lemongrab builds a squid

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Comments from Youtube

SuperGaming Dude : Splatoon has gotten really weird

Miserissa : Let's see if he can build a kid too


Bernoulli : This is... ACCEPTABLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Cap'nCinnamonBun : This squid is *UNACCEPTABLE!!!!*

StickMaster500 : Is this what Splatoon 3 will be like?

bluwjay4 : Instructions unclear. Squid stuck in the ceiling fan.

Justin Y. : Wow, the new Smash really changed the voice of the inkling


unovatrainerwhite : "You wanna frickle frackle?" _Espurr has such a way with words_

Veridian : *_In inside look on the birth of Squidward_*

Investing Hustler : Lampoon wtf did I just watch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±

eggspress : UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

like to get a dolphin : This video was *UNACCEPTABLE*

Clairvoyant Birb : This is the kind of quality content I subbed for β˜†

Timothy Jung : How the hell did you execuTe that voice so freaking well

James Atkins : *MMMMMMMMMM*

Patrick Star : Youre like the matthew mercer of youtube

NintendoWolf : Lemongrab for smash bros when?

Luxas : *The Fact that Square Enix didn't show a new FF7 trailer at E3 was UNACCEPTABLE*

NSan : Splatoon 3 looks good

[ Ignorance is bliss ] : Thank you ProZD Senpai. The voices of Lemongrab and Mr. Meeseeks are utterly acceptable to my dear sweet soul

Veridian : Is this the Build-A-Hentai Workshop?


ew its eva : Lemongrab, it's past your bedtime.

Perfect Subliminals : I don't know what just happened. One minute, I was watching Family Guy clips, the next, I'm subscribing to whoever made this thing.

The Derp Chaos : ProGrab

SmasherREX : His trying to say squidward...? One of the funniest & weirdest character in the adventure time series

Jaminator : Lemongrab? Sorry, I only know *Leningrad*

Prometheus : i’m sobbing from laughing so hard oh my g od

Wilmore Harris : Squidward is missing a part.


SuperRavensfan101 : *Justin Roiland intensifies*

Versaucey : Very nice, now can you do an impression of my dad who left 8 years ago to buy some cigarettes?

Min Dae : 2 views but 70 likes and 62 comments???? Hmmmmm

Dabesh Gamer : Could you do Goofy complaining/critiquing Kingdom Hearts 3?

Don't read my profile pic : 2 viewes, 51 likes, 16 comments

Raffy Punzal : i found the build a squid website long ago when i was 13, built my squid, and forgot abt it. fast forward 7 years later, im at the te papa museum in nz for a cultural/fine arts immersion program, and i see the build a squid. *B U I L D T H E S Q U I D S P A N S A L L O F T I M E*

Untapped Happiness : Truly inspirational... I’m holding back tears.

RF : Magnificent.

Non-Existent : You've seen Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Now get ready for Minecraft + Splatoon: Diamond Mine

mason pritchett : Damn 2 views and 61 comments YouTube is brokeen.

127jesjam : This is the quality content I subscribed for my dude.

Quercu Nigrum : Oh dean *THAT'S SOME PERFECTION STUFF!*

Rss : You Built a Squid. *TEST FAILED*

Unfinished Comb Studios : That's not a good LemonGrab. It's... UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Sam Jarman : That’s my local museum πŸ˜… The real giant squid is impressive though

Cybernetic Husky : UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!

Syko Not-Psycho : Nice Lemmongrab impression. Spot on... but that would be... IMMMMMPOOOOOSSIIBLLLLE!