When you're overqualified for the job

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john papple : I don't know why this was recommended to me, but I'm so fucking happy that it was. This type of thing is what makes the internet such a beautiful thing.

100 subcribers with no videos? : I want what he's on

TomTheSoupCat : When you beat a game on the hardest difficulty and do a second playthrough on easy

Evan9124 : My last brain cell during a test

The Dark Master : *_You fools! This isn't even my FINAL FORM!!_*

Liezuli : It seems Youtube recommendations have brought us all together again

Glenn Paradela : *Top 10 character who can defeat Thanos*

ashtangadan : any drummers here respecting the fact that this drummer is locked TIGHT into the click track? Doesn't even drift off for a second, not even during those crazy-ass fills. Insanely tight metronomic drumming.

Robercikowo : Woman on the left has movements like character from the sims 2

Yash Varshney : Don't let the video distract you from the fact that the channel's name is SuckMeSideways

GlitchMod : _When YT gets their algorithm right_

Bradon Hoover : Do you think Satan was just like “I’ll grant you those drumming powers, but you’ll only be able to drum for these guys”

Justin Y's Stand : Overqualified is an understatement.

Piece of Eyelash : When the band splits and you have to pay rent

Alexander : redbull: gives u wings some japanese energy drink: makes u that drummer

Gigguk : Is this Bongo Cat's final form?

Ubayd : This Dummer is at the wrong gig

Max Daniel : That drumset made 2500 accounts to dislike this video

Lord Omega : *I looked up the red drummer thing, and somehow YouTube knew what I meant.*

Scruffit : Good YouTube recommendations don't exi-

Qwerts : *When the coffee kicks in*

Beat Hoven : "So how fast can you drum?" Drummer : "yes..."

Guitar/Stylophone : Random person: I bet you can't drum for these kids! Mascot: hold my beer...

Whitney Bread : I watch this at least 3 times a day, it’s a daily ritual

Guardian Ghoul : He's playing on legendary and making it look like its on beginner difficulty

Daidus : this mad lad does not operate on money; only passion

Mordecai Mapper : this is when you invite a grindcore drummer for a kid show

Tinky Winky : Any Metalhead’s around here? Please, let there be

Uknown Play3r : i would pay a million dollars to go to this fair

Goose 6.0 : This isn't your average everyday sort of overqualification this is... advanced overqualification!

RegicideKo9 : "not my tempo"

Neophobic Nyctophile : Someone’s going to sleep well tonight

v0rtex103 : Everytime he/she reaches for the next beat the whole suit jiggles. Also look at that lady in the back trying to be the hype man.

Lorterrax : Is this joey jordison's new mask?

Joe Fec : Now we know what Neil Peart is up to post-Rush

Happy Hoovy : That suit is just his first form

Alexander Samson : Think about it, the person behind the costume could be someone we know, our freinds, and maybe family. Just saying that a hero stays undercover, till the day we need him

I Live In Your House : I am supposed to be studying right now.

*-I I-* : 0:57 The shock waves knocked her out of her feet

Zenh : The woman in the left makes this video that much better

Rattiom : *So... the internet can still be a good place after all...*

WinterMadness05 : What's the background story to this anyone?

JoyBox Trickster : *Correction: When you're ultra-instinctive for the job*

Genesiz : 0:18 my meat

subscribe me for no reason : Do you know how to drum? The guy in suit: ok

Tycho Frensch : Finally something good in my recommended

Tareq Fatehalrahman : I believe that he just wants to make kids happy

AnyBew Z : This would make a good Red Bull commercial.

rob boss : God bless Japan...

Max Ellis : Organizer: "It's just a simple kids song, can you do me this one favor?" Drummer: *turns to friend* "hold my beer"