Barefoot Gen (1983) - Atomic bomb on Hiroshima
This scene captures and animates the horrific nightmare destruction of the Hiroshima bombing which killed over 90000 people

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One of the best films on the subject of horror that was bombing of Hiroshima and its aftermath, directed by Mori Masaki. Utter gloom, suffering, despair, contrasted with the strong will and persistence of the main young character called Gen. It is based on the manga created by Keiji Nakazawa, and the ones who read it say it's even better then the film.


ViscidViolet Disgusting Vermin : The zombie like people shown in the aftermath of the nuke were real. They were called the ant-walking alligators. They were so badly burned by the explosion that their was barely anything left of their facial features besides their mouth, often gaping. They were called ant walking alligator people because their skin resembled those two creatures more than that of human beings. They wandered aimlessly, as depicted in this vid, unable to speak and scream. Haunting. Clueless as to what happened to them. All they knew was that everything hurt and that it was unbearably hot, and that it was either darker than night or they had lost vision. Perished within a few hours. No way for anyone to die. No one could deserve such a dehumanizing fate.

Drbigt let's plays : It's amazing to think if the kid hadn't bent over to pick up the rock, he would have died just like his friend next to him and that this was a true thing that happened to him.

The Random Person : *That moment when you realize that all of this was extremely real and that reality surpasses fiction...*

blagh mrblafh : 4:00 crazy, its not just a cartoon. Their eyes really did melt and whats worse, is that their deaths were not instant per say. some lingered on wondering why they were blind and burned.. then slowly died...

王子ヤスリ : Being unable to see, speak and with skin peeled off. What a painful and tragic way to die.

Babybrowneyes93 : And to think this horror actually happened...

Dalton Boardman : " I guess they finally decided to bomb us." That's a pretty non challant reaction to seeing your whole city being destroyed.

MiladyMidori : Been a while since I've seen this scene. Still nauseating to watch and pretty sure I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Guess I thought it wouldn't be as hard to watch the second time but NOPE.

The Bloodshot One : An amazingly real representation of the horrors of nuclear weapons. And the two biggest nations of the world went trying to out-threaten eachother with how many of these things they had for decades as if it was some kind of game. Damn people are sick.

Patrick Curry : This really shows you how indiscriminate and inhumane Nuclear Weapons really are, and this is exactly why we should never use them. All the mass death, destruction and contamination they cause.

elsa1942 : In reality, the real Gen (Keiji Nakazawa) was not with his family when they died. He found his mother later on and she told him what happened to them. Just like here, she tried SO HARD to get them out and Keiji's little brother was screaming for her, but she couldn't save him. The father and sister had already died from being crushed and/or suffocated. Before Keiji started writing Barefoot Gen, he had done another manga about how his experience really went, it's titled "I Saw It". For anyone interested, you can find a slideshow of it here (in parts).

Mynanship : This was hard to watch tbh

Angel Fox : All of the essential plot points of this film are real, including Gen's story. Gen is a fictional stand-in for Keiji Nakazawa, the manga artist who wrote the source material for this film. Like Gen, Nakazawa really survived the bomb. Like Gen, he only managed to survive the blast because he just happened to have ducked behind a concrete wall. Like Gen, much of his family (minus his mother) died because they were trapped under the remains of their burning house. It ALL happened.

Jarf D. Dorkis : I love how nonchalant Gen is after the bombing "Hey, they bombed us. Oh well, what can ya do"

Andrew Kieswetter : This is NOT for kids! If anyone says that Barefoot Gen is a kid's movie because its animated, I will tell them to watch it then say it's a kid's movie.

Abhik Dutta : I got tears in my eyes after watching this! This was such a horrific moment for those who have survived but anyways the way they have shown this thing was so realistic and emotional! Hats off to those who made this episode!😢😢😢

Mesake Pahulu : I watched this scene in US history my junior year of high school. The class was dead silent and I just remember turning to my friend next to me and saying that shit was crazy. It most definitely was, at the least, crazy.

abcdefg hijklmnop : Anime back then:Barefoot gen,grave of the fireflies,etc. Anime now:Hentai, Harem.

you mi : This was actually happened in Japan 74 years ago. Skin is dropping off and melting. This animation is pretty famous in Japan so we grew up with this and learned why should not use atomic bomb.

Epic Gamer Moment : R.I.P Dog, we will forever miss you.

Maximus : I think I watched this when I was a kid. Jesus.

Langdon Michael : Holy shit this movie went from 1 to 1000. Good god.

insanityking 500 : Animator: So, how many eyes did you want to fall out of the people’s sockets? Director: All of them! Every single one!

CubeLight Studios : *im not allowed to say tier 3 swear words*

Dkyguy1995 : Could they not have hired more competent voice actors to bring some life to such an amazing story?

Polter Boo : God the way the creator of this animation handled the subject and how you realize that the victims were just normal people, people like us The horrors of what happened and the fates of those not killed by the initial blast is so perfectly portrayed here it brings me to tears

Cristian Johnson : A lot of People should watch this movie just to be aware how much demise did these people had to go through and understand what war can lead to

Seeveli : 1:14 "look how clear the sky is. *it'll be hot today* " well he wasn't wrong there

Darth Stratoro : What makes this scene 10000000000 times scarier is the fact that this is an actual real life event.

Mom's Spaghetti : *M* *U* *R* *I* *C* *A* The only counrty to ever use a nuke offensively *TWICE*

XxkillerslumberXx X : The mother holding her baby while she was burned alive in her final moments of life..

superswag 98 : *In an instant more than 60,000 Japanese were dead.* *Those who survived the blast were unsure whether they had, many thought they had died and gone to Hell.*

Welcome to the center of the earth, I suppose : Funny how watching 12 minutes of a video suddenly makes everyone a history major

Timmothy the legendary Turner : I have never watched this movie before and this usually never happens to me, no matter how tough a film's subject is, but... this 12 min clip seriously just made me cry. Such a tragic loss of life... this entire fucking war..

XxkillerslumberXx X : The scene of the “zombies” actually happened,

Give me ur Yeet : The scene starting from 4:01 made me piss my pants about going to japan

Furkanios soos : I feel bad watching this... Why we have war on this wonderful planet

the name's rosa : we watched this film today for american history... it was absolutely horrifying to me. obviously I've been hearing about the horrors of the atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima all my life, but this film absolutely brought it home for the first time since my school life began. I cried at least three times... seeing those people burn and melt and lose everything they love. now I really know the tragedies and heartbreaks we brought upon hiroshima and the families within it. it's so sad.

Rodsuper 1213 : I remember the entire movie was unforgettable!!!

Sp00ky : Most Infamous scenes ever.

striker1553 : There was an account of a Japanese Prince out for a morning ride on his horse that was found close to ground zero... compressed together... into a crack in the road.

XxkillerslumberXx X : And now the world is making nuclear weapons more powerful then this why can’t we learn from this


StormlitAqua : Yikes, that dub.

Super David Héros : 4:31 - 4:37, the dog is literally burned like an hot dog (because of the heat of the atomic bomb).

videohistory722 : Me with extremely tame horror movies: meh Me with this scene: I'm never sleeping with the lights off again. That's literally how horrified I was upon seeing this.

Reaper25 : This weapon changed our world forever…

Eff Yiew : When you realize Japan would do the exact same thing if they could manage to trick all the weebs into assembling in one place.

StarKittyUnicorn : I can't help but feeling like Gen is like Ash? XD sry I'll leave.