When you're overqualified for the job

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john papple : I don't know why this was recommended to me, but I'm so fucking happy that it was. This type of thing is what makes the internet such a beautiful thing.

100 subcribers with no videos? : I want what he's on

TomTheSoupCat : When you beat a game on the hardest difficulty and do a second playthrough on easy

Yash Varshney : Don't let the video distract you from the fact that the channel's name is SuckMeSideways

The Dark Master : *_You fools! This isn't even my FINAL FORM!!_*

Liezuli : It seems Youtube recommendations have brought us all together again

Glenn Paradela : *Top 10 character who can defeat Thanos*

Evan9124 : My last brain cell during a test

Robercikowo : Woman on the left has movements like character from the sims 2

Piece of Eyelash : When the band splits and you have to pay rent

Qwerts : *When the coffee kicks in*

Beat Hoven : "So how fast can you drum?" Drummer : "yes..."

Guitar/Stylophone : Random person: I bet you can't drum for these kids! Mascot: hold my beer...

Lord Omega : *I looked up the red drummer thing, and somehow YouTube knew what I meant.*

Justin Y's Stand : Overqualified is an understatement.

Gigguk : Is this Bongo Cat's final form?

Max Daniel : That drumset made 2500 accounts to dislike this video

Lorterrax : Is this joey jordison's new mask?

Whitney Bread : I watch this at least 3 times a day, it’s a daily ritual

Goose 6.0 : This isn't your average everyday sort of overqualification this is... advanced overqualification!

Rattiom : *So... the internet can still be a good place after all...*

Scruffit : Good YouTube recommendations don't exi-

Uknown Play3r : i would pay a million dollars to go to this fair

Mordecai Mapper : this is when you invite a grindcore drummer for a kid show

Alexander Samson : Think about it, the person behind the costume could be someone we know, our freinds, and maybe family. Just saying that a hero stays undercover, till the day we need him

GlitchMod : _When YT gets their algorithm right_

I Live In Your House : I am supposed to be studying right now.

Tinky Winky : Any Metalhead’s around here? Please, let there be

AnyBew Z : This would make a good Red Bull commercial.

subscribe me for no reason : Do you know how to drum? The guy in suit: ok

Happy Hoovy : That suit is just his first form

the b rad : New meme? Yes

JoyBox Trickster : *Correction: When you're ultra-instinctive for the job*

Levi Covey : I've watched this video like weeks ago and I can't stop thinking of him.. I even had a nightmare I was in a hotel and I was opening a bunch of rooms he was drumming away in one room... I think I love him/her

*-I I-* : 0:57 The shock waves knocked her out of her feet

Daidus : this mad lad does not operate on money; only passion

UnmaskTheRedrum : Just keep scrolling nothing going on here Ok now that there gone here’s the plan. The furries are closing in on our positions so we’re going to need to retreat to the south. Hit or miss yeah the furries never miss, because of that I’m going to need backup in the sky watching my 6 while I push forward laying down some covering fire. Once we get past the jungle we just need to get past those damn weebs but don’t worry I have a plan. I will distract then with some loli hentai while team alpha and bravo flank around and on my mark give them everything you got. OK WE GOT THIS BOYS LETS GET THIS BREAD

Brandon : "Do you know how to play the drums?" "Little bit."

Tareq Fatehalrahman : I believe that he just wants to make kids happy

Joe Fec : Now we know what Neil Peart is up to post-Rush

DevilButt : Something in him just *snapped*

Michael Benedict : when u got put on the band for hello kitty but wanted to be on aggretsuko

Nazi Frog : I'd expect nothing less from Japan

WinterMadness05 : What's the background story to this anyone?

Max Ellis : Organizer: "It's just a simple kids song, can you do me this one favor?" Drummer: *turns to friend* "hold my beer"

Alexis J. : Kid song played with a death metal drummer lol

Christopher Leonard : You had one job.... . . . . And you nailed it.

Zenh : The woman in the left makes this video that much better

Genesiz : 0:18 my meat

Leo Li : The costume is screaming in its head: (WHAAAAAAAADAAAAAFAAAAQQQQAAAAAMMMIIIIIIDOOOOINGGGGG??????) And this is why kids, don't do drugs.