how to drink whiskey like a sir

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GeeKeD-OuT : I want this dude at my bachelor party

EL.MAS.BUSCADO : wouldn't want this guy handling kilos of cocaine.

Atomic Locks : I asked for 90ml of whisky not 91ml *chucks it away*

Milos Nesic : watching this guy i wanna become alcoholic

Space Monkey : I put my nose right in the glass to get in to the whisky and ended up snorting the whisky up through my nose. It burns :(

Luke William : How does the most interesting man in the world drink whiskey?

Gyannedra Singh : This man can offer in PHD alchoholism.

PLO 8 : I drink my Milk that Way.

Facundo Diaz : Never thought I'd receive valuable drinking tips by the Führer

moveaxebx : 6 times they ruined his whiskey. 6 times!

Shawn Akumalla : I cant tell if hes joking or not

Asim Shiek : He is drunk

ste ven : The Asylum seems to have lost a mad Scotsman

sieve5 : If you watch this is .05 speed it makes it seem like he did one too many takes of this shoot HAHAHA

michael jhon : ohh its very simple smell it before drink 😜😃

ian6752 : 1.-Put it in the glass 2.-Swirl it around 3.-Throw it out...

MEEHOWtv : 1:42 If whisky tastes best when it is watered down to 35% of alcohol, then why don't the whisky distilleries produce them with 35% of alcohol from the get-go? Just asking...

Kuladip Bhowmik : I ordered a peg of whiskey in a restaurant. The guy brought it. I swirled it and threw it away.

*梟-ふくろう-のお部屋* : シロちゃんのを見てからキチガイにしか見えない

Little Moro : LOL GREAT VIDEO LOL Cx Cx Cx Cx

TheClarko1234 : How not to spell 'whisky'

Endoplasmicreticulum : burnunla içseydin amk

Jorge Sanchez : Is this gentleman for real? Or this is a parody? I can't get the joke

Anders K Andersson : Hey, better use a trash can or a garbage can whatever 🤡🐷

Sabrin Islam : How I drink Whiskey. 1-Take Bottle 2-Take Glass 3-Open Bottle 4-Throws Out Glass 5-Drink From bottle

Tabs T : do this shit at some bars and you leave through windows without your teeth.

GIANFRY : I drink some water first and then slowly drink the whiskey

Navor Mora : Hitler moved to alcohol

Rob Xx : no way in hell I am throwing out a modest amount of Lagavulin 16 on the floor

RufusLeakin : Drink up! There are children sober in China!

szs voc : whisjkys nicem, but gives me the runs

Adam Jensen : Excellent video! Going to try what I just learned at the bar tonight....

鈴木イチロー : Hello

TurplePurtle : This guy. He's completely nuts, he throws shit on the floor, and he's absolutely wonderful.

PS4 Gaming : What if I don't have a nose that's a foot long?

ДИМА М : hi, mr. Bin..

ever moore : Don't give this Scot a glass with ten icecubes in it! You'll be wearing it!

SUK MIKE HOK l : am i a madam if i drink by the bottle?

Stone : 1:51 Why is he chewing the whiskey

Brenden O'Leary : Waste of whiskey

AD : Imagine what this guy does when he gets ready to munch on a girls box.... “ are you...quite well..thank you very much...”

joe cuddles : and twice in England (BASTARDS)

Mike : how to be a pro alcoholic

MrJohnySolo : With this guy, i would fight in every bar :))))

goon2Agoblin : 😂😂😂😂

ZERO : The video should have been called "How to become a drunk."

Tellou : Yeaaaahhh... Sticking your big schnoz right into the glass like that is going to do nothing more than burn away your sense of smell with alcohol. You want to do exactly what he tells you NOT to do with your mouth open so you get back-draft odors. He also floods the shit out of his glass, if you want to cut it, that's fine but for tasting you want only a couple drops to separate the oils in the whisky and force them to the surface. He does a good job of chewing it but all he's chewing on is watered down whisky. He says your face would begin to grimace if you you drank 80 proof whisky!? What are you talking about? If your trying to taste everything about your whisky then you're probably into whisky which means that if it burns going down you obviously have no resistance to it which means you shouldn't be pretending to know how to taste whisky!

jin5632 : You would not want to serve that guy whisky, because he has 99.99% of throwing it in your face

SilentHashassin' : My assessment was correct. I knew by the thickness of his mustache he was a pure at heart. I am now learned.

Rancor Commander : Why does the manufacturer have branded glasses and an ice box if they are not meant to be used?