Every Hero in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Explained by the Russo Brothers | WIRED

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i am groot : These guys are geniuses in the fact that they can create a great movie with 25+ main characters and connect it all without making it a scrambled mess. Just think about it they are given the burden of directing so many people in the biggest movie in history.


3,000 subs with no videos : *sees infinity war* *sees WIRED* *instantly clicks*

Supertastic Eleanor : 0:14 - Iron Man 1:05 - Thor 2:22 - Hulk 3:08 - Captain America 3:52 - Black Widow 4:47 - War Machine 5:29 - Doctor Strange 6:43 - Spider-Man 7:33 - Black Panther 8:25 - Gamora 9:04 - Nebula 9:33 - Loki 9:52 - Vision 11:05 - Scarlet Witch 11:57 - Falcon 12:17 - Winter Soldier 13:01 - Heimdall 13:23 - Okoye 13:39 - Eitri 14:15 - Wong 14:35 - Mantis 15:03 - Drax 15:34 - Groot 16:11 - Rocket 17:03 - Star-Lord 17:46 - Shuri 18:01 - Ayo 18:20 - Nick Fury 18:40 - Maria Hill Man that took awhile, but here you go :)

Jesus Ova : You forgot the most important character Doctor Strange's Cape

Idi B : How About Stan Lee.

T ? : Where is the most powerful duo in MCU? Korg and Meek?

Leon Ramus : We’re all dying for infinity war part two and Dr Strange has seen it over six million times already.

IMLR. : *Trying not to spoil Avengers 4 (Hard Edition)

The JayShray Way : These dudes make every character a fan favorite in their own way. I wasn’t sold on the doctor strange movie, but man he was the mvp of infinity war. I give the Russo’s the same level of trust as Nolan.

Person that's not a people person : It's funny how they're like "it's funny how many characters we killed" like YEA I THOUGHT SO TOO

Onih : My favourite moment, hands down, was when Bucky is spinning Rocket around just spraying bullets around the battlefield. Really hope both of them get their own films one day !

T ? : But why is gamora?

VideoFanatic13 : That Wakanda fight scene still gives me chills. Especially seeing Cap and BP charge through the crowd fully committed to the fight

Buenomars : Wong is played by Wong.

triplesix : Hopefully DC will find directors with the same passion for the art of comics and storytelling like these two.

Ethan Park : These guys literally directed the best movies of Marvel like Captain America Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Infinity war.

Anakin Skywalker : I really wanna see; What Sharon carter is up to. What Hawkeye is doing. Where Valkyrie is. If korg survived (and Meik) A flashback scene with Steve and Peggy cause SHJSJS The collector meeting the grandmaster in either a flashback or present time ,tho the collector is dead. Ava Starr. More Ava Starr. Loki. Loki retuning Loki meeting thor again. Everyone coming back. War machine having more screen time. The hulk hulking out. Wong coming back, fighting. Captain marvel helping the avengers. And Nebula killing thanos.

Brian PRM : I want more of Thor and Rabbit! They had the best parts of the movie.


Awsamazing Eden : "He starts out as a narcissistic alcoholic and grew into a hero." So Basically Robert Downey Jr. playing Robert Downey Jr.

don bod : Why does the "Russo brothers" sound like the names of some MOB rivals or something? "Im tellin' ya.. it was those Russo brothers"lol

Jaco : I am SO happy they acknowledged that Rhodey welcoming back Team Cap is an act of nobleness rather than forgiveness. That scene annoyed me so much when I first saw the film because it seemed to gloss over the issues surrounding and the general significance of CW quite a lot but their explanation makes up for that 100%.

Noah Quental : really you did Maria hill but no M’baku???

DavSav93 : Can they do an "every *villain* explained"?

photoshopknight : so hulk has to see banner as worthy. hes Banner's Mjölnir.

Jennifer Ramos : Loki isn't even my favorite character, but really? That's it?

Mr X2 : Drax Still Invisible To This Day.....

Ching Chong : I think having two directers make a good movie because they correct eachother. You may have a great idea but your partner may have a better idea than you. And the fact tht theyre both geniuses is a plus

Mega_Crysis_Cmg1 aka Chris : My favorites: Iron Man Spider Man Black Panther

Netflix Membresia : cant wait for korg character development in phase 4

Chandee Carson : Star-Lord and Scarlet Witch were given (mostly) the same arc, especially in IW. Basically, they have to kill someone they love the most, after all the loss they've already endured. They both fail, which is even more heartbreaking than if they had succeeded, because it only means that the inevitable has arrived, and one more stone gets to the gauntlet. Plus, they both "died" so there's that too.

LoL LOL : Btw Has anyone noticed that all of the original Avengers survived the movie?

LittleMissPerfect 4eva : Loki is my fave obvs. He’s been a villain all throughout the MCU but he’s always been a hero as well. I’m pretty sure he’s only a villain bcz he likes the attention he receives

SIRLagalot007 : I think Shuri is the most innovative character while stark is the most intellectually resourceful I can’t wait to see them both interact

Wonder : This is why I love Marvel. The Russo Brothers really understand and care about their characters and can give each of them an equally powerful story. Marvel took time to develop the characters over the years and never seemed to force too much into a movie. Infinity War was long and had a lot to say but it didn’t seemed crammed, it seemed like natural progression. I know I just went on a real rant but it just makes me happy that they can give a back story to even very minor characters.

JOHN SUH Kim : The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a world created by Fans with Passion, The DC Extended Universe is a world created by Executives with a nice Paycheck.

Dennis Wong : Iron Man, Thor, Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch are the only heroes that are mentioned by both directors, and they are the most powerful in infinity war

dani : i know loki isn’t a superhero but i am praying to god that they mention him. also please talk about bucky, they’re my favorites.

poppy harnett : _now_ we all wait until we can get our hands on the x-men & fantastic four and have them all act together on this massive, massive scale.

Christopher Williams : I love how the Russo brothers confirmed that Shuri is in-fact the smartest character that currently exists in the MCU.

Fluffy Fluffs : 9:38 Omg yassss it’s Loki!!!!!! 9:54 what.......the.....heck....was..... that...?

The Legendary SMYLZ : Take a shot whenever the Russo's say "dark", "unfortunate", "tragic", or "tragedy".

Donald Gurtner : DC take notes.

Chanakya19 : That scope. That depth of character study. That focus. Difference between DC & Marvel.

Noah Grobben : If you really think about it Fury is the one who has saved the universe over and over, and he will probably have saved it again by calling captain marvel.

Rhys Aboe : Black Panther "HAS" tremendous potential...

that one guy 500 : I feel loki is a rare example of words speaking louder than actions. Him saying to thanos " you will never be a god" isn't about him. Loki sees thor as a god in that scene, not himself. He was saying you may beat me, but never be greater than him. If you analyze lokis word choice it often helps you understand him and his actions more than the actions themself. He even said he was not a god before delivering those words to thanos.

metfan4l : 17:06 Thank god that middle finger was blurred in case any children were watching.

Beto Remriz : They got ayo but no M'BAKU