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The Energetic Turtle : "no one can tell you that your fence will blow over on tuesday by a thunderstorm and make you look forward to it" I lost it lol

Nihilist : ''No one can turn left like Yanet Garcia'' LMAO

justin asuao : who tf is faze?

MrPoldekrosmol : that rusian woman just looks like she dislocated her shoulder and never fixed it

mansoldworld : Stay classy Mexico. MINIMA, MAXIMA, NOCHE .

Mc Lovin : my pants went flying across the room

Miguel Riveros : "Mexico is my nummmber onnne source in global weather reporting"

Marc P. : That russian chicks face was hard to look at

GAMERS1s : LOL oh Mexico i think they should change there name to sexico .

LoneStarGamer : Is the Russian news reporter willem dafoe in a wig?

Cris LeRose : Why can't more of these climb over the southern wall......we get the ugly ones..

High Sparrow : I'll bless that ass!!!

caps : That russian weather reporter does look like an alien, jesus christ, sooo creepy!

Neon Peon : I love it when she wears a ponytail.

Ordo Heritcus : Her body has been fine tuned to be perfectly balanced The front supports the back and the back supports the front. She is very pleasing to the eye whether she coming or going!

Steve Arthur : That Russian is hideous! Viva La Mexico :)

BlueSta1n : Just up the road from Ranguyupoffshwingsgotgroceryswinganddropbubblewellanantsilogogogo

Ola Sarcasm : that russian chick tries too hard mate

Tyramath : lol that UK town, feel like 1000 years ago someone thought it would be funny to come up with the most convoluted name for a town ever XD


jaja1818 : there is just something about mexican weather report that just..i cant put my finger on it!!

John Marlowe : I live in Northern Canada but I'd rather watch Mexican weather reports. My 70 yo father-in-law is a retired Political Science prof and he watches FOX news. He will now become a weather junkie.

subash v : I'm watched this video for more than 1 hundred times still not boring

Don Szabo : I like the Albanian

L O W - F I : Press 8..... enjoy?!?!

Dan Best : feel sorry for the camera man seeing her in person and not banging her

Koen van Amerongen : Has anyone already said that she's FazeCensor's girlfriend? No? No? She's FazeCensor's gf people. She's FazeCensor's gf

kleetus92 : Brother I'm with you on the Russian...Yikes! In Soviet Russia, weather reports YOU!

Scott : Russian girl's eyes are too far apart. That is what is creeping all of us out.

Rooster Blue : Oh Men In Black character! LOL

al mcconahey : Did you notice her face?....its fantastic

Menuki : This is enough to make Americans learn Celsius

Ria Parris : lmao u go hard for yanet lool

JayWePe : 1:06 Pekka Pouta is sexier than any of your cheap thots <3

RS Darx : I am not winter, but I AM COMING!

JackPecker911 : PEKKA POUTA!

Gerard Gibbons : “No one can tell you a thunderstorm is gonna blow over your fence next Tuesday and make you look forward to it”😂😂

Hit : Now you know why I love Mexican "food".

steven cellugi : So this is the reason that Mexico has always hot weather? Tuesday thunder but still too hot for a normal western tourists.

Gene Javadd Sales : now that Yanet's single, i had to go back to this video lol

Jonathan Gonzalez : who the facking hell is faze censor?

Cannibal713 : Damn, I can't get enough of her ass either.

CJPlays123 : *Was Faze Censors Gf

Tom Harris : And now I've got a boner. Great.

ZERO FILMS : She looks hot 😍😍😍😍

Master Blaster : Feminist are hating this, me I'm loving the weather : )

Xenome : Faze Censor and Yanet literally just broke up lol

CWplayer : keep spamming the 0 button while watching the video.... i like that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

trinsicity : Hey did you know that's Faze Censor's girlfriend?

depleno : They do not have hips, they look like a stick in front.