Nintendo COO on Sony’s 'Fortnite' crossplay problems

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Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Wow, this newslady isn't acting condescending and oblivious while talking about videogames. That's a new one.

TheMarioMaster : That reporter sounds like a Nintendo fan. I like that.

NavaIMTutorial : Sony Playstation will *DECREASE* Their Selling, if They still Behave Like This. *Not Make Sense at All!*

Brian Lloyd : Shame on sony for this. PlayStation 4 should remove thier mantra "4 the players" as that is CLEARLY not true or at least change it "4 our bank accounts"

Carlosdsquirrel1 : Yoo this reporter is asking all the right questions. She woke asf.

Carter Ninja104 : Holy Shit, A News Article about Fortnite that isn't on a negative side!

Beary Boy : *"Look"* Still don't know what to look at

Fin Tuber : *Inhale* . . . . . "Look..."

Jaron Jones : Sony literally wouldn’t even have the PlayStation if not for Nintendo😂

Bi11y : Reggie's smile alone can cure cancer. I await Dunkey's take on this xDDDD

its_that_doge : Sony's body wasn't ready.

DiamondCreeper23 : 4:30 “Through the Nintendo” But seriously she was great. Never seen a reporter actually know that much about games.

aspasiz : Wow a reporter on Fox who's actually asks good questions and seems like legitimately understands the situation. You don't see that a lot if at all. Also gotta love Reggie. His answers were 10/10

Fort Douche : This lady got 10x hotter knowing what she’s talking about. I think Reggie was a little thrown off lol

Bastien Bolafeld : I think this might just be the first time I've ever seen a competent reporter

Doctor Gonzo : "SACRE BLEU" LOL WTF

Ben Hudson : To be honest I think nintendo is the least stupid of all the companies

Simply Strider : 4:10 Reggie smiles when he realizes he’d rather let Sony crash and burn instead of help them grow

Daniel Eastwood : Wow the reporter knows her stuff.

Javier owo : Reggies smile can cure my depression

YoshiEgg95 : Be real, you all came here just to see more Smash in the background

Baby Spine : Finally a competent reporter that is actually reporting gaming news and not just doom saying about video games.

Jaimee Khoury : Nintendo > Sony

coleinator5 : Lol 2.29 million people wasted their money on 1-2 switch

spicy stubbs : It's funny how Sony has always been like a little kid not sharing their toys when it comes to this kind of thing. They did the same with Minecraft when it when cross platform

Minty : I don't even like Fortnite. I'm just here for Reggie's beautiful face.

Cytrix : Sony are *mario theme* d-d-d-d-d-douche -bags

Michael Poole : My body is Reggie

Mykul22 : This lady seems like she knows her research, well damn, we need this women to do all of the videogame stuff!! Cmon mainstream media!!

Rawr Boter : The news reporter seems like she knows her stuff, and is actually taking video games seriously. Keep it up, this is what gamers want to see.


Lucky24 : Sony is greedy and has horrible business practices, it is about time someone calls them out. (I have actually been a long term fan since the ps1, read my other comment and fact check it, if you dont believe me)

Kratos Aurion Plays : Oh Sony. You and your bad business practices.

Dopy : I hope Sony reconsiders it’s decision to lock their cross play. We shouldn’t be in discourse, we’re all gamers, why can’t we just enjoy games together? Edit: Why are people taking this so seriously? It's just video games, we're not soldiers fighting a war. Video games are video games and everyone has preferences and opinions. I personally like all the consoles and own a PC, so I guess I can be the sensible person here. Edit: A lot of you are saying that 80 million people is enough and then say that you don't want toxic players, but saying that you don't want to come together as a unit of gamers is toxic in itself and when you say it's good because you don't want children, out of your 80 million units, I can bet that at least 50% or more of them are children under 13.

TheMidnightSnack : *"If it's not fun, Why Bother?"*

Yhug yug : 1 vs 100... Thats 101 players

Giga Yupiel : I hope they shut down Fortnite it has literally become toxic. Then again we will be releasing all those squealing 9 year olds into the wilderness,they might not make it...

Nitrix : I was pissed when I tried using my account on switch bc im a ps4 player and I have a $120 account and I couldnt even use it! Im not gonna buy stuff on the switch that I cant even use on the platform I actually play on so I'll just be stuck as a no skin when if i play on Switch. Fix this @Sony

Ranger Furby : How many times did Reggie say momentum?

Carpe Diem : I'm 35 back in my day, it was Nintendo pulling the same shit...

Yasser Arch : ... _look_ .


• azoth • : the media blew up fortnite so much, it finally had game addiction recognized as a mental disorder.

Justin Cruz : What if it's revenge for the PSP? Reggie called Sony out during their initial ds sales.

Techno3601 : *R E G G I E*

Robo Epic : Best reporter she knows the facts she even asked about Netflix on switch.


Joel Mais : Wow, a mainstream news anchor who actually researched/knows a thing or two about the game's industry, am I dreaming?

Seishinia : My body is reggie

Whale : 0:38 did she just try to say cyka blyat?