Pinball for Engineers

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Comments from Youtube

Brett Barbaro : I like the simple materials. Brilliant! :)

joabei11 : I thought I was The Bally table king But I just handed My pin ball crown to him

rlwieneke : he needs to mow my yard, he has too much spare time.

A Kid From China : My autos teacher showed us this vid😂😂

N_____ Robin : Nice job! What's your next project?

Seventh Mist : Mr. Goldberg was applauding from the other side.

T W : Rube Goldburg? Fantastic! There could be a market for this.

tommotd : Ambitious!

vk2zay : This is awesome!

Rafgnar The Great : If I only had the focus they had to make that, that I could use to do my hw

Don Ball : Someone has way too much free time on their hands. LOL

Biff Wellington : mousetrap!