monte montgomery sultans of swing

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Version acústica del Sultans of Swing compuesto por Dire Straits y versionada por Monte Montgomery


campfive : Then there's this,, an everyone's speechless...

QuickMix : He's the Mad Max of acoustic guitar, high octane energy.

Self True : Phenomenal technical skill. Full respect. But Knopfler makes the song come alive in an entirely different way. With MK, each note is individually crafted to his taste. And mine.

Mack kmo : Amazing man !!!!!!! Great job :) !!!!!!!!

KaThouSe MuSic : I am the creator of this video and would like to explain it. I had some very rough video of Monte playing this tune from back in this era of Monte and put it through multiple stages of noise reduction and enhancements in order to attempt to have a clearer view of Monte's playing. Then I took a soundboard recording from another show during that era and did what I could to try and sync them together. Sometimes this syncing is a bit off. Originally it was posted on my previous YouTube channel and my friend Monte asked me to take it down, so I did.

Hendrik W : Monte youre awsome. Slow down.

Boogie Loo : Love the fingerstyle and even rasqueado. This guys has a lot of guitar knowledge

rijosigns : like 128 bpm hehe

Don Harmening : Great job! Excellent. 

Mark Pillows : Wow he is just SICK with skill, it's amazing

Mark Pillows : His sound/tone is truly unmistakable, next level guitar genius putting his stamp on everything he plays.

Tom Bouchard : He always makes me smile with his talent and style. Hey I busted a rhyme 😃


Peter Kane : Shit hot

Roland P. : It's fucking great!

Not Me : I think some guitarists treat "speed" as an indicator of how good they think they are,I would rather hear less "speed" and more "soul" in the phrasing of a song. While Monte is a fast picker his speed defeats the melodies of the song.....too bad.

protonman7 : The fact that Monte is not more famous than he is shows that talent doesn't always equal fame. he doesn't just play a guitar, he PLAYS it. His voice is really good too. Just amazing.

jean sale : He should try Temesta before playing lolllllllll

Paul Wooten : A typical wanking cranker, jacking off the keyboard. Acoustic meth-al

Joe Dombroski : My guess is 49% God given talent and 51% hard work.

Christopher Phillips : I really can't think of a more talented player,but sometimes Monte can lose the melody with to many notes.I think he's amazing,but not

anglotex : This crap gave me a headache!

Rockin Roger : Oh my God!!!! Monte is F#%KING amazing!!!! Wow

Leona Amara : almontemighty

LMA UK : Total fun, and pure genius... Knopfler would see the humour here. It's like that moment in 'Back to the Future' when Michael J Fox let's rip with the cherry red Gibson 335 and the crowd aren't ready for it yet:-).

Charles Jones : Monte's version is quite hyper, and though he doesn't have to light-speed at warp 2 through the piece, he does an excellent job showing what's possible. I find this version engaging. And my mood would determine when I would prefer Monte over Mark.

Chris Boylan : Your opinion matters.

Ruben Gutierrez : This guy sould play flamenco

Ruben Gutierrez : Not bad but its to fast and so out of time that i could not enjoy the song nothing like the original

TheMindstyler : AMAZING!!!!!

J.J. Su : You don't already know the words?

ZAPPYLIVE : What do you all just want to hear the song exactly like the original?......LAME!!! That's why they call them artists.

Woodie Guthrie : awesome !!

TheMindstyler : its different. isnt bad but the time is so bad......very speedly.

IntoTheBlue : Agree. Nothing beats the original version.

anto7199 : raw, fuzzy and wonderful as popoular music should be.

vrstovsek : sultans of swing at 200mph

Chris Boylan : I have to laugh when I hear these clowns criticizing Monty's playing. Musical retards.

Nancy Carlson : I think your guitar playing is out of this world..I just couldn't understand the words... Try being a little more clearer and not so word jumpy...Otherwise..Standing ovation!! :)

weed puller : you should hear him do world turning! i lke it better, he is very good ,you gotta admit!

weed puller : how do he do that?, damn hes good!

Rock0Buster : Right on man!! ruins the whole thing... mark I hope you dont kick his ass! ...what is this time sig??? 150??

campfive : Proof that there's a creator....

campfive : They put this video back up ...the world's a better place now!

Rick Minick : You can cover a song, or you can own it, and I think he owned this one, great acoustic version!

insanemethod1 : most blues guitarists do tune down a half step.

Lucian Williams : Great performance. Knofler obviously a big influence. And Stevie Ray - he tunes down a 1/2 step also to loosen up the strings.

Phil Lawler : Fantastic is all I can say a rival for the wonderful talent and skill of Tommy Emanuel...(and thats" sayin something..well done..give us more...

protonman7 : Monte plays the SHIT out of that tune.