America’s Biggest Underground Recording Artist

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Around The Good World : He's so Rock'n'roll \m/ You're such a great inspiration for my channel. Keep it up :)

Quaglium Quagnarr : He should consider a career in voice acting

TeenTitansPokeFreak : I bet u it’s the beard

Eric Coombs : DIY at its best!!

Boy Aditya : Wow... He's pretty much the pioneer of bedroom musician...

Ripplin : I wonder if he knows Jandek.

joe corpus : I think we all are still little kids

Arya Respati : finally some attention for him!!

DANAR PUSPITO : Thank you so much Great Big Story for awesome video.

Super Scared Corncutt : My favorite quote is "bad music is brilliant", it's such an important thing to understand as a musician who only seeks "perfection"

Te Hao Boon : One of my favourite musicians of all time!!! For newcomers check out the compilation album "Meet The R Stevie Moore"!

R G : *starts going through his entire discography*

ThunderWiring : interesting person, indeed

mike hutchison : OG bedroom pop

GeorgeTheRock : One of your best videos

Johny T : living legend right there folks. a songwriter that has stood the test of time and will be remembered for generations to come.Go see him live when he lands in your town.

thescowlingschnauzer : 1:59 Was that "It's a diary of sound" or "It's a diarrhea of sound"?

Johannes Brahms : OMG!!! My jaw dropped when I saw this in my feed, R. Stevie Moore is finally getting his great big story!!! Love him so much

Ashley Miranda : I don't know his music but THAT'S A VOICE!!!

MGZ : This guy is god

Spiral Journey : Fantastic!! I'm absolutely in love with this man!! Thank you for featuring him! 💕🎶

• royalhue : his voice is so soothing! i bet his music is absolutely amazing :)

SIRIOSIRIS : man this guy is soo cool

DylanWasTaken : Cant believe they didn't run the ball........

Max Åberg : 400?!!!

Thalia Isomura : This is so cute 💙 I love this video of him!

jattt 1 : Earlyyy

FiTZ : Amazing energy! We have a guy like that in our small retro gamedev community. He's in his 60's and making one game after another. I hope & wish to have that kind of passion at that age - or even right now. I mean, I've always been doodling or writing something, that's my idea of time well spent, but I get lost in trying to polish things, level up, do something BIG, and very often I forget to just have with it.

Bearzalski : No better duo then him and Ariel Pink

Everett Glenn : this was my guy through my entire 20s

TheChilaxicle : Opening track is "I Like To Stay Home" for anyone curious

Bjørn B : did you say 400 albums?

Shiroshika : This guys is a national treasure. Keep on rockin', Sir!

Richard Ogima : the most bestest to hear

spastic bloke. : Are you and daniel johnston related?

craig garwood : I'm so glad he's at least almost getting the recognition he deserves.

locksh : Hmm great video. Such an interesting individual. Where should I start with his material?

Andrie Alinsangao : 1:05, proof that Elvis was the first oppa! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Positive Vibes : He can always go to radio with that voice of his.

TealScarab : Making non-mainstream music for 50 years? Now this is a true hipster.

Ahmad Haikal : unknown legend

Niilo Autio : Legend

Darsh : He's a real musician. Doesn't seem like the type who does it for the money or fame but rather for the love of music.

天吉Mark : so talented yet so humble!!! you rock, sir!

Surftons official : Damn, this makes me want to keep up with my indie music project.

Horcomdev The third : Nice video

kirby garcia : Nice jams

Eric Coombs : Stevie!!

YT Jam Tracks : legend ha

Robin Laurence : Cool!