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Common Anomaly : This is raising the bar in romance. Take note fellas

Grace Eclavea : so sweet I'm so happy you're together I thought before you're best friends and I was like I hope these best friends fall in love. now you are! you can sing lucky :)))

Nicole Ariana : First, this was too cute!! (Your friends are the best for helping you out) Second, Nathan Cheeeeen!! I feel sad for him but at least he did better in the free skate!

Adrian 34 : Great video and editing 🔥

Mena Wang : best restaurant i've ever been to ;) <3 thanks to everyone who helped surprise me!!! y'all are the best

Eliot Lee : Good job Saro

Delanie Majors : This is a great vlog, reminds me of Ell of the Mills the way you story tell. I subscribed and Can't wait to see what else you create

Henry Nguyen : Goals lol

Paola Elizabeth & sønder : SAROOOOOOO

Kay-Anna Goins : Best. Friends. Ever.

Alex Frenette : Yo this is great! Loved the editing! Keep up the awesome work on the videos man!

Chris Truong : So cute!! I love this so much

Sarah Khan : This video definitely put a smile on my face! Keep up the amazing work! :)

FlybyFrancis : what a beast!!!