Halo: Online - The Road To Eldewrito

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The Act Man : Go my children, discover what the Baguette means!!!



Kman423 : This game could have dethroned fortnite

First Name Last Name : I will always have a strong belief that games made by fans or people who are truly invested in the game will always be 10 times better than a game made by a developer that cares about money.

BLACKfire HD : I have the google drive download for anyone who missed the link

I Hate Everything : Inb4 dmca takedown

Mike141500 : Too bad there's no theater mode. Would have been great for machinima

Elizabeth Lane : If Skyrim has launched like eight times now for full price, why can't we get a release of this? lmao

Wilson Nguyen : Microsoft wants to *KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

Bob Richardson : They don't want Halo on PC as Halo is the only thing worth buying an Xbox for.

Choppytoaster : We are concerned the Microsoft may be replicating the experience EA is known for


Adib BehrooziTV : Legendary modders are the last amazing thing we got

HurricaneHomer9 : *J E N K I N S*

Hylian Dragon : I hope Microsoft hires those guys, just like Valve used to do.

Gamecheat13 : Im calling the FBI

LastLoneWolf FTW : Welcome to the FBI watchlist gentlemen. Have a drink Some pirated games maybe? Get used to it, you'll be here for a while..

Swolaire of Asstora : Just in case you're wondering, you can definitely set sail for the Bay of Pirates and find this game. Just make sure to verify the file

Jackson Taylor : Conservative gamers are the best gamers.

Bootleg : I stumbled across this game just cause I really liked Halo 3, but I wanted to play it on the PC. DIdn't matter if I had to pay, I wanted to play it and by golly did I find a gemstone. Great video, new sub!

diesel patches : Fair Use on YouTube is a joke.

FridayNightRagers : You do realize it’s still available .... don’t give false information you can still get the game from other sources people still play!

EHEBrandon : What irritates me even more is when people say its dead when its actually alive and well so please download and play and lets get the population up even more to prove that we want a true classic Halo experience from here on out starting with Halo 6. Microsoft only ceased development didn't shutdown the game as a whole. Even then the game is peer2peer so as long as people are hosting there will always be lobbies. I have a feeling they will port MCC to PC once its fixed and they add Reach to it.

yung cash register : Imma say it again - this channel is going places

Camden Smallwood : Thank you for making this video! It's really awesome to see that so many people enjoy the mod. Maybe one day I'll take the time to do a writeup on what went into the overall design for 0.6, because it definitely is a big change from Btw, the baguette was added with one of our fellow modders in mind :P


ShatteringKatana : 3 things AS AN INFORMATION : Halo Online is still playable if you have the assets (which are illegal to obtain). The assets, as well as the preinstalled game, are available on torrent sites, deidicated subreddits or by redditors that send PM links. To check if the files are safe people can compare the hashes. If they are the same as the reference, the file is safe. Number two is that it seems that mods can improve the looks of the game and make the weapons look like Halo 3 or Halo Reach, or even Halo 2 Anniversary for that matter. High quality model upgrades are also being discussed. As for the maps, there are currently many remakes being made in Forge, for example a Gephyrophobia, an Epitaph and a Chill Out/Cold Storage one. Even if we don't have the original maps, even in the eventuality we will never have those original maps, we still have valid remakes. I just don't understand why Microsoft doesn't release MS23 (with all the maps maybe ?) For something like 19 $...

Megan Huite : It's like Microsoft is holding halo as a hostage and they make it do what they want and if halo dosent do what they want to they shot it.

Rabitti _ : Never played Halo much but I'm hype for the Halo community about this

Speed Killer : i bet if this gets any more successful microsoft will cut its arm put black makeup on and commence a war against this mod, but it they wont win because its P2P...

just a pekin duck : 343 please learn

SH4D0W0733 : They weren't selling the weapons. They were renting them out for half an hour, 1 hour or 24 hours. Same with armor enhancements that just made you move faster, jump higher, regen shield faster, take less damage... The micro transactions SabreInteractive wanted to do were even greedier than EAs' wildest dreams.

BastAudio : What's really important to note is that they didn't need to use any of the newer Halo engines to make this work. Halo 3's graphics are almost timeless in the way that they look awesome no matter how technically simple and crap they are. I personally think H3 on MCC and Halo Online are better looking than any of the newer stuff they've made aside from H2:A.

joshb7 2.0 : Who here played before the update?

Jake Anderson : You got it all wrong bud, Microsoft didn't DMCA Twitch streamers, Twitch did because it's against their Terms to stream pirated media. Halo Online is pirated media. Also Microsoft didn't DMCA or cause a problem in Halo Online whatsoever, Phil Spencer himself told us (The many people who emailed him) that the only part that was being "shut down" was the distribution of the actual Halo Online exe officially.. So unofficialy, we spread it like wildfire anyway. I had 500 messages I had to reply to sharing the links, that shared links to others, that shared links to others. and so on.

RabidSquabbit : Hey Act Man, Thanks for making this video. We're glad you loved the game, and are glad that it has revived your passion for Halo. We don't know what the future holds for the project, but getting people passionate about Halo again was one of our main motivators. Thanks, RabidSquabbit

Jow cherry : You got some balls for showing halo online content

abdelrahman swiedan : Hey man make a Discord server so like every week we could play with you or something

Jacob Lewis : The Baguette is the symbol for one of the people on the dev team. He likes baguettes. For a short while his discord name was just the baguette emoji.

Nick Alphonso : Pc gamers we have everything emulators now this AWESOME TIME TO BE A PART OF THE MASTER RACE

Justin Y. : Halo? That's a nostalgia boner. That reminds me of when youtube used to monetize their videos.

Diego Pena : How did you get your graphics to be so good on this??

Bobby Grossman : Installation 1 hype

Gideon Horwitz : It’s almost like u take halo away form Microsoft and 343 and you let the fans create something their own thing and the end result is something pure something beautiful something actually halo...... is this hope I’m feeling right now. This proves that you don’t need a massive corporation to make games get the fans to do it especially halo a game franchise with some of the oldest and most devoted fanbase in video game history a force to be reckoned with indeed

Fuzzy Dunlop : Cracking down on a mod because it uses bits of code is one thing, cracking down on anyone who speaks openly about that first part is indefensible in my opinion. This is an important marketplace of ideas, the internet - and YouTube - is one of the MOST important marketplaces for ideas and concepts and communication and attempting to crack down on that is downright tyrannical imo.

Carlos Spicy Weiner : The fact microsoft took it down just proves, by Microsoft themselves, that people don't want to play the advanced movement of 343 games. If nobody wanted classic halo movement then this mod wouldn't even be a threat to microsoft, but it is, because most people want classic gameplay.

Titanic Tuna : The day they released this I played it and HOLY SHIT!!!! It was one of the most fun times I've had in gaming for a long time.

Mickley : I just realized that you sound like Nathan Fillion

Skins Maps Mods : I would pay $60+tax for this. I'm am lucky to have downloaded the one day before the take downs. Now Im passing on copies to tons of high school students