Make Glass Photo Pendants - EASY How-To Cabochon Necklace

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Ra Lu : Cabochon. Papajohn. Amazon.

Taylor J : *Moves glass over faces in catalog*“Hello!” I love you, Crafsman, you’re a real treasure! If anyone I know is having a bad day I send them a Bob Ross episode or a Crafsman how-to video and it cheers them right up :)

Wendy Barnett : I have died. You should voice over everything. Everything.

Joe Seabuhr : i live for the 'hello's

Dave Simon : "...then you want to drop it..." Made me laugh :) Great video! Thank you crafsman, you have a great day!

Ethosaur : You had me at papa johns!

Beth Bryan : Papa Johns🍕 Hello 👁 Dimensional Magic. CMON! ✨🙌💥 Put the hurdy gerdy on it. 💪 My night has been made. 💖😂

DownloadAndPrint : Thank you for this fun project! I'm gonna be saying "cabachan" all day! I am going to try it with maps of my friends home towns

Beth Miller : Put the hurdy gurdy on it!

Hubbard's Handmade : This is one of my favorite videos you have ever made Crafsman! Did you use your new binaural mic? Great sound! Keep 'em comin'!

KATHYY4 : Your voice is so soothing. you sound like a lot of fun. lol i luv how enthusiastic u say cabochon. u really like that word huh

FaceValueGaming : Mitch Hedberg reincarnated as a crafter

Ido Carmel : Thank you, Crafsman! Your special mix of educational and entertaining just makes my day every time you post a video.

Karen J : That was THE BEST tutorial I have ever watched!!! Your voice is so zen-ful, and you are seriously hilarious! SO happy I came across you!! Thank you!

Pixel Spectrum : I watched this video a while back and absolutely adored you and your attitude as well as the cabochons. I figured I wouldn’t ever need to make these, but a while later while I was at a loss for a birthday present idea for a close friend I ordered the things and decided to give it a shot. I’m in the middle of rewatching this and making my cabochon and so far so good! This is the easiest to follow online tutorial I’ve ever seen and your narration is so calming! :D

Neal elliott : I went to papa John's, and asked for cabochon. they told me I was all wrong.

Cheryl Juárez : When I first started listening, I thought your voice might be irritating but after 10 seconds, I loved it!! I love your sense of humor.  You're talented and funny.  Thank you for teaching me a new craft :)

Tracy Walker : This was the first video of yours that I saw, and I was so taken with your knowledge, talent and humor that I subscribed before I even got halfway through the video! Can't wait to try this, as well as following your other work. And I absolutely LOVE the way you say, "CABACHON!" Rock on, and be blessed!

Pastel Warrior : my family heard you do the little whisper "cabochon" and it became our inside joke!!! heh you're really funny! KEEP ON STEADY CRAFTING "cabochon" hahahaahahahahahahahay hello

Andy : Are you Cajun Mr Crafsman? You have a style all your own. You definitely stepped it up in this video. It was educational and entertaining.

Biscuit Jah : You, my friend, have the best presentation style I have ever seen in all my years of searching through craft tutorials. This is just wonderful. Keep doin' what you doin' :P

Pola Sanchez-Baker : I don't know you, CrafsMan, but I like you. You're funny and knowledgable and I really enjoyed your video! Also, you taught me how to make these cabochon pendants and now I'm gonna go do it! Thanks! I subscribed.

Estella Banks : Oh my goodness! I have stumbled upon a fun video! Thank you for the great tips and for adding the fun sound effects. Your voice is very smooth and soothing.

ken& lyssa : I've never had so much fun watching a jewelry making video. I thoroughly enjoyed you! Keep it up CrafsMan.

Tub Busby's Budget Tugboat : I really love what you're doing on this channel! I'm subscribed to all sorts of channels but yours is one of the ones I look forward to most. Your videos are really making me want to try my hand at some craftin'. I'm a complete amateur when it comes to art and design (only finished one year of design school), and there's a loooong way I have to go before I'm good. I do most of my stuff in Inkscape (ah, if only I could afford Illustrator...) or using pen and paper, but you've given me the itch for crafting!

GentleBruce : "Then you want to drop it one time to make sure it holds up good" XD Such a relaxing and entertaining video, got my sub today

emma bridges : Best craft video ever! Love your voice. Making crafting sexy. Great tip for the mod podge too. Thank you!

Shere Graham : I have to say, Dear Mr. CrafsMan, that you have a wonderful and soothing voice! Your videos make everything look so easy :) I love that you don't have any music, your voice is melody enough! And some people sing, which sometimes is really bad! Thanks so much for all you do! You are truly an inspiration!

2greenpeas10 : I have never subscribed to a channel so fast. You sir are amazing and have a wonderful talent for crafting and making people’s day! Keep it up Crafsman!!

ScrewDrvr : C'MON!

Debbie Austin : This is what I do. I use the E6000 to affix the glass to the photo and to put it into the bezel. I agree the E6000 sometime concerns me because of the fumes and the warning but I chose to stay with it due to the fact that it's waterproof and I was thinking that if someone bought my pendants and accidentally got them wet then it wouldnt be ruined. I also had to find a way to deal with the glue reacting to the ink from my inkjet printer because it causes bubbles that have to be pushed out so I feel you there. I use my own photos for mine. I put my photos through a computer program and turn them into "kaleidoscope" images. It was another way for me to use shots from my vast archive. Check out my designs on my Finding Home Photography facebook page if you like. Great video. I never thpught of using old magazines. I love their vintage look.

Mark Pinther : PapaJohns!

kittenesque : I actually have a bunch of sheet music from old books and a lot of family and friends in music, so I think you just inspired me for Christmas gifts. Thanks for that!

80RedRock : I was feeling pretty much down and cynical and then there it was... "Hello." I couldn't help but start laughing. Thanks Crafsman. Classic. You're the man. "COME ON!"

kindo vall : These are great! I just ordered all this to make our own! Seems like a fun project and gift idea. Thanks for the awesome video!

Sandra Montalvo : Hahahahaha!!! Your narration is the greatest!!!

Taylor Sessions : C'MON Crafsman! You are unstoppable! I love your videos and I swear you enhance my vocabulary every time I watch! Hey so do you sell these at flea markets or online or what?

Mateus do Vale : Do you print your images/photos on normal paper? Or special paper/plastic? Thank you

Elizabeth West : This dude is lit!!! I didn't expect a hilarious tutorial for this. Subbed.

Maame Efia : I was wondering if you can use Mod Podge MATTE-MAT instead of Dementional magic? Thanks soo much for this video💚💙God bless you 🙏🙏

dor duieb : And the you wanna drop in one time.... to make sure it holds.... LOL... you cracked me up with that one. Love your videos Crafsman

August Cooking : AWESOME AUDIO! Oh, and it was the tutorial I was looking for! I was smiling the whole video.

Theoxfrordfive Oxford : Oh, my,gosh!! I'm so happy I found your how to video. You're the 'Bob Ross of the crafting world. I love it. Thank you!

Majestic Mojo : i have a funny feeling that he is faking the voice. it doesnt matter tho. i like it

countrygirl9059 : You made me laugh out loud! Great video! You forgot Chaka Khan Cobochon! 👍

ⱤᴱᴬᴸҬᴬᴸᴷ : Mannnn and here I am making these bootleg papajohns. You just upped my game crafsman!

buzzkill131 : Such a great video, easy choice to sub. So happy you included amazon links cause im definitely gonna start making these bad boys.

Brett Harte : "Make sure you drop it one time." God, do I love Crafsman.

Libby : My mom always told me she used to make stuff like this with this inside of a bottle cap and some kind of clear paste that hardened and looked like glass. I didn't know that they sold the stuff for this pre-made

nancydrew5 : Perfect! This video was excellent! Straight to the point, easy-to-follow, soothing voice. This was just what I was looking for on how to make lockets. Now I've got to get me some modge podge.