Sheldon Solomon on the Psychological Costs of Being American

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Wolvend : He sounds like he'll ride a tubular wave while explaining the whole philosophical existence of humanity. Cool dude!

valar : So this video about rationally assessing the American Dream has 3600 views, and Michio Kaku's "The Intelligence Revolution", full of wild prognostications on our techno-utopian future, has 500,000. Some messages are more willingly received than others.

Lars Logos : Solomon just spoke more truth in five minutes than most people speak in five decades... What a strikingly rational, sharp, and perceptive mind....if only this video had 10,000,000 views, then we could start to make some progress...

Paul Trimper : Joe Montana is a genius?

silvercountry : Mental Giant.

Hack Fraud : I love Sheldon Solomon.

Noseefood : one smart surfer dude.

omarqb : This guy has my vote for President..

Austin Thomas : “Increasing expectations with diminishing opportunities”. There are so many great quotes to pull from this video.

The Peace Report : Love this guy

hiteck001 : thats pretty cool analysis Sheldon! how do i translate that to rednecks??

Extreme Pacifist : Capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is a mental disorder. Capitalism is destroying the planet and millions of humans, and the rate and severity of the destruction is increasing.

Torgo1969 : I appreciate Solomon's intellect and insight, but anyone who uses the term "environmental destruction" in isolation is being misleading. It's more accurate to call it "industrial production for human needs", and the economic growth that he disparages allows for scientific research that saves lives. Those of us in death-haunted professions and those of us who have died and been resurrected by medical technology have a better perspective than Solomon in his ivory tower. And I am in both of those categories.

I'mposs ible : I always cry when truth is spoken in a genuine way

IepsyI : Pretty sure the only way we can avoid certain extinction at some point is if we have politicians who think in this way. Which I don't think will happen here during our lifetimes and hopefully not before it's too late if it isn't already.

mb1076 : Do you know if he has Parkinson's by any chance?

magx01 : I agree with him wholeheartedly when it comes to potential falling short of desire, and I think advertising is a huge factor in this.

Lee Green : I had the privilege of both having Sheldon as my professor and friend. He is by far one of the most interesting and intelligent people you will ever meet. He is also is funny, kind and an amazing story teller. Skidmore is lucky to have him, I was lucky to have him and the world is a much better place with him.

Ivan Rüble : He seems like he'd be a fun professor

valar : @jimdoire Th person below me made that comment.

valar : @shamelessfootfucker Yes, I came across a comment saying that on another video, inevitably. Just imagine the anger I encounter if I post a critical comment on one of the biological immmortality - singulatarian videos.

Jessie N : @squamish4244 Funny thing is a great many people would reduce him to being insane, especially after evaluating, so superficially, his body language.

ShayDale : @TheSkm344 lucky. lol

Saleem Mohamed : My professor! yay

valar : Thank God there are people this sane in the world.

Extreme Pacifist : War and poverty create desperate people, not terrorists. War and poverty is terror. Poverty is violence. All violence is terrorism. Poverty is terrorism. Capitalism causes poverty. Capitalism is terrorism.

Joseph Gary Chandler : facebook [Boycott Parties] [Occupy Voting Booths]