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Nihilist : ''No one can turn left like Yanet Garcia'' LMAO

Ola Sarcasm : that russian chick tries too hard mate

justin asuao : who tf is faze?

Mc Lovin : my pants went flying across the room

Tom Harris : And now I've got a boner. Great.

Jake Maringoni : That dress rip gave me a huge stiffy

Archibald VonFookFace : who is faze sensor?

mansoldworld : Stay classy Mexico. MINIMA, MAXIMA, NOCHE .

capsTV : That russian weather reporter does look like an alien, jesus christ, sooo creepy!

LoneStarGamer : Is the Russian news reporter willem dafoe in a wig?

Ronin Raphael : Mexican weather was responsible for my discovering the OzzyMan. My life has been glorious since then!

L O W - F I : Press 8..... enjoy?!?!

GAMERS1s : LOL oh Mexico i think they should change there name to sexico .

Miguel Riveros : "Mexico is my nummmber onnne source in global weather reporting"

chupacabra20 : To lazy to google Faze Censor (never heard of him) but will google his gf

subash v : I'm watched this video for more than 1 hundred times still not boring

Marc P. : That russian chicks face was hard to look at

TuomioK : The Finnish "GoT" Weatherman is a legend and he ain't gonna be fired! He even has one of these Facebook sites that posts the same picture of him everyday, In a MOSHPIT! That's in a heavymetal open air Tuska Festival! The picture is like 10 years old but it lives on...

WatchGamesTV : 😂😂😂😂

RS Darx : I am not winter, but I AM COMING!

ken xvii : would drag my balls through a mile of glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie

Menuki : This is enough to make Americans learn Celsius

Chris White : Jesus Cristo..!

Don Szabo : I like the Albanian

The Energetic Turtle : "no one can tell you that your fence will blow over on tuesday by a thunderstorm and make you look forward to it" I lost it lol

jaja1818 : there is just something about mexican weather report that just..i cant put my finger on it!!

w0mbles : Russians really don't do anything well, do they?

Nolsp : That Left Turn is really dangerous - gives you tunnel vision.

Ryan Z : Who or what is a faze censor?

Steve Arthur : That Russian is hideous! Viva La Mexico :)

BlueSta1n : Just up the road from Ranguyupoffshwingsgotgroceryswinganddropbubblewellanantsilogogogo

actionfan1000 : Anyone else lose the smile on their face after he said she was faze censor's girlfriend?

NapSter 79 : you make me want an Australian accent...hope i spelled that right.

Jonathan Gonzalez : who the facking hell is faze censor?

SnoutBaron : Jesus Christ, what an arse.

Neon Peon : I love it when she wears a ponytail.

Timon : Now I just need to know who FaZe Censor is and why I should actually care about it.


CWplayer : keep spamming the 0 button while watching the video.... i like that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

trinsicity : Hey did you know that's Faze Censor's girlfriend?

JackPecker911 : PEKKA POUTA!

ZERO FILMS : She looks hot 😍😍😍😍

ThejollyFrenchman : Have to admire the woman. All these foreign girls begging for attention with half their clothes off, and yet our dear Yanet can captivate with a simple turn. No stupid, desperate nip-slips, just a subtle, classy slight movement of the hips. Long live Yanet Garcia, queen of the internet and queen of our hearts.

Swagat Rout : That curve is extreme


subash v : T left

Dan Best : feel sorry for the camera man seeing her in person and not banging her

Cavalier Crew : Wtf did you know that's faze censors girlfriend

Scott : Russian girl's eyes are too far apart. That is what is creeping all of us out.

Steve Suttle : TO THE LEFT...TO THE LEFT!!!!!!!