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NorthernChev : The most amazing part of this video...? The camera operator's ability to stay-on-target the whole time! Never lost it in the clouds. Props!

Brendan Allen : amazon's new 20 second delivery drone

smithraymond09029 : North Korea's airforce is still 30 years behind this RC model.

LukaMogi : Lmao damn Germans always make things better..

Sam Aurilio : 462 mph is probably pushing the limit on what an RC pilot can control. But, I'm sure that mach 1 is coming soon. Poor FAA is going to go nuts!

Rafael Jesus : Props to the pilot

TheAutisticSheep : I would have flown that in to a freaking tree in a second

Jordan Baker : Dont let north korea see this

sernastyle1 : I'd love to see a mouse in the cockpit lol

JJ B : I don't know if I was watching the aircraft or a speck of dirt on my screen.

Patrick Star : How do you control something going 400mph? I can't even control a quad copter going 10mph. Hahaha

Oscar Andrei : someone in the city called that an ufo

Fallout Creepy : The Fastes Dildo on Earth

Rey : Holy shit! that was amazing! how is this legal? You must need like a special license to fly that monster! Because when in the wrong hand can be extremely dangerous..

Will : put a paintball gun on it

SHELBY GT : this video made me clean my monitor lol

Crustyto3z : How do you know the orientation of the plane going that fast, I have a hard time see street names

The Brilliance of Martin Teboski : I am reminded of my days of slot car racing 50 years ago and what became of that hobby. There was a continuous desire to go ever faster. Eventually they reached speeds where the human senses could no longer, in a sense, keep up and the extra speed became a detraction. I'm not sure if that is the case here or not. I'm watching a video and am not there to experience it live. But that's kind of what it reminds me of: slot car racing, and its demise.

50 subscribers with 1 sexy video : Now put a hamster in the pilot seat

CAPTAINAMERICA : there got to be a trained miniature mouse in that damn thing how in the hell can you control it being that fast holy shit lol

Kinn : I was looking at a small smudge on my computer monitor the whole time.

inti Otto : selbstverständlich deutsche...

Google Pissoff : Those Germans and their rockets lol

MOHAN KRISHNA : i really applaud the person who controlled the RC plane

Edward Becerra : Roses are red violets are blue the tile in English the video should be too

Alex Doroftei : Luftwaffe's latest drone prototype, it's pink.

Danny A : Bruhhh

Bender : put a spear on the tip, ultimate hunting Spear.

Trojan Hell : How the heck did u keep ur eyes on it, I lost its positin for several seconds

No Username : Amazing!!! Almost as fast as when i'm catapulted into the friendzone.

SunMoon : Wait, that distinctive sound, is that from the engine or from the plane going fast?

tia sprague : That is nuts holy sh&#!

Fredrik Stubbs : Unglaubglich cool meine Deutsche brüder! Grüße von England :)

David Johnson : I don't know who was more skilled, pilot or cameraman. The cameraman never lost the bird.

Josh Page : this is slightly amusing, but i will only be amazed when they create a supersonic rc scale plane.

fluchter1996 : I thought all these things had to have a little plastic pilot - but this one didn't. *So who the hell is flying it?* Amazing!

MILF Hunter : Wow that amazing.. controlling a 400 speed..Wow jus WOW# speechless

KERBAL FREAKS : looks to me the video is sped up after take off

anonymous commenter : They sell flying doritos now?😂😂😂

US ARMY : Only costs the value of a Ford Mustang

Ruru DeLeite : Just add the ammo

Madnice : Please get a camera on that thing asap!!

WIR überwinden : Whites are genius

Junaid Tanoli : Forget the video just read the comments, You guys made my day. ROFL

luisillo el pillo. : Esto es asombroso

Iain Bradford : Video is speeded up about 3 to 4 times...look at the bird that passes the foreground at 2:28.....this is a fake record....don't be fooled by this rubbish

Atharva Lachake : sxy 😘

Allan T : that is amazing,I don't know how the pilot can keep track of that

Willy707 : Should have put a camea on it

suke : ...And the Award goes to our cameraman, the greatest masturbator in all the land...