Confrontations NYC Subway

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etsout : I love it, all talk and no action. They tried to intimidate but it didn't work. Everyone on that train should have jumped them and sent them home crying.

Molly O'Brien : a load of gays in the gay capital

beevaeeta : Exterminate all these vermin..the world doesn't need them...

Alex Z : all talk maybe thats how they do that in new york but not in fresno california u get beat the fuck up trying to be tuff no shirts is that suppose to scare people niggas always act the same loud smack them in the face gameover hollow ass body hahahah mexicans run america

thatkyleguy 1 : To all, I believe the proper term is niggers, not niggas

tryn2bnice : They just a bunch of big mouth little brats, they not that hard cuz they know they better not touch nobody they're on camera

lucifer experiment : other than being gay what did they initially do ?

Martin Moore : Skinny little prick I would break this bitch in half then rip out those bitch dreads

Ryan M : Fags, acting all hard for what tho 😂😂😂

Kings Men : A few punk ass rats who has no respect. I would of shot all ya cuz ya pussys wouldn't give a real man the fair one. Bitches

Álvaro de Bazán : Where is Zimmerman when you need him?

Gary Stamps : they are only tough when they are together, get them alone, and see the pussy come out

Silver surfer : More black trash that can't adjust to civilised societies.

Motion : How many monkeys can fit in a train

jason hawton : Little pricks need a good kick in the head

Kaaz Lovaas : "Get that fucking camera out my face!" As he gets closer to the camera.

Happy Dude : Just put the camera down and smack their asses. Fking kids thing they are thugs and shit. Look @ this small little chiwawa getting all angry and shit. He recorded you because he hasn't been to the Zoo lately.

TheLasombra077 : City version of trailer trash.

Amanuel H : respect for the man for not being a coward for the little brats

Darius Baja : Then people wonder why balcks/Latinos get called names n get bad reps . Cuz y'all be actin like a bunch of dumpster dildos showing no class n respect .ur mothers are dying of embarrassment cuz every time u leave the crib it's like u leavin a cage n act a fuckin wild monkey u little bitches . And I'm certain none of you would be acting that tough if u were alone . Typical tough bitches cuz u in a group . I'll bitch slap all y'all with my shoe and teach u a lesson

Aaron Edward Genus : Dirty chimp savages a few 50 cent bullets would solve this

New Yorker : These scumbags are train performers. They twist and climb all over the hand rails for tips. They're thugs with bad attitudes. Why do I know? Because I see this exact group on the train once every 2 months on my commute to work here in New York City. They aren't personable at all. When the train is full, they ask people to move over and give them space to perform. Someone must have not given them their space to perform so they got upset.

Iamis Goud : Reading the comments below makes me laugh. firstly! let's not get it twisted. "Niggas" as most of the comments are directed at come from all walks of life and every country and most are white, only they are called by their other names ie:- trailer trash, white trash, red necks, hillbilly and of late wiggers. secondly! there is no such thing as African American do your fucking home work. without doing so you recycle the lie of [his~story] leaving truth buried in the darkness of niggadom. thirdly! black people are all different just as whites are the world over..but here is the thing! the whole world outside the US hates everyone and everything about America.. we see you all with same contempt white America views blacks & Hispanics Vile.. White America is owned and run by Jews who hate you more than " " niggas.. Jews call you "GOYIUM" which means cattle.. Every multi billion $ company is Jewish owned or controlled by umbrella companies.. for example blacks think blacks own MTV and BET=❌ Viacom (☂parent company)☟ National Amusements is owned by Summer Redstone who changed his name as not to give the game away... Facebook CIA owned. Zuckerberg mark is the grandson of David rockefeller. you can strip back 98% of the world biggest banks and businesses still don't believe? the united states is a corporation and not a country. you have a star spangled banner and not a flag. read the lyrics of your anthem still don't believe, then riddle me this, why does the most war mongering, murderous thieving nation on earth have the largest debt. white people (none jew) where enslaved and are controlled with racism allowed to think they are free and powerful but are the dumbest niggas in history... how do you save a slave that has no idea it is a slave.... I just handed you the keys let yourself out.... paper 💰chains replaced irons ☍✡🕇⛤⛓🕎 poverty the new whip.... BUT WHAT DO I KNOW

randyphx : That was a big group of little people. I guess they all hang out together.

bigjake707 : These scrawny dudes need to eat and get their weight up.

MortPure : Black people in a nutshell

Cory Harrison : Yo these niggaz are straight up funny as fuck and pussy as fuck too . Fake ass mother fuckers . I swear bro. 😂😜😜 . If I was that camera guy, I would have punched the shit out of all three of them dumb ass fools . Real talk. They are low life's and bums looking to harass ppl on the train because They ain't got nothing else better to do with Their lives . It's really sad . #smdh

Jose Batista : stupid young kids in this days they thinks they are bad ass that y a lot of young kids get kill for be clowns

Strange Face : Are these kids or short ass adults? They pissed just cause they get dunked on every recess ha ha

D. M. Cook : And there are hundreds of thousands of stereotypical, unconscionable thugs like this out there procreating and wondering what's wrong with everyone else.

Collectful : (A Boogie voice*) This is what that jungle do

Daniel Villa : I feel sorry for the people who have to put up with this type of stuff to get from point A to point B. Public transportation is great, but would hate to have to worry about this as I'm going to or from work. God Bless

Katherine Adriane Kathcy : he look like 5'2 tall that any women could knock him out let alone men

W. : some little fuckers got to learn to wash their mouth. Wish someone would have fucking cut their throats in the middle of the subway, where are the men to teach these fuckers what life is about? lets feed them to ISIS, motherfucking bitches.

tendervittles doobiestein : Momma's little niglets need a smack in mouth to set them on the right path. Too bad Buck wasn't there to enlighten them.

Tiwan Strong : them niggas was bone and all lol

R Urban : This reason alone I will never take the subway, and never go to these big metropolitan city's.

Dude 2pt0 : He's just mad that the "Lil Bow Wow" look isn't in style. Nobodies and can't take it

7ToRnAdOeS : Sign these boys up for the marines, that will straighten their little punk asses right out.

sheik869 : I am told that a time existed when they weren't allowed to be around civilized people

allgoode : Black people wow no wonder

Ken Cook : Sometimes I wish somebody would do that to me Just to show them it was a real person is just military training And a little bit of another agency but we knowBetter but it will be fun 👮🏻🇺🇸

Killforce Fighter : Anytime there's confrontation new generation tight jeans fagots are the first to pull out their phones and record a fuckin fight.

LUCIFER Johnson : Monkeys loose in the train, wheres the zoo keeper

Shark Nut : Gay ass foos clapping thier hands like females and acting like females and to top it off screaming with no shirts on hahahahhaha Fucken noobs

Jason Newboles : Idle threats talk big but do nothing little pussys

zyklon b : These are the real niggers. Sorry for all the other black respectful folk who mind their own business and don't do stupid shit like this

Master Jedi : I hate this new generation. Act tough, talk big shit in a group. But catch them dudes by themselves and their pure bitches.

Playa Unknown : are you people really that weak, your scared of these gang banging fuckwits? this is why i pack a claw hammer or a pole, just shock motherfukers when i suprise king hit cunts in the fuckin skulls.. get rekt you wannbe little kid cunt, ill smash that cunts teeth out and cut his fuckin head off