ELEPHANT: a daily visitor to my family
Elephant comes for treats

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Lekshmi 12 year old elephant and her friend 25 years old Kannan are frequent visitors to my family for the last two years. Me and my family members and my dog Ceser 6 years, eagerly wait for there visits. My wife and my mother keep food for Kannan and Lekshmi. With out that they never pass my gate. This video is about such a visit to my house.


addyrulzz : Elephants are lovely animals... If you care for them they will treat you as family

arvind singh : Someone plz listen to zealous 🐕 dog barking in background.

Dan Juric : So amazing! Just so beautiful to see!

sanju dash : lucky family 👪 who starts ther day wid beliefs....perhaps it mks them confident.

Chow Yew Wah : It is nice to c this elephant is chain-free in India. Thank you.

rithesh jampala : When dogs bark, elephants dont turn back !! proved the motivational quotation 🤣

Mary Barratt : I love Elephants! They may be big but have an emotional soul, we need to take care of them better than we are.

Dre : I want an elephant to visit my house

Elizabeth Hodge : She's Not Afraid you can see it in her eyes she loves these people I love to see this type of connection that all of us could have

Tasneem Jamaldeen : I am so emotional watching this. This is how mankind should treat all animals in this world. God bless this family. ☺️

abhi nav : The dog wasn't habituated of the daily vistor.

Ajesh T K Onakkoor : 00:26 അകത്ത് കയറിഇരുന്നേക്കാം... അല്ലേൽ വേണ്ട, സമയമില്ല.... 😅😅😅😅😅😘😘

Roshan Paul : 0:51 elephant : tickle tickle 🐘 haha God bless you guys

Atin Hazra : The family is so lucky, god bless them😇

nishant ojha : Kerala right? I can tell it from the greenery.

Reformer Saravanan : It's mean your family is blessed by God. Long live family.

Soorma Hindustani : Jai shri Ganesh. Ganpati bappa.....MORYA

Abc Bc : Those people so kind . Eliphent knows that...❤ But careful ..

Basil Thomas : Kerala is always special ❤💓❤💓❤

Rl Iyer : Animal friendship is always better than humans. They are very faithful and loyal. I liked it. Actually I envy you😩😩

Belinda Rawlings : Such a joy. An elephant never forgets

Sunder Kaur : Amazing. It is good to live in harmony with nature. Humans have to realise that. Man harms nature first and then blames nature or animals for repurcussions.

shamin manoharan : Now this is Kerala for you..Gods own country☺

Vasantha Sereno : When I was in Ernakulam an elephant used come home for coconut leaves. He used to carry it in his trunk . 😊

mohan : Hey, the elephant just tickled the lady, did anyone notice it ?

HDDRTY1 : Just another day in Kerala

Santhosh Kumar : God bless your family..... Doing a good job

Mara Venu : sweet! its coming for breakfast

ashish phadnis : I loved that kid, who just squeezed in from the gap. So cool and natural.

Sfia Bong : Me: how was your day? BFF: It was Interesting... I was visited by an elephant 🐘 Me: I don’t believe you BFF: *shows video


Carson Rodrigues : Show me something more beautiful than this video........ I'm waiting!

Time pass videos : my neighbour home

Adnan Ahasan : Wow so nice family, love from bangladesh

Neelam Lal : *_0:54_* 😅😂😜 _Click again and again on this👆 link._ 😜😜😜😅😂

Naz S. : Please remove that rope from this beautiful elephant's neck.

Mili Bhat : It's a blessing of God. Lucky family

1dumpedviper : Wow, what I wouldn't give to be around such a magnificent beast! Blessings to you from The USA!

Subhajit Das : The little boy is so brave.. if this happens this mee i will be run ...

Prem\ Kumar : Lucky family or lovely family....both u r

David Russell : The dog is well pissed

Vaishali Kunte : Very lucky, this is like a god blessing to your family.

Neetesh A : God Bless Your Family !

Raja Singh : What the problem of dog....Can be silnet for one minute...😄😄😄are you feel gelousy..lol

cultured man : God bless you and your family.... Jeevitathil ella nanmakalum nerunnu....

mikrokupu : 00:14 "Welcome! Please leave your log outside thank You"

jessie varghese : I feel so emotional watching this. Love you guys. God bless you all.

Live Good Be happy : lord Ganesha comes every day to your house

NAGARAJ Bangalore : what a beauty , i love this.