Doctor explains what Ligma is

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G+ is terrible : It's so sad that doctors take on so much medical school debt that they have to resort to things like this.

Robo Seał : How does he dab so straight and equivalent. Also this is so funny and cringe

xander : *"FUGMA. what the heck is fugma... BRO-CHO-CHO?!"*

Cosmichu : the only think on my mind is how he agreed to make this video

Jakob Taylor : 0:45 turn on captions

Spoctboi : This meme deserves so much more attention. Its so good.

Autism Powers : Ligma died because of ninja

Foxcutter productions : If Fiverr was around in the early days of YouTube Poop, this would make such great material.

Cale Herrera : lmao, I love the way he dabs!!

Link1894 : 0:45 is my favorite one

MrRubik : 0:45 why is he so aggressive?

Mr. Mcninjaguy : This is better than youtube rewind

I don't even know anymore : Nice to see that medical degree is paying off well

Benthebeasthen : The way he dabs

aboxinabox : I bet he hates his job after this. Because I wouldn't.

Hugo Horvath : 01:46 And now this is epic!

_The Eclipse_ : 1:45 hey got em

Falcon Anims : Who else came from Nick Mercs

ascentfevers : He's trying to laugh but he cointains it. Look at his face in 0:01 then on 1:49

PcRoX123hackedACC : five dollars well spent

Thomas Rose : Hey gotem *dab* *dab* *dab*

KaseyWN : where can i find this to download lmao

Ninja : What is ligma?

Despotic Waffle : The birth of another legend, i love the times we live in

be more chlli fries : I’m calling all my friends “bro cho cho” now

ReeceGaming : 1:40

FIREBOMB 34 : This man is a legend he deserves a medal of comedy and health


Denis Weigandt : Here because Nick played this on his stream last night and I died.

1000 subscribers with no videos : Did he just say *h e c k ?*

TheDirector451 : cowchop baby

ツzqrcze : The meaning of life🙌🏻 0:00 - 1:51

Polk St : Bro cha cho


Gacha Potato : Why is he actually dabbing

AiAndyRxllin915 : I like the part where he dabs

extra thicc Jake hurt : *Fugma*

OFFICIAL Creative Master Productions : I want an appointment with this doctor Edit: thx for heart

Jackof Blades399 : I wonder how much money they paid him for this

JemStarGacha- JSG : i get traumatized every time he dabs

Gemmy Doge : i fell uncomfortable

Necro : the regret and the stone cold stares really shows how he has no will to live anymore

gnome : *This is too epic*

yunglilbread : 1:18

Eptthree : dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab

Falco Acinonyx : Still better than YouTube Rewind 2018.

Blake Fulton : omg im dying pls checkout 1.35 its got me dying lmao

Dejan : this is a public service...

faster than you Black : Is this poetry?

Pixel Burger69 : i diagnose you with *ligma*