Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

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Flofo : whats the difference between a bird and a fly.. a bird can fly but a fly can't bird

Olga Novakauskiene : Birds - of - Paradise Excellent . Thank you

Faisal Saiyad : سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Theresia Swiebel : The most Beauty of the nature you will find it here!♥

Peter Rozen : Are these Free Birds-of-Paradise sounds royalty free?

QaTaR0Gas : Allah says in Quran [the English translation of the Arabic meanings of Quran] : "And of his signs is the creation of the heavens and earth and what He has dispersed throughout them of creatures. And He, for gathering them when He wills, is competent." Sura 42 - Verse 29

Furqon Nusantara : subhanallahh 😍

fexfer // : Hey there, I'm an atheist. Earth is round, and these guys were made through evolution. *grabs popcorn*

smile. : سبحااااان الله😮

OMGitsMoose : All these salty religious folks!

Yobib Nartea : I love the bird that dance like Michael Jackson

Muhammad Sadrul Muttaquin Hoque Najat : [All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds. {Al Quran, 1:2}

Ricardo Venegas : Evolution has lead to this. However, I can definitely understand how people see such beautiful and majestic animals and come to the conclusion that something ethereal and greater than themselves created something so beautiful. While not true, I can see why.

Nixon Kasasi : Am surprised! The commentator believes in evolution? Everything was finely designed and created by God, and only He, deserves the honor.

8ROSHH : ( هذا خلقُ اللهِ فأرونِي ماذا خلَقَ الذينَ مِن دونِه) . - سبحان الله الخالق المُبدِع ❤️🌸

angryveryoldman : I have bad news for you. All those birds will extinct within a couple of years. By the desctruction of their habitats, by introduced species like cats or rats, by the ignorance of men who think nature exist only as decoration for you arrogant lifestyle. And there is no big Daddy in heaven who will speak words of power and there is no bad guy in hell who will punish you.

Usama Hashmi : that black dancing bird is just awsome

lemons limes : I'm laughing at the comments, especially the religious ones about how this is beautiful and majestic this is when it's basically bird foreplay.

Uber Batice : Capitalism will destroy all this and destroying now.

sritej mosuganti : thank you for this birds of paradise video

Vara Mepresia : That always throws me off. A soft voice makes me instinctively turn up the volume, then the bird sings as loud as possible, causing me to turn it down again.

ZEESHAN AKBAR : سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Its Over : evolution? then why you named paradise. there is not any concept of paradise in evolution.

Yassar Almass : فتبارك الله أحسن الخالقين

Ines navy blue : wow ! God's creatures are wonderful & amazing *_*

holistic79 : God created the earth and all that's living in it. Some scientists have found the answers in the Quran after millions of money spent on research. For example the galaxy and sea water where one current is pure and the other is salty. Peace to those who know the truth/those looking for it. intelligence is a very rare thing. Once you have it use it you owe it to yourself to know the truth. peace be upon you.

f@brizio$$ : Miracle of creation not evolution.

Stephanie Nunes : you freaking evolution folks!... Your'll are such fools. seriously, Where did you guys get that idea that with one "big bang" all things came to existence?? where's the proof? Read your Bible..There is proof in the Holy Bible that God Almighty is alive and He is the creator of all things living!

timeisnow316 : evolution my butt!! these including the stupid humans in this video were created by the one and only CREATOR!!

Afandi : Papua Indonesia

The_arch : 2:45 And experience one of natures most hidden wonders

janina baltrimaviciene : Nuostabu

Altaf al-Khattabi : very wonderful. thanks a million

Diyan khan : Subhanallah

Dennis Reed : Why does Wikipedia say there are 41 species?

saidi islam : Sobhan ALLAH sobhan ALLAH sobhan ALLAH The most merciful and beneficient <3

邱凡甲 : 觀看自然界奇珍異寶真是漂亮 乃是最高級的享受大包眼福, 謝謝分享, 十幾種天堂鳥

،،،ألم فراقك،،، : سبحان الله الخالق

Betty Hu : OMG IT IS SO CRAZY LOLOLOLOL. The beauty of nature

Muhammad Qaisar Khan Mohmand : These are the creation of Almighty God. SubhanAllah. To hell with the evolution theory. Why men living in the North and South Pole hasn't developed a thick fur on their body. Why Mr. evolution is failing there.

7amza _Vii : It is Allah's creation

MrGOFIOvideos : Wow! At first, I found watching "Avatar"... Always surprised for nature. Great photography and image quality too. Thanks for sharing.

Marinalva de Pontes Lima : Bom Dia magnifica segunda feira para todos!

TeNtIoN FrEe :

fujisawah : Unbelievably well with those of this world it is a beautiful bird. So I like this bird is present in the earth. Good!

noheader : I appreciate the time and work these men took to help us see these birds. Unfortunately we have to endure the philosophical evolution bs as part of their attempt to endoctrinate. Not everyone needs your opinion of why you disbelieve God put those birds there. Focus on research and let us decide for ourselves instead of assuming we are too stupid to figure things out for ourselves.

jamali sadam : Beautiful. I have no word to explain beauty of these Birds we Should take care of them.

خالد احمد : سبحان الخالق

Fred Tylor : what a beauty, MashAllah !!

Moe moumz : those birds reflect the beauty and Creation of God , gives you a little taste and idea of the paradise it self . (God is the Greatest)