500 times faster than Mike Tyson

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VitunVatiVille : That guy was so fast he did the dodge and got up before the bullet passed him haha!

blink : That was awesome

the red blizzard : Nani

Smol Cat : NAILED IT!!

Caractacus : THIS! Oh my days!

McBrisket : yes

PAN : Story of my life in Touhou

thatoldganon : That guy just fired a fifty calibur sniper rifle from the hip. wat

Mauro Pinotti : Poor Neo, that loaded program was in japanese and had viruses...

Melly : this guy and the spider dude were the only good parts of that piece of shit movie

Duujin K : So, is he talking about Boxer or Dictator?

J0n3zH : I hear he was nominated for an oscar.

ObnoxiousCanary : EXPLOSIVE REFLEXES!!!

Giraffe : LOL oops

Marijn Tak : Mike tyson wishes he'd be that fast.

chocobo : fail on his part

Sarah Brogan : wtf pj

Lucifer : Oh my god that was fucking hilarious. This is why I am subscribed to PJ.

kirbyderby2000 : Holy shit. I've seen this movie before. I've never seen a movie that confused or bored me so much.

Matt Wilkinson : Asians....

Patrick Bateman : That was so fucking epic XD

Biot Messiah : @Kex23 2 years late but - According to Ryuhei Kitamura (Director) he was actually TOO fast, because he does the 'matrix' and then comes up before the bullet reaches him, but he misjudged the speed of the bullet. The idea is to show that he is indeed faster than Neo!



Benjamin Bentzen Hansen : man, he really WAS 500 times faster than mike tyson. he fucking went down faster than that thing could hit him, notice how quickly it comes at him! respect

tanyuj : ROFL

Oleg Stepanenko : @chrisbrownrockandrol check the description its from a japanese movie "Versus" (2000)

zak quadri : Erm what just happened

JDMusic : it doesn't make a bit of different guys, the balls are inert

Duyaj : Lo-pan was critically hit in the torso for 141 hit points. Lo-pan is dead

ironmicktyron1 : WHAT THE FUCK?

Apperition : hes fast as shit dont fuck around

Eric Jessee : Missed the description. Epic fail. Sorry guys.

KeKz : >:0

SomeShows : Did you REALLY not read the fucking description...?

santanastock : is this a comedy movie. cas that matrix stunt he tried to pull was pretty funny

Alex Johnson : Obviously 500 mike tysons isn't fast enough. xD

Eric Jessee : i must know what movie this is

Lapbunny : People, people, the japanese dude is obviously a Gunmen and that 50 cal rifle there is loaded with SPIRAL ENERGY BULLETS. Jesus, people, think.

Alen1124 : What the fuck is this?

Jordan Verasamy : Lol

abclololol : ROFL

ossumguywill : since when do 50BMGs cause people to explode?

skcansMachine : Is the guy shooting the RPG Yūji Kido, the actor of Time Blue from Timerangers?

Evan House : I lol'd

thuggles42 : Japanese people are made of paper and styrofoam.

Aaron : hahahahaha

langying : *shakes head* dumbass

John Schoonover : ogod I'm still lol'ing

Hans Henrik Bergan : TheTruePsycho: on the ground, or in-air? :o