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Unreported World is in Pakistan, investigating the country’s blasphemy laws. They meet the lawyers following up blasphemy allegations and prosecute the accused. For the most serious cases, the sentence is life on death row. Marcel Theroux is in Lahore to talk to the families of the alleged blasphemers - and learn if the new government is ready to execute the convicted. The Supreme Court is yet to uphold any of the death sentences issued by lower courts. Subscribe to our channel for more Unreported World episodes


Detarte : Such a backward law and the people who support it

Dixit Vora : I think Pakistan is a real example of hell on earth.

HELLBOY1990able : In short, Muslim can insult others faith but U can't say anything against der. What a peaceful religion.

Aaron Baranek : It's not a's s cult.

Nun, Gina12345 : Islam is so tolerant, that they will kill you for tearing a sticker off a wall. Such a nice religion.

Ahmad Ali : Evil Ideology

felix oyaro : Sometimes' Pleasing ' Allah is indeed costly to the infidels. I feel sorry for those minorities in Pakistan.

Jonard Nabartey : And these people demands to be treated favorably especially when they go to non-muslim countries. What a nerve..

Pork Lesnar : "Coming soon to Europe"

Jazzed_About_ Jesus : Pakistan is ran by Satan

Punit Sin : Blessed that my father shifted to India after partition

SARVESH SAURABH : Pakistan is a global terrorit factory. No wonder Pakistani economy is collapsing. All minorities in PAkistan have vanished

NoFavours : Sad part is they are all converts from hinduism. These guys are doomed now.

bee bee : Hypocrisy at it height. Peaceful religion

Asdfqwerty : There were people killed for a freakin sticker! A freakin STICKER!

Rosie Cheeks : Simply put *uncivilised*

Jojo Labuguen : My blood is boiling so i need to stop watching from here. These people are stucked in the stone age.

Lovelybones : So the dude did years of study just to kill people who teared up a photo, ok.

oyinbo peppe : Backward Country, backward people.

Patricia Coley : Pakistan's laws r ridiculous! SMH... No wonder they're 3rd world.

Navi : Imagine being jailed for tearing up a sticker. :) That's how ridiculous this is.

Luminal 47 : Now be glad that you are born in a first world country Never take anything for granted

saurabh jainth : Ever wondered if a bunch of inbreds made a would it you know

Ronald P : This is unreal. I feel for those people. The sad part is most of the country defends it.

Mount Tain : they are prosecuting who do blasphemy but legalizes terrorism

CG APD : And they call us Islamophobic lol

good guy : Thank you Grandpa you made good choice otherwise I would be dodging bullets today.

Marcus J : Religion of peace, let them keep spreading to Europe to show you first hand

4Sk : *Islam at its finest* (Ex-muslim, bron in a muslim family and grew up in a muslim country, i know a little about islam. How an ideology from the 7th century that "is so perfect it can never be changed" should work in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. *islam will never push humanity forward just keeping it running in circles*

Aryaman Gupta : damaging a sticker= death penalty!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

Aditya Goswamy : And they tell everyone else how to treat their minorities..

Eusunt Dac : I am not particularly fond of people disrespecting other people's Faith but we can never allow violence to take place in order to sustain Faith. Violence in the name of of a God, or a Religion, or Faith is abhorrent.

Juib Morrowind : We should air-drop a lot of pigs in Pakistan. Just for lulz.

BOUNTHAY KHAMMANYVONG : 5 words, Separation of Church and State

Nikola Tesla : This is not a land of pure but DIRTY!

Gunny 29 V2 : If these guys were in charge of the world most of us would be dead!

Jonah Lugano : Pimp of a prime minister and cuckhold of the Lawyer!! Their flappid alo and moomad can’t take opposition for their enormous stupidity!! Shame on 🤮 pukistan!!!!

Priyankar Majumder : I didn't knew Pakistan is such a monster country.

Happy Kiwi : This place ruled by children or something? A bloody sticker???

batman : I am having bad feeling....Muslims are just calling a crusade against them. This time they will be wiped out. I am afraid.

9Hand0Cannon7 : Imagine messing up a sticker with Muhammed's name/image on it and getting the death penalty for it.

Agraj Mishra : This is also a form of terrorism expected from terroristan

Akshay Yadav : i feel lucky to be born in india after seeing this video. sorry for those who are in prison for blasphemy

mayank soni : it means you can put allah in danger by just sharing a picture on internet poor baby allah 😀😀

big anxious meme : I love when a channel who has a video on blasphemy has 666k subcribers

elizaberth mupereri : Crazy country with crazy everything mann

Shivam Tyagi : Many Pakistanis are defending this evil law and their country in the comment section.

agent 47 : Al-Jazeera , would you report this ?