ELEPHANT: a daily visitor to my family

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Time pass videos : my neighbour home

Neetesh A : God Bless Your Family !

Chow Yew Wah : It is nice to c this elephant is chain-free in India. Thank you.

Mara Venu : sweet! its coming for breakfast

teufel hunden : It's good to being visited everyday by an elephant. Lucky family

nishant ojha : Kerala right? I can tell it from the greenery.

Dan Juric : So amazing! Just so beautiful to see!

Nishath Begum : GOOD ELEPHANT NA 😉😉😉😉

lucky music : So beautiful God Bless 💖🤗😇💝

Dolores Underwood : I think the dog that was barking hi is tiet somewhere. But the elephants always eating not cos he is hungry.she likes this family

NAGARAJ Bangalore : what a beauty , i love this.

Meagan Carr : I would die of happiness if that was me.

Tasneem Jamaldeen : I am so emotional watching this. This is how mankind should treat all animals in this world. God bless this family. ☺️

1dumpedviper : Wow, what I wouldn't give to be around such a magnificent beast! Blessings to you from The USA!

ンSAYURI : ants and cockroach are my daily fking visitor

Live Good Be happy : lord Ganesha comes every day to your house

Cars1999 : In the Hindu culture, the elephant are the pillars that hold up this Flat Earth we live on.

Mahesh M : Ganapati bappa moraya 🙏🙏🙏👌👌

Frank Wolf : Thank you so very much for you on-going kindness!  You and your family are beautiful examples of how these magnificent animals should be treated...just look at Lekshmi's ears flapping back and forth, a sure sign how happy she is to see you, and of course all the tasty treats she knows awaits each visit!  I wish there was some way I could help contribute to what you feed her!

Needhika : This is so cute. Who says elephants are wild and hurt humans 😒

pics : Fantastic creatures, this would make my wish turning up at my door,

Mike Bartoli : marissa maria.... What an ignorant comment you watch a one and a half minute video and now you know the whole story of what's going on here.... you are an ignorant miserable troll

Justin Soles : A elephant came and visited us every morning when I was married it was my mother n law

jenny ruiz : God Bless this family

Sandy Dallas : How amazing to have such a wonderful creature at your home! Thanks for sharing!

andrew james : It sounds like the dog wants to say hello.

mahesh engineer : Lucky Good family.

addyrulzz : Elephants are lovely animals... If you care for them they will treat you as family

Sunder Kaur : Amazing. It is good to live in harmony with nature. Humans have to realise that. Man harms nature first and then blames nature or animals for repurcussions.

naresh kumar : Awesome loved it... Don't know why I found so attached to this creature. Mesmerised.

Gaurav Sharma : When they are nice...they are extremely nice.. nicer than anyone But when they are bad ... You are dead

शक्ति यानी मैं : A healthy friendship....

GIna Park : Lovely elephant, lovely people! Beautiful!!!

Theokolese The Shadow Of Death : Thank you for your wonderful compassion and treatment for this magnificent friend.

Dre : I want an elephant to visit my house

Yahu Yahu : I feel jealous..u get to be with this gentle giant so close every single day..the elephant seems much loved by everybody..not in chains..very good. Your dog getting jealous too...lol

Lili Zezo : Please elephant come to my home

Rakesh Kumar Sahu : Ooooooooooo Sooooooooooooooo Cute 😍😍😍😍😍 and Sweeeeeeeeeeet 😍👌👌👌👌👌♥ ♥♥

pawankumar angadi : I love your lakshmi and kerala..from hyderabad...

Mary Barratt : I love Elephants! They may be big but have an emotional soul, we need to take care of them better than we are.

Elizabeth Hodge : She's Not Afraid you can see it in her eyes she loves these people I love to see this type of connection that all of us could have

Soorma Hindustani : Jai shri Ganesh. Ganpati bappa.....MORYA

Alpesh Mali : God bless you...!!! 👌👌👌👍👍👍👏👏👏

Ink Bold : It's ears are all tattered, it got some serious beating on those ears by then trainer.

E Non : what a wonderful way to start your day.

Jasmeet Kaur : nyc

David Russell : The dog is well pissed

PieEyedPiper : Elephants are tortured to make them tame. They are put in tight wood/ metal cages & made to stand for days even months. They are proded with metal - often bleed & kept with little food & water. This is done till their will & resistance breaks. Then they are taken out in thick chains & they can barely walk. This goes on till ovr a year & finally let out of chains. Common in India Thailand ..S.E. Asian countries All for the pleasure & entertainment of man ! Plenty videos on youtube on cruel Elephant taming

kuben kain : When in lived in Indore I experienced the same . I was amazing to have that interaction with an elephant.

Adrian Kasanoi : I love elephants