Confrontations NYC Subway

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Maria Gonzalez : Where's these peoples clothes. Omg

Honest Abe : These boys need a father.

Vincent DeLaVega : Escaped from the Bronx Zoo.

David, Jr Cruzado : Dude recording mentioned the cops and they all dipped.. lmao.

Jonathan : No wonder people love watching "Death Wish"🤣

Matyr : Those kids look scary. They got tatoos weigh about 100lbs dry weight and have a loud bark.

Nasir Salih : Lol that guy recording is probably more dangerous than all of them.

Pink Jelly : respect for the friend at the end holding him back

dbower921 : I love my glock, it never leaves my side.

Product - : You can tell that all of these degenerates are high on coke or molly...

JESUS SAVES : little rats, I could snap their bones.

JunetynF MonsterShamanMusic : Half you keyboard killers would get fucked up by these dancers. The darkest can stand on his hands the whole train ride.

Dev Lowe : Niggahahahahha

Sean Cash : I would have choked that dude unconscious in about 7 seconds...

Sharpyshow : LOL. That guy in the blue shirt. His face.

cogenman : future 25 to lifers

Guilherme : and I think that Brazil is worse... (i'm brazilian)

DACA CacaDreamer : Racist blackboys

nunya businezz : why does the guy in the braids have to be so dumb? He's so fine.....

chozenuno : A litter of chiwahwas

Jeremy Deville : Exactly why young black men have a bad reputation

Michael Molinaro : I would hate having to take the subway seeing this kind of bullshit every single day. Man, I seriously feel bad for the people of NYC who genuinely mind their own damn business and have to have deal with this kind of bullshit where people can't even act civil. So many videos of people in NYC just looking like they want to cause trouble with's like damn...why can't people just learn to fucking get along.

David S. : Where is bloody loco when you need him?

Justin Foster : very cute NY boys.

Exodus Martine : The are cute.....WHYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYY?

Snip Snappa : Shouldn’t be recording people without consent anyway. I would’ve been upset too

Afonso Antunes de Faria : Around Blacks never relax

monkeymanxxl : Why in the world would nonblacks get on the train, that's like jumping in to the gorilla enclosure at a zoo

Mike Tyson : he's recording cause these dutty Arabs and white people are plagues

Jakob Ruffinen : 3 smallest dudes with shirts off lmao all empty threats in reality just wishes he had a father around

Jason Newboles : Idle threats talk big but do nothing little pussys

Al P : Black lives don't matter

Bensen Khalib : you would see my abs too if i was too poor to afford food.

Rohit Sharma : Please don't spread hatred against all Black people just because of few bad ones!!!

PrimeTimeKid88 : these guys were lames   they mastered the tough guy talk, but no bark


MrWutchuneed : As dumb as it is , everyone made it home safe . Can’t say the same for white mass shooters victims .

Chris F : They act like women in male bodies. All that barking for no reason.

jimmy perkins : Blacks

Leo Jahmurataj : He wasn't even intimidated when they started to scream in his face.

babyfaceassassin21 : just send them back to africa

Tommy : Go back to africa and live with nature

Storm Mist : Why is the one guy smiling through the whole thing.....

Soupy Sails : it's funny how they get tough real quick when they're in a group. wannabees. pxssies.

trippykoolaid : black people

IneedMONEY : Black lives matter huh?

wagsouza : NYC TRASH SUBWAY !!!

DollarDiego HD : Wearing no shirt on a train.... that explains it all

The Struggle : I ❤ NY

Darin- USMC B- 85-93 : Those punks, My 13 year old daughter has more muscle that those skinny wannabe thugs... Can't be more than a 110lbs , a man needs to slap some education into them... Then they would learn not to run their mouths. The loudest ones are generally the weakest.