When you're overqualified for the job

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Justin Y. : When Youtube's search algorithm recommends a quality video

RidonkulousMG : Top Ten Stupidly Overpowered Anime Characters

Dylan Norman : Getting some Whiplash vibes here and I love it.

Lil Shagster : I can't tell whether this was planned or pure improvisation

vlad dust : When your metal group kicked you out because you watch anime

Justin Y. : This man is not running on money or passion. He is fueled by pure determination.

Kyle Hornby : Our drummer is sick today does anyone know how to play drums? Cleaner: yeah I used to play a little

New folder : Youtube is finally getting it's algorithm right...

I love taking naps : Before the show Manager: *So how good are you with drums?* Drummer: *yes*

sofia m : i love how the woman in the back eventually starts *intensely* jamming out

Liezuli : It seems Youtube recommendations have brought us all together again

Kujo Matsumoto : Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we're looking at the top 10 death metal drummers you've never heard of.

mato : When you take 3 gummy vitamins instead of 2.

shenkhen : I wanna see the whole scene, including the other people on the stage and the audience, lol!

Anders Wahlberg : not every day that youtube recommends a video I immediately watch 9 times in a row

xklnbx14 : Do you think he was holding it in, crying his eyes out inside his suit and this is him snapping and losing his old self to pure determination?

nameless Manuel : *plot twist: he's dead inside*

Sebastián Sandoval : Who else keeps coming back to this? Lol

Bioniking : That's what we call a nervous breakdown, kids

KewlKatCutie : Lawful chaotic

Alexis J. : Kid song played with a death metal drummer lol

makita : I never thought I'd hear blastbeats in childrens' music.

Vin & A : When you want to be cute but your hardcore side said no

ChessTrader : This is why System of a Down should have never broken up. Look at where their drummer is now.. : /

nameless Manuel : lvl drummer *lvl 999 Asian* *that's how mafia works*

Justin Y. : I'll have what he's having

Trenton Quarantino : Soft and mushy on the outside, full of unbridled aggression on the inside.

Randomness 2018 : When Ultra instinct kicks in

NOSTRADAMUS : Top 10 Charators that Thanos is afraid of.

Internet dude : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Mr crab sold spongbob's soul for 2 cents.

john papple : I don't know why this was recommended to me, but I'm so fucking happy that it was. This type of thing is what makes the internet such a beautiful thing.

Vadim Andersson : True Norwegian Black Metal

A Drum Tsukumogami : *Skill level: Asian*

Yannick van den Broek : Top 10 creatures that can beat Thanos

Sanzhar Zhumabekov : I would give this man my sprite cranberry

Gigguk : Is this Bongo Cat's final form?

siddharth banga : I was watching Trump's debate, and then this crashed in my recommendation *Legit*

Nicks Vlogs : My third time here I'll keep y'all updated. 3rd: 1-15-19 ~12:00 PM 4th: 1-17-19 7:04 AM 5th: 1-20-19 8:40 AM

Gideon Adrian : So the rev fake his death to become this?

simplylogan93 : 1:19 is my favourite part xD

Kariyu : Now I have to know, were the children scared or amazed?

Anxiet Y : When bae says she’s into drummers

Emma O'Brien : this might just be the funniest shit i’ve ever seen

iLumine : thanks youtube, this would give me the strength to get thru 2019

Luciano Garcia : I never knew exactly the reason why I need internet. Is it because I like to watch movies, listen to music or maybe connect with people in social media? Is it because I like being up to date with the latest news? Today, though, those doubts are no more. Today I'm certain of something like few times in my life. Today I learned that my destiny when I entered the web for the first time over a decade ago was to be able to see a dude dressed in a huge pink cat costume playing drums heavy metal style while performing children's songs.

Sieger : Without that costume on he would end up going sicko mode on the drums

Eric : 00:17 when you the band splits but you gotta pay rent (this joke is from another video so credit to whoever made it (: )

OCEANPHEONIX : This man is SO DetERmIneD, he trained his entire life for this moment

Sivam Banerjee : When you're cute but love black metal.

- Angelinox45 // memes : I have an addiction where I play this video everyday. I can’t be the only one who does that.