500 times faster than Mike Tyson

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VitunVatiVille : That guy was so fast he did the dodge and got up before the bullet passed him haha!

thuggles42 : Japanese people are made of paper and styrofoam.

Marijn Tak : Mike tyson wishes he'd be that fast.

Duujin K : So, is he talking about Boxer or Dictator?

abclololol : ROFL

tanyuj : ROFL

PAN : Story of my life in Touhou

Patrick Bateman : That was so fucking epic XD

JDMusic : it doesn't make a bit of different guys, the balls are inert

kirbyderby2000 : Holy shit. I've seen this movie before. I've never seen a movie that confused or bored me so much.

santanastock : is this a comedy movie. cas that matrix stunt he tried to pull was pretty funny

skcansMachine : Is the guy shooting the RPG Yūji Kido, the actor of Time Blue from Timerangers?

SomeShows : Did you REALLY not read the fucking description...?

RoboMelvana : this guy and the spider dude were the only good parts of that piece of shit movie

Eternal18 : Hokuto Shin Ken!

taghere : win

McBrisket : yes

blink : That was awesome

Lucifer : Oh my god that was fucking hilarious. This is why I am subscribed to PJ.

langying : *shakes head* dumbass

Dan Santander : not exploding 50 caliber anti-aiir rounds, they are reported to cut a man in half at 2000 fee lol

D4v1d : haaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hans Henrik Bergan : O-O-O-O-OWNED!!!!!!!!! xD exploding bullets, Dodge That!

Hans Henrik Bergan : TheTruePsycho: on the ground, or in-air? :o

Mauro Pinotti : Poor Neo, that loaded program was in japanese and had viruses...

jgoodwin27 : .... everything is wrong about this.... EVERYTHING you can't hip shot a .50 cal sniper you wouldn't blow up if you got shot WTF!?!?!?!?!?

Makkachin Lives : NAILED IT!!

Lapbunny : People, people, the japanese dude is obviously a Gunmen and that 50 cal rifle there is loaded with SPIRAL ENERGY BULLETS. Jesus, people, think.

Sarah Brogan : wtf pj

snelfiisk : LOL

J0n3zH : I hear he was nominated for an oscar.

Giraffe : LOL oops

giusti2006 : awesome xD

Duyaj : Lo-pan was critically hit in the torso for 141 hit points. Lo-pan is dead

Evan House : I lol'd

the red blizzard : Nani

Eric Jessee : i must know what movie this is

Eric Jessee : Missed the description. Epic fail. Sorry guys.


KeKz : baka gaijin, he says はあ.

KeKz : >:0

KeKz : no he definitely is, but not even being 500 times faster than mike tyson can safe you from that gun.

Jordan Verasamy : Lol

chocobo : fail on his part

nightmarex1 : lol

ObnoxiousCanary : EXPLOSIVE REFLEXES!!!

ossumguywill : since when do 50BMGs cause people to explode?

Warphaker : fucking lol'd

thatoldganon : That guy just fired a fifty calibur sniper rifle from the hip. wat

mrnoobJI : fucking owned.