Goldblum Laughs in 11/4

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I've discovered the time signature of Jeff Goldblum's laugh. EDIT: Boy, I sure am glad this video rocketed in popularity two days after my monetization was revoked. Thanks a heap, youtube. Please support me on Patreon?


Spencer Fitzgerald : I'm more impressed that he was able to write a funk song in 11/8!

Bill Ray : Don't spend that $1.20 all in one place my friend!

Dan Bull : excellent

Laura Gregory : I freaking love you. This is all manner of awesome.

Benjamin Seeman : it's like you just discovered one of natures hidden equations!

c : jeff goldblum, who loves jazz scatting, would be thrilled by this

Justin Y. : Thank you reddit.

Seldwin : You end that video by saying "I don't know." But I think you do know. I really think you do.

Justin Hernandez : This has quickly become my new favorite thing. Thank you so much for this. \m/

Robert Holesko : You look like someone's evil twin. Wonderful video though:)

stocchinet : Most underrated video ever

Rufus Slothkowski : You're the coolest guy in the history of guys.

Retro Fan/Thats amore fan 1953 : 10 out of 10 goldblums

Marinecreature : What a time to be alive

Burst Nibbler : Very funny, why hasn't this gone viral?

Toolsquatch : *golf-clap* Good show! That's incredible XD

Ars Obsessio : Making Frank Zappa proud!

Ah Ha : I thought it was gonna be the 11/4 from rite of spring oh well

kyle clark : The hubris of man knows no low.

pete1729 : Lee Presson, I think you nailed it. All joking aside, you did actually nail it.

heyimgoingtoplaysomegames : Lee, uh, found a way.

LyonSinCuerdas : Is this on Spotify?

mylungpuppy : Man..that was fun..possibly you should have developed it further?

ohmiyoni : Download available for this ?!? I want to BLAST it!! <3 Thank you for this gem!

James Fletcher : I’m drunk

jmcieslak0 : how does this not have a million views

EYNLLIB : incredible.

Trediculous : I can't even express how much I love this.

Santiago Garcia : Beautiful😂

SketchBookShortFilms : We're gonna need a Warframe version of this now.

Rafael Oliveira : this is one of those things i didn't know i needed until i saw.

acrionx : That's scary.

Nutella : Amazing

lordish : I've watched this six times today so far. oh shit its 12:30 am

Ludwig@Youtube : WHAT ABOUT COPYRIGHTS??????????????? no seriously

locksh : Gold

Doyle Rudolph : Hey, anybody here from the reddit post who cares enough to read the comments: this man is amazingly funny and you owe it to yourself to check out his other videos. Lee, I'm thrilled to have found your channel.

George Hamilton : Can they really hear each other in the helicopter?

Horst A :

Jesus Christ : You have truly blessed the internet with this glorious discovery!

AbikersPOV : boring... and bad

Luke Strecker : Video got me so excited I shat in a box and mailed it to my cat.

Slow Boat : bless you

Oskar : monetizarion

Jesse V : This has already been done on YouTube