How I Proved the Earth is Round (with my Bike and Two Sticks)

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The scientific method is an incredible thing. I use it to test if the Earth is flat or round, and to measure its size, with just my bike and two sticks. Subscribing to my channel adds a drop of water to a cactus (named Sir Stabbington) in my house, and without that water, he will die. You can even go watch yourself water him in real time: If you want to help support my mission to spread science around the globe, check out my patreon page: This experiment would have been impossible without the help from Casey, Ryan, Jessica, and everyone at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. They went above and beyond with this project, and their science centre is fantastic. Check out this place! Here is the poll i reference at the start: Also, I tested if the sun was far away or close to Earth. Its really far: And I did an even easier experiment to test it again: Something I didn't get into in my video but really wanted to, is that my experiment was different than Eratosthenes' in another small but significant way. His was done on the summer solstice, and in Syene instead of using a stick and a shadow, he used a well. At solar noon the light went directly down to the bottom of the well. This is the same as if a stick cast no shadow. Since he knew that this happened every year on that day, he only had to measure one shadow, and he didn't have to line things up like I did. But, I have bikes, planes, and the internet, so I can't complain. Thanks for watching! #aroundearthbybike #flatearth #science

Comments from Youtube

Rokit Music : The fact you need to prove this is sad

VG : Everybody talking about pathetic "flat-earthers" while I'm thinking about the reaction of some random dude encountering wild trigonometry in a parking lot

SinnerD2010 : can it really be 1 in 10... that is extremely unsettling. Eratosthenes pace guy: "799,995m...799,996m...799,997m...799,998m...799,999m" "SON OF A..."

Triggernyar : Videos like this aren't here to convince flat-earthers. They're here to educate and sway the ones that are on the verge of becoming flat-earthers. They're here to educate the kids of flat-earthers, like how anti-vaxx kids are learning their parents are hurting them.

P Quigs : “ Mine is 3.9 cm shorter than his in Regina “ okay buddy are we still talking about the flat earth theory...? 6:51 thanks in the comments

r a l i ‘ i x a v i e r o : this is pointless cause flat earthers can't even comprehend basic math

Pewdiepie 1 : 1920: We will have flying cars in the future 2019: Earth is round (Proof)

Lordøfweed : In Bus: Police Officer:" Sorry Mister, this Seat is for disabled people only." Passenger:"The earth is flat!" Police officer:"Sorry to bother you Sir."

zombieslayer426 : Plot twist - he forgot to carry over the 1 in the calculation and he soon discovered the earth was actually a triangle 😂

Irfan Arif : I'm very thankful that you used metric system instead of imperial

Zinho9 : This experiment can very easily be debunked. Canada doesn't exist.

Ryan Bonner : Good video, but you'll be disappointed to know that flat earthers aren't interested in science.

virpil : I thought "the earth is flat" was a joke. Apparently not. I can´t believe people actually think the earth is flat. So flat-earthers think that all the videos from space are fake?

RᴀɪɴDᴇᴠᴏᴜʀ : I don't believe this experiment. Restart the sun and try again please.

Jakium : The fake Earth was a paid actor.

SoshJam Games : Actually all oranges are flat. Do your research. #FlatOrangeSociety.

Toyota AE86 : *It’s actually a cube, you normies played Minecraft?*

Dark Justin : Next: Proving Jesus is real using my hedgehog and five calculators.

Buttersnow : Mine is 3.9 centimeters smaller than his is in Regina. One cannot underestimate the value of these words.

FireOccator : Silly human thinks he can convince flat earthers that the earth is round with math and logic.

簡宥名 : FaKE nEws ThE shADOw wAS a PAid aCToR

Turismo Yonfa : Earth Is A Bike

James : 1 in 10 Americans are mentally handicapped?

007 NicklePickle : lies, i tested this in roblox and found out that it was flat. fake news

Tom Walsh : This is fake. He claims to be in Saskatchewan, Canada. We all know that the sun is afraid of Canada, which is why Canada is always snowing

Joel Pyy : The sticks and the sun are paid actors

Mairis Bērziņš : 40000 km is around equator which is the widest part since earth is squashed from poles. Your result was actually more accurate.

3Dcut : ok, earth ist round but lets talk about the flat orange society, cause they are absolutely right!

ChopStYcks : but man didnt disprove the earth is a donut

N DeGreat : Bold of you to assume flat earthers understood any of what you said.

The pumpkin King : If the earth is flat explain how my life is going down hill constantly?

Kecoak Salto : Come on guys dont be stupid, earth is just a myth

Robert Bringardner : Smh y'all still believing in a round earth. Next you'll tell me birds are real

SwiftySteve : Yo what if we take a picture from space and prove it?

Snark : Very good. But can you prove that the moon is real? #moontruthersunite

john squad : Raise yo hand if you came to the comments to looks for flat earthers

Aaron Wolfenbarger : NO!NO NO! It means the earth is a one dimensional construct in the shape of neil degrasse tyson's mustachio

zecuse : The problem is flat earthers don't believe in (effectively) parallel sun rays.

TheReal Monkey : Okay this video scared me. You said you were in stoughton, for a second I forgot you meant Canada stoughton. I live in one of the Stoughtons in America

Vantablack ! : It’s not flat or round it’s actually a fluid made from dark energy projected from the 13th dimension in hyperspace and we decode it as a solid with our third eye wave matrix. Come on people wake up.

Shro : Isn't it kinda sad, that there are still people, that think the earth is flat?

Einar Gissurarson : 1 in 10 Americans? 1 IN 10?!? Are you flippin' kidding me? Where did you get these statistics? Are you sure it's not from a survey done in a town with too much lead in their water?

Adam Hunt : Would've sucked if it was a cloudy day and u tried all this

Shorty Short : At least flat earth believer can park there cars in the disabled parking space

Mahiro : You silly goose of course we all know the earth is not flat *ITS DOUGHNUT SHAPED AND THAT'S WHY IT SEEMS LIKE A SPHERE*

Jerry Wuz good : Bike is a paid actor

sauce : Regina is my hometown Land of the living skies yeet

BraydenPlayzGaemz : Dino shaped earth anyone?

Nuclear The Furfag : Its upsetting to realise that you felt you had to prove the earth is round.