This guys presentation skills as a salesman are just exceptional

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*UPDATE* Holy Sh*t almost 20,000 views thanks to everyone that watched this video! I was at the Rhode Island Convention Center going to the Northeast Int. Auto show when I found this stand selling Sham Wow's and me, with my camera in hand, recorded it. Theres some douchey kid sitting next to me when i taped this, so whenever he yelled out, it was clearly heard on this. O well. No copyright infrigment intended.


poke_ie : This guy can sell gloves to a person with no hands

Aisha Zhané : "I'm talking the shammy not the dog please, he's still a good boy" 😂

jan klaasen : *Gives a great passionate presentation* "So who wants one?" *crickets* Working in sales must be fun

madfun510 : Lol I was following along I almost pulled out my credit card lol

Spodermen : why was this in my recommended videos

Cameron Dorsey : "Step on it!...I'm talking the shammy not the dog, please, he's still a good boy." That shit got a laugh from me Top level salesmanship

HusnainAS : Legend says his still waiting for someone to come up and buy it

David Adams : This person has no idea their video blew up 10 years later...and never will

X- Garethx : No one: YouTube recommendations: *Sham Wow IN PERSON*

МСЗ : This guy can sell a bottle of water to a drowing man.

David Do Yo Dance : This was uploaded in 2009. Youtube why tf is this in my recommendations. Anyways where can I buy one? 2nd edit-Went from 105 to 155 and now I come back to 320, hawt damnn, yah boi speachless. But tbr, can we get it to 420 blazeee it? cause who doesnt like 420 1st edit-shout out to yall g.o.a.ts for the 40 likes, literally never hit double digits

MiitsPlayz - Random Games : *Is that an alternate universe version of Phil Swift?*

Arashdeep Gill : I really wanted to know if someone actually bought it near 4:29!!!!

Skelly : My girlfriend had an orgasm from watching this and squirted everywhere, making a mess. Fortunately, I had a shamwow to soak up the mess. I put down the shamwow and stepped on it (the shamwow, not the girlfriend. She's still a good girl) and in no time, the liquid was all gone!

Will Cee : Who else is about to go to amazon to look for shamwow products.

shit's classic X : *How to get Youtube famous in 10 mins* tested and verified. Transport back in time 9 years 11 months 23 hours and 50 mins.

GoTurbo : 10 years later and I'm being recommended this absolute masterpiece. The guy's an absolute mad lad

Invader Zim : All these comments and not one review of the shamwow. Anyone buy this and recommend?

Lenkn Gomez : And because of Youtube, they’re about to get many orders from us.

CruxLuthica06 : Omg the stain is gone. *INVINCEABLE*

CASH OUT : Only real people remember from icarly spencer shamm poww

The One and Only Mr Unique : Who else got this in their recommended? A 10 year old vid.

Krista : Is this guy secretly a hypnotist? I've never in my life watched a 5 minute commercial voluntarily for the entire video

FinesseKeyz : You can knuckle it 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

J.marq703 : Guys I think I know how were gonna solve this rising sea level crisis


Channelitus Deletus : This is back in 2009 more than a decade later i'm watching this guy use a rag on some stains. This is so old that I don't even know what sham wow is...

Ann Bee : H E I S S T I L L A G O O D B O Y

Jake from state farm : You think this guy can convince everyone that R.kelly is innocent and that he's a victim?

loli lover 123 : Shamwoohoo is better You just push the water out of the table

ItzGregorius : "Doesn't Matter The Liquid" Me: *proceeds to dip shamwow into lava*

Kane Velasquez : This video was recommended to me 10 years ago and now it's back

Jack Banks : Did this guy keep anyone else hooked to watch the entire video? I'm quiet happy this was in my recommended

CONTROL YOUR SELF : 1 way to clean up your sauce ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


J'zargo _ : What did we learn drom this? To step on the dog not the shamwow

John Curington : 10 years ago already? Hell I still use paper towels!! 😂

Kaede Akamatsu : Instructions unclear, stood on dog.

Ruben Sito : Legend has it he is still waiting for someone to put their hands up.

Tyler T-G : Why is this In my Recommendations??? Number: 69

THE SLEEPYMAN : I wonder how many people will buy a shamwow after watching this video. Did we all just get this in our recommendations because it's an ad?

Holger Grauslund : If this is an ad that appears on youtube while i watch a video, i will watch it till the end

DJHeroMasta : Would you believe me if I told you I actually sat here and watched the entire video? I don't even do that for the channels I'm subscribed to lol.

Tilted Boi : This Man Could Sell A Steak To A Vegan

zoofy zoof : Description: "Holy shit almost 20,000 views" Well you're passed 7 million.

AutisticMan : Read the Holy shit part of the discription. And then look at the view count

John C : No one: This Guy: I can sell evil to the Devil

KyRowan : Why is this in my recommended and WHY DID HE SUCCESSFULLY MAKE ME WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO

PuLsE Crew. : I read this as sham wow in prison.