how to cook chinese (benny hill)
how to cook chinese benny hill

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Jason ellis : Not Lacist in anyway !

Karen Cook : How I wish we could go back to these Non P C days .... would be worth putting the Telly on.... Benny Hill how I Miss you xx

OGIT1917 : This would offend all the sjw and campus snow flakes! They would call it anti asian lol! Miss him and I am a millenial!

Lar M : Henry McGee is an expert on Chinese food. Look at the way he holds the chopsticks.

Peter Hughes : Benny reminds me a lot of Carol Burnett - always able to get a laugh without saying a word, and breaking up at the wrong moments!  We miss you, Benny.  :-(

Dee Donner Ramone : Just saw ya dumplings? I loved this in the early 80's. My God, miss Benny Hill.

Sherman Jonathan : "Good evening , every bloody."

Tony Dadon : He looks like Rosie O'Donnel. Actually, he's better looking.........

Issy Malin : So politically incorrect but funny, especially after a g&t.

Sam Adams : everybody is crapping.

Jeff Maltman : Pity we can't laugh at ourselves anymore great show

Bill Duris : In college calculus class in about 1987, a Chinese teacher was pronouncing "h" as "auch". A girl raised her hand to ask what "auch" is and he was offended and impatiently scolded her for not knowing what "h" is. The same tone that Benny takes.

TheHotFalafel : not nece-celery 

Brian Gallagher : Politician's Pudding: add pea stalks (peace talks)! 8)

Kragnorak : Ahhh, ya gotta rove good or' fashioned lacism!

West Coast Experience : that politicians pudding and Pea stalks joke was awesome

kleetus92 : just sawyer dumplings.... classic!

Yeshu : Freckin hilarious. After all these years, still funny as hell! What a genius!

Dave S : "Not Cous Cous, Puss Puss!!

wednesdaychild : every episode are just great. SUPERB. ! really entertaining. love it.

Thomas Sumner : LOVE Benny Hill!!! One of the BEST!!

routeman680 : Favourite at 1:45 "road of cobras"! 3:20 "Hello my darlings" and "Mr Pugh" - reference to Charlie Drake show, in which Henry McGee played Mr Pugh. This sketch is so good. Thanks for putting it up, John.

THE WEST IS BEST : Ha. Made in japan

weskal : Classic Benny !!!

British Comedy UK : Thanks for sharing :)

Jan Jacobsen : who needs Gordon Ramsey

Hélène Staley : He dresses up nicely! Funny.

kleetus92 : Who remembers the skit with Feter and Faul? Written by the nearsighted author with the equally nearsighted typewriter repair man with P and F characters flipped?

Rachel Brudenell : love it 😂

That's How It Is : It's Nancy Lam.

christopher smith : this and wondergran by mr hill also -never bettered

Dirty Donki : Feckin Hilarious! Sadly this would be branded as racist in today's PC world.

Glen Povey : Not lacist at orr! I mean, I been to Hong Kong, and orr the Chinese rook and sound just rike that.

Last Exit : Sex mechanic LOL

David Smith : 4.43 you buddy sex mechanic or something😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅brilliant.

arse bandit : The irony is Benny's bad=tempered Fanny was more likeable than the real thing.

John Roberts : Soya dumplings. Love it.

maureen conway : Benny hill interview

Speedy Tomato : It's like watching Rita Hayworths British aunt :)

Farina Marcini : Im a useless lazy millennial waiting to get inheritance and i love Benny hill show. Bravo

Colin Briscoe : When I was an kid I used to call Benny Hill uncle Benny because every Saturday night we would visit (see) on the t.v. !!

AltSphere Games : Worst impersonation makes it the best


Greg Norman : Chocolate drop then she drops a chocolate bar. From HK. At the beginning Benny's Cantonese English was spot on.

Martin R : Can never get enough of Benny!

BasherBrookes : And, of course, if you follow the recipe to the t.... your puddings will turn out just like fannee’s.

DEN : Classics...

Al Key2018 : I think Jackie Martling is in the audience

Michael Burden : Brilliant !