Every Hero in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Explained by the Russo Brothers | WIRED

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i am groot : These guys are geniuses in the fact that they can create a great movie with 25+ main characters and connect it all without making it a scrambled mess. Just think about it they are given the burden of directing so many people in the biggest movie in history.

Person that's not a people person : It's funny how they're like "it's funny how many characters we killed" like YEA I THOUGHT SO TOO

Chad Phriday : I feel like the Russos need to get Oscars for acting. Look at them pretend that those characters are really dead.

John Diggle : "Tony stark is iron man" HEY SPOILERS

3,000 subs with no videos : *sees infinity war* *sees WIRED* *instantly clicks*

triplesix : Hopefully DC will find directors with the same passion for the art of comics and storytelling like these two.

Gavin Suwara : “Falcon: like rhody and t’challa, he’s black.”

Mikey W : Listening to them makes you realize why & how Marvel is light years ahead of DC.

Chase4boy : Now these two better not make any jokes on twitter anytime soon. We need them around for as long as possible.

Tyler C.O.G Dennis : Its insane what these guys did in 2 and a half hours with so much content, infinity war could’ve easily been a 4 hour movie

Awsamazing Eden : "He starts out as a narcissistic alcoholic and grew into a hero." So Basically Robert Downey Jr. playing Robert Downey Jr.

SuperKillerMthfDude : 4:31 Ugh, I really want a Secret Avengers movie set between Civil War and Infinity War, starring Cap, Nat and Sam

animation 2.0 and 3.0 : i like how the acknowledge loki as a hero

IMLR. : *Trying not to spoil Avengers 4 (Hard Edition)

Simon Payne : I love how passionate these guys are but given how Cap was their break into the MCU, I really hope that they have saved some stellar moments for him in Avengers 4. He was criminally underused in IW and I appreciate that there was a lot going on but I'm praying that with the stakes even higher, he'll have a far bigger and more important role and be given the same amount of screen time that Tony and Thor received in the first one.Cap has earned his proper time in the limelight and deserves to feature hugely in the Avengers final power play.

Idi B : How About Stan Lee.

A Wild Ymarc Appeared! : The Russos should be directing the Black Widow solo! I mean they could probably top Winter Soldier with her solo (sad they wont direct it). Hoping the chosen director lives up to the action-thriller that Winter Soldier had.

Paul Aficial : Fury may be the lifeblood of the Avengers, but Coulson was the one that ultimately brought them together.

The JayShray Way : These dudes make every character a fan favorite in their own way. I wasn’t sold on the doctor strange movie, but man he was the mvp of infinity war. I give the Russo’s the same level of trust as Nolan.

Jakk Frost : Shuri may be incredibly intelligent, but I'm not sure I'd classify her as the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. I think that title still belongs to Tony Stark. Shuri simply has access to technological advancement that Stark isn't even aware of. Give Stark access to that same vibranium-based technology, or even just to vibranium itself, and I'd be willing to bet he'd soon be teaching Shuri a thing or two.

gabriel ware : I think thanos is better in the MCU than he is in the comics; so much more human

Joseph Taylor : Hulks 3 story arch has me even more excited for avengers 4. Starting in ragnarok, going through infinity war and finally going into avengers 4 will hopefully have a big pay off.

L Mthi : The Star of mcu -Iron Man Soul of mcu -Captain America

AFRAS SHAH : Russo brothers: Ayo Me: Who?

poppy harnett : _now_ we all wait until we can get our hands on the x-men & fantastic four and have them all act together on this massive, massive scale.

MotherChucker : Dust, dust, dust, dust, dust, fell off a cliff, dust dust, impaled, choked, dust, dust, dust, dust, dust, -pulverised by Scarlet Witch- had the Mind Stone ripped out his head.

VideoFanatic13 : That Wakanda fight scene still gives me chills. Especially seeing Cap and BP charge through the crowd fully committed to the fight

erzan : No one told me Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were directing the MCU.

Indu Balachandran : Loki and Winter Soldier being recognized as heroes makes my life more meaningful 😍😍

photoshopknight : so hulk has to see banner as worthy. hes Banner's Mjölnir.

Raghu Seetharaman : It said Drax but I couldn't see him

Klumsy Kameleon : They were way too short on Loki, I'm sure they have planned a revival for the character!

: joy : : I’m offended for the lack of words that Loki deserved 😔😤💦💦

RnathanF : 11:58 - oh, is that what Sam has in common with those two guys?

Netflix Membresia : cant wait for korg character development in phase 4

Tragedy : Evacuate the city Engage all defences And someone get this man a shield.

LoL LOL : Btw Has anyone noticed that all of the original Avengers survived the movie?

Daniel Alvarez : *where👏 is 👏 M'baku*


metfan4l : 17:06 Thank god that middle finger was blurred in case any children were watching.

10000 subscribers with videos : This the exact reason DC is behind Marvel, they don't have directors like these two who love their job and are passionate (although Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises were really good)

LittleMissPerfect 4eva : Loki is my fave obvs. He’s been a villain all throughout the MCU but he’s always been a hero as well. I’m pretty sure he’s only a villain bcz he likes the attention he receives

Captain Obvious : 17:44 "Shuri is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe" Lol that'll trigger the Alt-Right bigly XD

pohmakas33 : Hey russo brothers, remember what happened to the last brothers who directed several awesome scifi movies? The wachowskis? They became sisters...dont get too carried away

Awsamazing Eden : What geniuses. Heartbreaking, horrible geniuses. I could listen to them forever.

Osman Aden : This is why marvel is better than DC

Amlan Maity : Don't know what plans they have for infinity war's second part but fan wants loki back.............

Brayden Fitzsimmons : Infinity War was alright but they’ll never top the Community Paintball episodes

MRah : The Russo Brothers have done an incredible job since coming into the MCU

Awsamazing Eden : Looking at the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past decade is like watching a child grow up into adulthood. It's almost unfathomable how impactful this franchise is, how well-thought out and intricate all of its details are, and how much unbridled passion goes into each and every character and film.