Drake and Josh get stuck at United Airlines Meme 2018

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Fenixrazer35 : Well United. Good job. You not only refused to let two popular celebrities Drake and Josh in, but you beat up someone because they paid their ticket. Someone should beat United Airlines up.

Hank Hill : I wouldn't trust my luggage or my family on a United Airlines flight I tell you hwat!

Zack Hazel : Poor doctor. All he wanted was to see his patients. Looks like when United can't beat their competitors, they beat their customers. Good work.

Danny Soth : Megan...

Andrew Michiyo : Why is there no one working behind the counter? Looks like United doesn't care about their customers or safety if Drake and Josh can easily enter if there wasn't an unruly passenger.

Sentaruike2 : Looks like 4 out of 5 doctors recommend United Airlines.

Sentaru Urusua : Eww United Airlines

Kryllase : I blame United Airlines.