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World record in RC speed flight. Radio controlled Turbine Model Jet flies 744 kmh (462 Mph). The Pilot is Niels Herbrich. The flight is amazing and very very fast. The Model has a weight from 7,5 Kg and flies with kerosene. Turbine is a Behotec 180. The Jet is the world's fastest RC model turbine jet currently. Enjoy watching. More videos from this jet you can see my playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP1RlhOjgp08YVSEW4mJmZ8BTb8HJLPJ1 Copyright ©: RC MEDIA WORLD


Brendan Allen : amazon's new 20 second delivery drone

LukaMogi : Lmao damn Germans always make things better..

Sam Aurilio : 462 mph is probably pushing the limit on what an RC pilot can control. But, I'm sure that mach 1 is coming soon. Poor FAA is going to go nuts!

smithraymond09029 : North Korea's airforce is still 30 years behind this RC model.

Jordan Baker : Dont let north korea see this

hurpyderpy : I would have flown that in to a freaking tree in a second

JJ B : I don't know if I was watching the aircraft or a speck of dirt on my screen.

Oscar Andrei : someone in the city called that an ufo

Patrick Star : How do you control something going 400mph? I can't even control a quad copter going 10mph. Hahaha

sernastyle1 : I'd love to see a mouse in the cockpit lol

50 subscribers with 1 sexy video : Now put a hamster in the pilot seat

Crustyto3z : How do you know the orientation of the plane going that fast, I have a hard time see street names

Google Pissoff : Those Germans and their rockets lol

SHELBY GT : this video made me clean my monitor lol

David Johnson : I don't know who was more skilled, pilot or cameraman. The cameraman never lost the bird.

Alex Doroftei : Luftwaffe's latest drone prototype, it's pink.

Trojan Hell : How the heck did u keep ur eyes on it, I lost its positin for several seconds

Technikchaot : Ich wait for Supersonic RC models

NorthernChev : The most amazing part of this video...? The camera operator's ability to stay-on-target the whole time! Never lost it in the clouds. Props!

Bender : put a spear on the tip, ultimate hunting Spear.

The Brilliance of Martin Teboski : I am reminded of my days of slot car racing 50 years ago and what became of that hobby. There was a continuous desire to go ever faster. Eventually they reached speeds where the human senses could no longer, in a sense, keep up and the extra speed became a detraction. I'm not sure if that is the case here or not. I'm watching a video and am not there to experience it live. But that's kind of what it reminds me of: slot car racing, and its demise.

Rey : Holy shit! that was amazing! how is this legal? You must need like a special license to fly that monster! Because when in the wrong hand can be extremely dangerous..

inti Otto : selbstverständlich deutsche...

Kinn : I was looking at a small smudge on my computer monitor the whole time.

tia sprague : That is nuts holy sh&#!

Dakota Brentin : holy shit dude, I bow down to your piloting skills, I could only dream of being half as good behind the stick. I thought my stunt wing was a hard to fly at 50mph but 462.... that's another story

fluchter1996 : I thought all these things had to have a little plastic pilot - but this one didn't. *So who the hell is flying it?* Amazing!

Fredrik Stubbs : Unglaubglich cool meine Deutsche brüder! Grüße von England :)

Allan T : that is amazing,I don't know how the pilot can keep track of that

Will : put a paintball gun on it

Shawn Dubay : It's official. That is the most Badass Nacho dorito that I have ever seen in my life lol. Awesome aircraft and excellent super fast flight. 👍👍

netdoctor1 : Insane. I wonder: Flight time? G-forces?

S MD : Thats Crazy! Even the birds ran away 😂

Savyboy Bajabuster : Impressive aircraft but got to give a shout out to the cameraman for keeping in in shot...

Josh Page : this is slightly amusing, but i will only be amazed when they create a supersonic rc scale plane.

S G : Need to put FPV on that and go much farther distances. Natural field of view is too limiting...

Cro nus : Incredible not only super fast but the controller is highly skill. My hat off to him!

can i get 1000 subscribers without videos? : I'll be laughing my ass if that jet took the driver and left his clothes and the remote 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Danny A : Bruhhh

Cole O : Sweet Moses this could be a baller gopro POV vid.

Andrew K : Impressive speed. Impressive Pilot. Impressive camera tracking. I'm not impressed easily. This time I'm still not impressed.

Fartonaut : It's so fast because it's almost the perfect pink, if it was the perfect pink it would be going mach 1

No Username : Amazing!!! Almost as fast as when i'm catapulted into the friendzone.

ChiefJustice Middleton : How do you pilot that plane? Its amazing it doesnt fly apart. Great job

gavin ducco : 2019 here They should have put a gopro on it

Ronald Quintana : Dynamic Soaring RC sailplanes have gone over 510 mph with no motor!

Guardian Observer : From the taxes of Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal.

-T : "feeinnzaa hall shaaaghtennss!!" I hear ya brother....

Stuart Hull : This is awesome! I'd totally wreck it after about 3 seconds though :( Nice landing too...