how to drink whiskey like a sir
How to drink whiskey like a sir

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moveaxebx : 6 times they ruined his whiskey. 6 times!

Kuladip Bhowmik : I ordered a peg of whiskey in a restaurant. The guy brought it. I swirled it and threw it away.

Gyannedra Singh : This man can offer in PHD alchoholism.

Andrew : I died when he yeeted that first glass.

Rias Gremory : This guys happy hour begin at 10am and ends without shirt at 11pm

Giacomo Miola : Alcoholism level: - "Hello" Than you go back to it - "How are you?" And than you go back to it - "Quite well" - "Thank you very much"

Facundo Diaz : Never thought I'd receive valuable drinking tips by the FΓΌhrer

lol lol : The Asylum seems to have lost a mad Scotsman

Milos Nesic : watching this guy i wanna become alcoholic

Space Monkey : I put my nose right in the glass to get in to the whisky and ended up snorting the whisky up through my nose. It burns :(

AD : Imagine what this guy does when he gets ready to munch on a girls box.... β€œ are you...quite well..thank you very much...”

NickEdan : So if the bartender serves you your fine whiskey. swirl it around and throw it on the floor

Snipsy Boii : Step 1 - Pour whisky into a glass. Step 2 - Swirl it. Step 3 - Throw it away. Video's title should be "How to Waste your Whisky like a Sir"

Erik D : Don't knock it back like a cowboy 🀠

Akash Kunte : Hello. How are you? Very well. Thank you.

Rick O'Shay : How to drink whiskey like a pissed-up madman.

Tabs T : do this shit at some bars and you leave through windows without your teeth.

GeeKeD-OuT : I want this dude at my bachelor party

Mack Lee : Hello πŸ‘ƒ How are you? πŸ‘ƒ Quite well πŸ‘ƒ Thank you very much 😏πŸ₯‚

Blood Rider : You know that he was born for this by just looking at his nose.

Nathanael Pineda : Whiskey skills just update to a new whole level

SpaceSloth707 : why would you throw out the whiskey?! That's just a waste!

?,?, : What if I am a prince ? Do I downgrade to a "sir" ?

One Particularly Smart Ape : "Hello... How are you? Quite well! Thank you very much..." Legendary.

arghentrock : Incredibly awesomely unbelievable upload!

danger stranger : Dear god this man is the greatest thank you YouTube for putting this jewel into my recommended.

Saleem Afridi : You can tell how passionate this guy is about his πŸ₯ƒ , HELLO THERE !

Waande Awam : I tried, Hello How r u Thankyou very Much, they called the psychiatry hosp. Now I am writing comment from Bed No.32 National Psychiatry Hospital.

Rakshith gowda : Hello?? How are you? Quite well?? Thank u very muchπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

vadont : YEAH sure i'll put $100 Motorhead whiskey on the ground!!!!

PLO 8 : I drink my Milk that Way.

Bruder Bradley : This is body of alcoholism that became human part

MEEHOWtv : 1:42 If whisky tastes best when it is watered down to 35% of alcohol, then why don't the whisky distilleries produce them with 35% of alcohol from the get-go? Just asking...

Shyam Petloz : i thought he's gonna drink it through his nose...😨

Leo Mare : How are you? Quite well *yeets the glass*

Hammad Khan : Why is this not a meme

justfrcomments : Throwing away perfectly good whiskey. Criminal!

alfonce nzuki : This is refreshing in every dimension πŸ˜‚

fpdiscopenguin : How do you taste blended whisky? You don't. You send it back and ask for a single islay malt. The only true dram

Michael C. : β€œYou can see from the shape of this one, that it is quite different from this one.” Words of a true poet

Sabrin Islam : How I drink Whiskey. 1-Take Bottle 2-Take Glass 3-Open Bottle 4-Throws Out Glass 5-Drink From bottle

Alexander BΓΌchler : how to Y E E T whiskey like a sir

Novemdecillion : ABSOLUTE. LEGEND.

Hero Kawasaki : Thank your for educating us all , your a genius ! What a character , keep up the great job !

stiffy boii : Is it me or is the whiskey guy Hitlers sonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™

Big Barty : A very useful and informative clip for anybody who takes whisky seriously. Many thanks.

Lakshya kapila : "Next, time u go to a barmen..and he gives u whiskey with ice... Chuck it around, and throw it at his face""....πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

FilmedVertically : welcome to another episode of: Why is this in my recommendations?

shubham Joshi : Just grab the bottle and drink like a man