Confrontations NYC Subway

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RailROL82 : *A future burden on taxpayers*

oopalonga : man id llove to beat the shit out of them

CARL E : We need Bernard Goetz here so he can put some order in the subways at least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David, Jr Cruzado : Dude recording mentioned the cops and they all dipped.. lmao.

Pink Jelly : respect for the friend at the end holding him back

Nasir Salih : Lol that guy recording is probably more dangerous than all of them.

dbower921 : I love my glock, it never leaves my side.

Maria Gonzalez : Where's these peoples clothes. Omg

David S. : Where is bloody loco when you need him?

chozenuno : A litter of chiwahwas

Shahriyar : He mentioned the police and that guy turned around QuickTime...

Afonso Antunes de Faria : Around Blacks never relax

Guilherme : and I think that Brazil is worse... (i'm brazilian)

nunya businezz : why does the guy in the braids have to be so dumb? He's so fine.....

Bab bon : So happy I don't live there . I see what people are saying . wow

monkeymanxxl : Why in the world would nonblacks get on the train, that's like jumping in to the gorilla enclosure at a zoo

Honest Abe : These boys need a father.

DACA CacaDreamer : Racist blackboys

Justin Bozeman : See the citizenry gets terrorized in cities that don't have firearms for law-abiding citizens. This man is being assaulted and battered continually through this video they keep threatening him and putting their hands on him. Is this happened in South Florida that be three dead pieces of shit.

NOOTHER 69 : Criss Cross, make you wanna jump jump!! Haha

Khalid Kush : All Bark....................No Bite!

baptiste19699691 : This is to stupid all the people on the subway should have pull out their phone and start recording at the same time instead of just setting there. There is force in numbers this is a DAM shame all the people on the subway this was a the time to stand up as one for righteousness.

Justin Foster : very cute NY boys.

Sharpyshow : LOL. That guy in the blue shirt. His face.

Mixes : Recorded 15th June '17, now is end of October '17 so very likely they are in already in prison or deep down in ground.

cogenman : future 25 to lifers

Old Soul : He's a better man then me. I would have snapped that little boys arms off.

Plum 354 : So glad somebody cleared up the fact that they are not black smh.

Sunep Lkr : Awwww.. So vicious little kids 😂

Richard Diaz : Omg I hate those dude they always on the A train smh .Get a job for real.

Joel Hernandez : These little guys are so hostile when they are in a group 😂

Exodus Martine : The are cute.....WHYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYY?

rawrzbarz : damn these dudes Short! LMAO

TheAbdulhaqq : lol i keep a gun on me one of these dudes wouldve been dead

Angie Is the best of the best : They can't just start taking pictures and violating people without their consent, that's why they're mad.

Adrian Fonseca : People record when they see something crazy

LooneyMoonFilms : Is that Kris or Kross??

Evtatiana : lmaooooooooo. i would laugh in all these kids faces, yall are not hard!!!! omggggg. its ridiculous. LITTLE MAN SYNDROME.

jayseph_ftw : oh jesus the guy that was recording has balls

Jeremy Deville : Exactly why young black men have a bad reputation

Elroi The Overseer : Cringe

IM JADA : U acting like we don’t have the right to record 🤔????

Cee Note : They're arguing over who gained parliamentary control over Hungary in a post WWII environment ~~ this was borne out of an earlier discussion of Franco-prussian influence on the Hungarian textile trade circa 1935. It was. Trust me.

montblanc noland : Lmaoo if he was bout it he shouldve snuffed him

Jakob Ruffinen : 3 smallest dudes with shirts off lmao all empty threats in reality just wishes he had a father around

durider : Hahaha little boys are trying to show how tuff they are guys,It's so adorable!!

etsout : I love it, all talk and no action. They tried to intimidate but it didn't work. Everyone on that train should have jumped them and sent them home crying.

Creative Guru : They must have left their shirts in their college dorm

eddiezamora1986 : SMH what happen to this world with no shirt LMAO