24 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

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Todd's Kitchen : *After photos would have been nice*

J DEVINCI : That lady chillin in the water might be the scariest thing I've ever seen

hatednyc : *THE BATHER!* I have this absolute fear and attraction for very large statues. (Especially the massive Heads). Equal parts marvelous and downright FREAKY

You Make Me Laugh : I wanna know more about the closed chocolate center!😕🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

H/C Knight : I was on the bridge of locks in Paris 2010. Very cool idea.

- emily - : ew i hate the giant head in the water it's so spooky, even if it's just a head like i'd have a heart attack if i swam under and saw that she also had a whole body underwater, idk seeing things submerged in water creeps me out

silver : idk why but I really want to go see dadi park and see all the creepy abandoned rides

Desu with my Waifu : That huge head freaks me out i have a fear of lifelike statues

Strange Fruit : 3:17 - "It Burnt down" *If only* there'd been access to copious amounts of water nearby . . . . . . . . . LOL

Shiribetsu : We either destroy or let it destroy itself.

michael Longford : Great video, not even heard about most of them, makes it more interesting that they don't exist anymore.

Mark Grant : Am I the only one who's noticed that this YouTube page symbol looks like a hammer and sickle and uses the Communist colors.


Mark Grant : The Cadbury Factory was shut down because all Cadbury chocolate is now made in China and is not the same quality it once was...

Bethany Lacy : Oh my god. I've lived in Connecticut for 3 years and I've questioned why they had a giant cross in waterbury on a random hill for like no reason, NOW I KNOW!!

Cody Rush : I'm not sure the Bather should be on this list as it was only there for ten days. By that logic, almost every museum exhibit and every movie that has ever hit theaters could also count.

TheRocco96 : Thew twin towers of the WTC in New York should have beeen included in this lsit.

David Parker : They flooded Guairá Falls (aka Iguazu Falls) in South America??? Those were, in my opinion, the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

Anthony Ellis : This felt it was too rushed and not enough before/after pictures. Perhaps you could have done a video on lost theme parks that completely been demolished.

Kathie Pfister : #12 has some wrong pictures! The hands cave painting is from Cueva de las Manos located Perito Moreno, Argentina. The last two pictures are from the Lascaux cave in France.

I'm good I'm done : Thumbnail 9:25

Em Radford : Oh the amount of times I went to the Cadbury factory! (Yes, I grew up in Tasmania) You used to be able to get 10/15/20kg boxes of mixed chocolates for like $18!!!

Adrian Wulff of Wall Street : I feel like Mount Rushmore is going to be next

Aimee Pollock : What about places that won't exist for much longer? The Great Barrier Reef, for instance.

Jason Kirby : The Tower of Terror that you show in the video is actually the one at Walt Disney World and not the one in California.

Candice Perry : I wish these tourist attraction still exist today

Jennifer GGreer : I wish the baths thing was still there, and that tree. that would've been great to visit.

Romana Gustavo : Philippines has a a so-called "disneyland" but it never opened because of the owner's Financial Issue...

i love percabeth percy jackson and annabeth : That lady in the water is pretty scary af It is soooo creepy sorry i just have to say it

Randy Scott : I have a picture under the tunnel tree

Max Malanaphy : I feel sad for the first couple few love lock lovers

Madme Smith : Until you get rid of Grump i won't be coming to the usa.

AnimeAph WCatsFNAF : Did the tower of terror in Disney World get changed to I saw a pic of that one

Dennis Cote : The most famous part of Heritage USA was the Tammy Faye Bakker face painting booth, strangely enough all the face paint clowns looked like Tammy. God bless Sam Kinison and hell has a place for you two Jim and Tammy when your time comes.

busty bowsette : I'm guessing the tower of terror is in this list?

Mighty Rabbit : I hate when special places get removed or replaced for no reason except for being too fun and entertaining for people i mean why theres clearly a plenty of space! do something more useful government

Dennis Cote : NH will always remember "The Old Man of the Mountain".

Lexia Velez : Better after photos would of been nice, better editing and also the reasons why for lots of these would of been great.... So i give this video a 4 out of 10

Lauren grace Minty : I was in Paris in June of 2016 and the locks were still there.

Joey Diamond : 9:34 exactly my face when my feet can't reach the bottom. :D

Sky Gamer15 : 9:25 you're welcome

Magdalena Koh : Wow great picks! Thank you for sharing

Alice Eley : You can still visit Cadbury's world in the UK

Paige Murphy : I will never go to any of these places. Life is short.

microbusss : I have a souvenir from Heritage USA as a HO scale boxcar the Penn Station destruction started a whole preservation movement to save historical buildings

URoRRuR'R'R : If they no longer exist then why are we seeing them in this video ?

gay little shit : When you try be mysterious and say *"if they ever existed.."*

Shelby Otto : Um, Tower of Terror is still open. . .I rode it this June.

Ava Cadoes : tbh, i thought they would have included the Blue Azure which used to be a rock with a little window inside it but in 2017 it fell down, it is in malta

Luke Vrooman : What about the twin towers