how to drink whiskey like a sir

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GeeKeD-OuT : I want this dude at my bachelor party

moveaxebx : 6 times they ruined his whiskey. 6 times!

Milos Nesic : watching this guy i wanna become alcoholic

Kuladip Bhowmik : I ordered a peg of whiskey in a restaurant. The guy brought it. I swirled it and threw it away.

Gyannedra Singh : This man can offer in PHD alchoholism.

ian6752 : 1.-Put it in the glass 2.-Swirl it around 3.-Throw it out...

Hammad Khan : Why is this not a meme

PLO 8 : I drink my Milk that Way.

jacob : If you ruin this guy's whiskey, he will stab you in the neck. He's done it 6 times.

Space Monkey : I put my nose right in the glass to get in to the whisky and ended up snorting the whisky up through my nose. It burns :(

Shawn Akumalla : I cant tell if hes joking or not

Facundo Diaz : Never thought I'd receive valuable drinking tips by the Führer

Rias Gremory : This guys happy hour begin at 10am and ends without shirt at 11pm

Asim Shiek : He is drunk

AD : Imagine what this guy does when he gets ready to munch on a girls box.... “ are you...quite well..thank you very much...”

Luke William : How does the most interesting man in the world drink whiskey?

Rob Xx : no way in hell I am throwing out a modest amount of Lagavulin 16 on the floor

lol lol : The Asylum seems to have lost a mad Scotsman

NickEdan : So if the bartender serves you your fine whiskey. swirl it around and throw it on the floor

MEEHOWtv : 1:42 If whisky tastes best when it is watered down to 35% of alcohol, then why don't the whisky distilleries produce them with 35% of alcohol from the get-go? Just asking...

EL.MAS.BUSCADO : wouldn't want this guy handling kilos of cocaine.

Tabs T : do this shit at some bars and you leave through windows without your teeth.

PS4 Gaming : What if I don't have a nose that's a foot long?

Shyam Petloz : i thought he's gonna drink it through his nose...😨

Jake Lamotta : 2:40 Omgg this is soo true😂😂

Andy Fox : I love whiskey there's nothing better to drink in life, And I don't mean like an alcoholic or someone drunk/pleb just drinking it like a shot, but to drink it slow and enjoy all of the goodness inside of the glass. I don't have any fancy glass sometimes I use icecubes sometimes I don't I just enjoy it so much that I can take my time and actually taste it and enjoy it. The taste is fantastic once you treat it right and take your time. Some people say you must have a nice cigarr to the whiskey I say why? A proper whiskey is fantastic on it's own by smoking a cigarr you get so much going on that you can't really taste the whiskey.

RufusLeakin : Drink up! There are children sober in China!

Jorge Sanchez : Is this gentleman for real? Or this is a parody? I can't get the joke

GIANFRY : I drink some water first and then slowly drink the whiskey

Blood Rider : You know that he was born for this by just looking at his nose.

Little Moro : LOL GREAT VIDEO LOL Cx Cx Cx Cx

Erik D : Don't knock it back like a cowboy 🤠

Subhasis Dey : 1:51 um-uh-um uh-um uh-um uh-um uh-um...😀

Adam Chartier : I asked for 90ml of whisky not 91ml *chucks it away*

Anders K Andersson : Hey, better use a trash can or a garbage can whatever 🤡🐷

*梟-ふくろう-のお部屋* : シロちゃんのを見てからキチガイにしか見えない

ZERO : The video should have been called "How to become a drunk."

Stone : 1:51 Why is he chewing the whiskey

Sabrin Islam : How I drink Whiskey. 1-Take Bottle 2-Take Glass 3-Open Bottle 4-Throws Out Glass 5-Drink From bottle

Bho Loo : My girl would leave me if I would behave like this

Adam Jensen : Excellent video! Going to try what I just learned at the bar tonight....

Endoplasmicreticulum : burnunla içseydin amk

鈴木イチロー : Hello

TurplePurtle : This guy. He's completely nuts, he throws shit on the floor, and he's absolutely wonderful.

ДИМ,A? : hi, mr. Bin..

Ali ae ae : مين مسلم

szs voc : whisjkys nicem, but gives me the runs

Erky _ : 😂😂😂😂

jin5632 : You would not want to serve that guy whisky, because he has 99.99% of throwing it in your face

Brenden O'Leary : Waste of whiskey