab.

Freeyz _ : Is anyone buying a kebab that cost 925$?

Meow Last : Why don’t people undeerstand, they are in the uk ofc they have different people. You can’t expect andrew and steven to be in the uk as well as america. We want andrew and steven ofc, but they ain’t in the uk. This is catered towards the uk audience.

Elgun Necefzade : Do you want delicious kebab ?Thats time come Turkey and eating realy delicious kebab

Vartolu : Yarrrrraaamıı yiyin amınakoduğumunun çocukları😂😂

King 28 : 925 pounds ??? Cmon man !!! Come to Cologne Germany and eat the best Döner Kebab of your life Brother for only 3€ and a BIG one with salad and Chips and Rice for only 8€ !!! WTF is this for 925?!!!!

Vegasweddings : Bad thing to watch this during Ramadan fasting

Infinite Athletics : All of a sudden I’m craving a Kebab.

john huang : The last kebab looks like a real kebab but with no stick. The others are wraps.

Serhat Donmez : 925 pounds? You both go Turkey Adana and have maybe 100 video about different foods with that money :) crazy

Lord Frederick : 4:54 As a kebab, I've never seen this.

Su De : can we just all agree turkish people know good food. i mean i would know, being turkish and all...

UnPhayzable : This episode was magical, call it *Abra Kebabra*


Oğuzhan Eren : Seconds its not kebab. Kebabs should make a Turkish people

Imagine Dragons : You should eat kebab in Turkey man

Regalya : Shawarma is lebanese version of Turkish Döner We deliver ALL KIND of grilled meat to Lebanese when we colonise them Shawarma just lebanese word for Turkish Döner. You guys forgetting not long until 100-120 years ago almost all those countruies were Turkish States or colony do they don't teach history in your schools ?!? PS: Prime reagend of lebanese cousine Cumin also brought by Turks Seriosuly tho read abit history ffs

Ishan Ali : After a night out I’d take a £5 kebab HANDS DOWN!!

Efe Yılmaz : the best kebab i sin turkey and its only 10 liras whic is around 3 to 5 dollars

oğuzhan Sancak : Döner is NOT kebab

Anika Stolić : Remove.

FXPresent : Kebab was not Persian word "kebap" is a Turkish word And a special Turkish food.

bellabieber09 : i want a kebab so bad

FG Ege Yağız : Türkish kebab

Damocles : *REMOVE KEBAB*

Alex Timms : 925£ doesn’t look like wagyu need to me the cost should be like 70 pounds or even less.

5thousandsubchallenge without video : 925 pounds is equal to almost Tk 100000. This amount of money can be used in Bangladesh to buy 5 medium sized Cows. In other words huge amount of money!

Walocial : Every 'Worth It', where food is involved, makes me hungry..

Silent Assassin : My dads is better

NOUVELLE FROONCE. : Omg those are not kebab’s... come in Europe and especially in Germany. We call those dürüm’s and kebabs are not really the same...

San___ 69 : You could get that type of royal kabab in Iraq for 20$😂😂😂hello from Iraq

ShinyHunterKen : 2:49 taste the rainbow🌈

Bailey Bansbach : "What is Camden known for?" "Drugs" 😂😂😂

Daniel Hakimi : "Doner kabob" and "Shish Kabob" are totally different foods. The former is the rotisserie-cooked shwarma/pastor like meat, usually served on laffa bread, not a tortilla. That's what you're talking about eating when you're drunk. The latter is the skewered meat you tried later, which my Persian community usually eats with rice, not bread (or salad). Comparing the two is a little strange.

Master Bates : Don't wanna be friendly to people putting kebabs in their pocket I don't agree with that content, I think it's really obnoxious Never could relate to that, find a way to get me kebab Tell 'em WorthItUK sitting moaning high af, ate kebabs Face the facts, they need to be eating kebabs Ca' wherever I drop see it reasonably kebab, yeahhh Do the Muhammad and Imran Chase me for that kebab I'm going overseas to get it If she wanna get gwal gotta swallow for that kebab meat She ain't looking to repent she got the kebab like a pish head.

Kadir Efe Ertürk ツ : REMOVE ME!

Cengiz söğütlü : 925 ÷ 5 = 185 kebabs with drink = this means more than half year you can eat ordinary kebab.... Or 2-3 week vacation in Turkey fly included

Ella Godbold-Holmes : 'Touring the UK but really just London' is a summary of any piece of media in the UK honestly.

Gunzepeshi F. : The restaurant who serves 925 pounds for a kebab is a classic turkish opportunist. If you scam people then scam will return to you.

Çağan Taha Gültekin : Bırakın kebab'ı Türkler yapsın :D

Ahmed Al Meraikhi : Kebab made of Gold? Why is it 925£ 🤦🏻‍♂️

fidget midget : But just how close are the eyes.....