When you're overqualified for the job

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Justin Y. : This man is not running on money or passion. He is fueled by pure determination.

Amy Lee : I like how the lady in the background gradually grows more and more concerned

John Schauder : I couldn’t tell if the lady in the background was awkwardly into it or contemplating if she needs to intervene

RidonkulousMG : Top Ten Stupidly Overpowered Anime Characters

How to properly clean your metal computer : He’s going straight up Sicko Mode.

Liezuli : It seems Youtube recommendations have brought us all together again

Mr. ANGAD : I Can feel the tears and Stress Under that costume. 😓

Kody Palmer : This is what the Internet was made for

Senen Catarata : Stage crew: S-sir? do we really need the double bass pedals? Cat: trust me.

verygoodusername : pass this video onto our younger generations

john papple : I don't know why this was recommended to me, but I'm so fucking happy that it was. This type of thing is what makes the internet such a beautiful thing.

Harasuke Amu : 1:02 when he puts the sticks to his face XD

Watermellonss -wa : *HoW It FeELs tO ChEw 5 GuM*

somed00d : Top ten characters who could defeat thanos (even with the infinite gauntlet) in seconds

JDM • 4 • LIFE : *_TOP 10 ANIME INTROS_* (Edit: Thanks For 1 Like...)

Gigguk : Is this Bongo Cat's final form?

Deadbeat Gamers : How Whiplash should have ended

Dyslexic Batnam : 0:00 Level 1 Crook 0:17 Level 35 Mob Boss *That's how the Mafia works*

Just Saph : i havent laughed this hard in a long time

hamza _ : I want him to play at my funeral

GlitchMod : _When YT gets their algorithm right_

Spongebob SquarePants : You had one job and you did it sicko mode

Numan Ahmed : Then all of a sudden he breaks out into master of puppets

Onno 2110 : I'm crying right now😂

Dank Matter : He just felt like flexing on everyone there

Alexis J. : Kid song played with a death metal drummer lol


A Drum Tsukumogami : *Lvl.1 Bongo Cat* *Lvl.100 Nyango Star* That's how mafia works.

Beyond Tubular : *_Sometimes you just gotta embrace the meme_*

GCX_ Nexus : 00:17 When Someone tells Thatcher to use a laser sight

xklnbx14 : Do you think he was holding it in, crying his eyes out inside his suit and this is him snapping and losing his old self to pure determination?

max hai how are ya : The only yt recommended video I’m happy I watched

Snapmare : This dude would be great in nirvana

SkinnyP3nc1L : How to entertain 5 year olds and 18 year old try hard drummers


Daidus : this mad lad does not operate on money; only passion

5Detective : Plot twist: those drums aren't even plugged in!

1529 Subscribers Without Any Content : The lady in the back looks like she hasn't got payed yet but she still wants to do her job right.

RIDERS GOT TALENT : New Pokemon found. Drumasaur...!!

1,000,000 subs with no videos challenge : Ah, YouTube recommendations..

RegicideKo9 : "not my tempo"

vlad dust : When your metal group kicked you out because you watch anime

darth Wampa : Drummer: Haha who wishes to challenge me? God: Hold my holy beer.


Sanzhar Zhumabekov : I would give this man my sprite cranberry

The Derp Chaos : He unlocked his true potential.

PianoApocalypse : I didn't know I could get this fired up from a children's song

Angel Rose Mensorado : When you want to show off but don't want your friends to know that you're an Otaku

Vin & A : When you want to be cute but your hardcore side said no

Tay Sings : He's Going *Physco mode* See what I did there 😉 Sorry 😐