Nintendo COO on Sony’s 'Fortnite' crossplay problems

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Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Wow, this newslady isn't acting condescending and oblivious while talking about videogames. That's a new one.

TheMarioMaster : That reporter sounds like a Nintendo fan. I like that.

Beary Boy : *"Look"* Still don't know what to look at

NavaIMTutorial : Sony Playstation will *DECREASE* Their Selling, if They still Behave Like This. *Not Make Sense at All!*

Ranger Furby : How many times did Reggie say momentum?

Carter Ninja104 : Holy Shit, A News Article about Fortnite that isn't on a negative side!

Fin Tuber : *Inhale* . . . . . "Look..."

Calista Games : Was actually surprised that the reported was not bashing on Reggie. Most interviews with anyone in the gaming industry don’t usually go this well. Would love to see more media outlets actually reporting video games in a more positive aspect.

Dj Singh : Lstation4 Nintendo & Xbox for life.

The Selchies : SakLaBlUU

Brian Lloyd : Shame on sony for this. PlayStation 4 should remove thier mantra "4 the players" as that is CLEARLY not true or at least change it "4 our bank accounts"

Fooli Cooli : This lady got 10x hotter knowing what she’s talking about. I think Reggie was a little thrown off lol

DiamondCreeper 23 : 4:30 “Through the Nintendo” But seriously she was great. Never seen a reporter actually know that much about games.

YoshiEgg95 : Be real, you all came here just to see more Smash in the background

William Winkle : Reggie's smile alone can cure cancer. I await Dunkey's take on this xDDDD

Ben Hudson : To be honest I think nintendo is the least stupid of all the companies

Baby Spine : Finally a competent reporter that is actually reporting gaming news and not just doom saying about video games.

Jaron Jones : Sony literally wouldn’t even have the PlayStation if not for Nintendo😂

coleinator5 : Lol 2.29 million people wasted their money on 1-2 switch

Javier owo : Reggies smile can cure my depression

Simply Strider : 4:10 Reggie smiles when he realizes he’d rather let Sony crash and burn instead of help them grow

eh : What kind of thumbnail is that

ThunderMLG : I was pissed when I tried using my account on switch bc im a ps4 player and I have a $120 account and I couldnt even use it! Im not gonna buy stuff on the switch that I cant even use on the platform I actually play on so I'll just be stuck as a no skin when if i play on Switch. Fix this @Sony

aspasiz : Wow a reporter on Fox who's actually asks good questions and seems like legitimately understands the situation. You don't see that a lot if at all. Also gotta love Reggie. His answers were 10/10

Ranger Furby : MY BOY REGGIE

Michael Poole : My body is Reggie

VogelVlieg : Reggieeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Yasser Arch : ... _look_ .

Jaimee Khoury : Nintendo > Sony

Schlange Bauch : His smile. It's so infectious.

Coyote 101 : Sony's body wasn't ready.

Daniel Eastwood : Wow the reporter knows her stuff.

Kratos Aurion Plays : Oh Sony. You and your bad business practices.

Bastien Bolafeld : I think this might just be the first time I've ever seen a competent reporter

Black Ice Gaming : Hey Cool Gaming News Not In A Negative Light On The News. . .Nice I Like It

Doctor Gonzo : "SACRE BLEU" LOL WTF

Victor in 't Veld : Excuse me, the switch is NOT a competing console. Regie acctualy said that they're not trying to rival with Sony and Microsoft, they "coexist"

Justin Cruz : What if it's revenge for the PSP? Reggie called Sony out during their initial ds sales.

Springy Coyle : My body is ready

Rawr Boter : The news reporter seems like she knows her stuff, and is actually taking video games seriously. Keep it up, this is what gamers want to see.

A Bad Player : Lmao Sony even locking 3rd party game accounts for that exclusivity. “For the payers”

• azoth • : the media blew up fortnite so much, it finally had game addiction recognized as a mental disorder.


Joel Mais : Wow, a mainstream news anchor who actually researched/knows a thing or two about the game's industry, am I dreaming?

spicy stubbs : It's funny how Sony has always been like a little kid not sharing their toys when it comes to this kind of thing. They did the same with Minecraft when it when cross platform

Cytrix : Sony are *mario theme* d-d-d-d-d-douche -bags

Beyond Soul : I hope they shut down Fortnite it has literally become toxic. Then again we will be releasing all those squealing 9 year olds into the wilderness,they might not make it...

Nick Jaquez : If it's not fun. Why bother

Carlosdsquirrel1 : Yoo this reporter is asking all the right questions. She woke asf.

ErrorCodeMLG : *Xbox players Laughing*