Mr. Krabs and Carl Wheezer share an M&M

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Physical Manifestation of Cancer : This video is _so frickin' good!_

Doofus : My life has forever been changed. This video itself proves we don't exist in the worst timeline.

AreaEightyNine : The crossover we didn't know we needed

Justin Marty : Seeing Mr. Krabs give up his greedy ways and generously offer Carl a M&M is pretty heartwarming.

Equinoxx : Carl *W h e e z e* r

Kradiel King : The m&m caused Carl to Quantum leap across time and space.

First Name Surname : *God has joined the server.* "Yo, sorry I had my doubts."

Wheeze Magee : No thanks I’m *S T U F F E D*

Max Hunt : ummmmmm

Xander Ferrence : I am suprised how many likes this got! Credit to Glitchmaster because I stole it. I didn’t even know but thanks boi for not reporting me!

Oshkiv : *_G O O D H U H ?_*

Random User :P : This is quite possibly the best voice acting bit on the platform

Bryce Johnson : Mr Krabs sounded more like he did in Detroit Become Human.

Dolan Dank : Mr. Krabs out of character 0/10

SMOKEII : Top 10 anime crossovers

Rena : *MEM AN MEM*

Deoxys X : Wow how generous of Mr. Krabs to offer Carl A SINGLE M&M

TheGreatAlliance : 0:17 Carl Wheezer.exe has stopped working

niko _br : Proudest fap

Claire Vanni : *here before this blows up*

Elmo and Ice cube : And they said infinity war was the most ambitious cross over

E G G : Why is this in my recommended

Glitchmaster : stolen from me

Cowboykid 360 : Why is this so funny

Inspector Gadget : Are you going to finish that m&m

steph. xx : LMAO I died when mr krabs started laughing 😂😂

Brandon Vistan : This crossover is too unrealistic. Mr. Krabs would've never given up anything worth more than a penny. Plus, there's a lack of croissants.

Chicken Master : I was about to commit suicide until I saw this video, thanks for the m&m and my life.

someskrub : i didn't know how much i needed this in my life until i found it thank you so much


CringeFire9 : I showed this video to my mom. We both laughed senseless. This is going in my Best Videos playlist XD

kremit the frog : *_ussr anthem intensifies_*

Nabil Alam : Legend has it, this is what heaven looks like.

god damn : hope this blows up

Emperor Radiation : That's not Mr. Krabs! He would never give something for free!

Fluffy Alligator : mom's spaghetti

Spinnno : *_what the actual_*

Kaiser Commodore Dankington IV The Emperor Of Memes : We have transcended…

BananaPhoPhilly : I keep telling myself every year that I’ve seen everything on the internet...

joe13shank : Mr Krabs is a great guy. And Carl is a good boye. So Wholesome

Mia T. Toon : Either those are the actual voice actors doing this scene, or whoever is impersonating them is really good at it.


wales2k : Top 10 anime crossover episodes.


CrossStario : Why did Carl shoved the m&m up his ass?

Nick K : He probably put some cocaine in that M&M.

Ampharosite : "Avengers Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover" me: [shows this video]

Glorified memes for you : This is true pinnacle of human evolution. Nothing can top this

Elizabeth The Cartoon Lover : Finally YouTube gave me a good video in my recommended

SolarFlare 3000 : Wow, on my birthday