Make Glass Photo Pendants - EASY How-To Cabochon Necklace

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Hubbard's Handmade : This is one of my favorite videos you have ever made Crafsman! Did you use your new binaural mic? Great sound! Keep 'em comin'!

DownloadAndPrint : Thank you for this fun project! I'm gonna be saying "cabachan" all day! I am going to try it with maps of my friends home towns

Taylor J : *Moves glass over faces in catalog*“Hello!” I love you, Crafsman, you’re a real treasure! If anyone I know is having a bad day I send them a Bob Ross episode or a Crafsman how-to video and it cheers them right up :)

Beth Miller : Put the hurdy gurdy on it!

Ido Carmel : Thank you, Crafsman! Your special mix of educational and entertaining just makes my day every time you post a video.

Beth Bryan : Papa Johns🍕 Hello 👁 Dimensional Magic. CMON! ✨🙌💥 Put the hurdy gerdy on it. 💪 My night has been made. 💖😂

Ethosaur : You had me at papa johns!

KATHYY4 : Your voice is so soothing. you sound like a lot of fun. lol i luv how enthusiastic u say cabochon. u really like that word huh

Dave Simon : "...then you want to drop it..." Made me laugh :) Great video! Thank you crafsman, you have a great day!

Ra Lu : Cabochon. Papajohn. Amazon.

FaceValueGaming : Mitch Hedberg reincarnated as a crafter

rkhound247 : Hello Crafs Man. Thanks for this video. My husband just introduced me to your woodcraft videos and here you go and add a cab video that's right up my alley just as I subscribed! You are the Bob Ross of crafting!

Mark Pinther : PapaJohns!

Andy : Are you Cajun Mr Crafsman? You have a style all your own. You definitely stepped it up in this video. It was educational and entertaining.

Beth : You've inspired me to make some cabochons. I make jewelry but have never tried that, I can't wait to make one. Thank you! The maple one that you made is beautiful!

spacecowboy2k : Crafsman, your videos are so relaxing AND funny that I almost hurdy gurdied all over myself C'MON!!!

Pola Sanchez-Baker : I don't know you, CrafsMan, but I like you. You're funny and knowledgable and I really enjoyed your video! Also, you taught me how to make these cabochon pendants and now I'm gonna go do it! Thanks! I subscribed.

emma bridges : Best craft video ever! Love your voice. Making crafting sexy. Great tip for the mod podge too. Thank you!

Joe Seabuhr : i live for the 'hello's

ScrewDrvr : C'MON!

Michael Cataline : I've never had so much fun watching a jewelry making video. I thoroughly enjoyed you! Keep it up CrafsMan.

Bigga figure : More video gold! And two great videos back to back?!?! C'mon. Make some crafsman puppet cabothings...I'd buy/wear one. I'll be watching etsy.

Neal elliott : I went to papa John's, and asked for cabochon. they told me I was all wrong.

Matty Byrom : the most esoteric teaching style on youtube

kittenesque : I actually have a bunch of sheet music from old books and a lot of family and friends in music, so I think you just inspired me for Christmas gifts. Thanks for that!

GentleBruce : "Then you want to drop it one time to make sure it holds up good" XD Such a relaxing and entertaining video, got my sub today

Karen J : That was THE BEST tutorial I have ever watched!!! Your voice is so zen-ful, and you are seriously hilarious! SO happy I came across you!! Thank you!

Estella Banks : Oh my goodness! I have stumbled upon a fun video! Thank you for the great tips and for adding the fun sound effects. Your voice is very smooth and soothing.

Lashon Voice Actress : Cat papa johns haaahaahaa! Stop crafsman!

Abbey : You, my friend, have the best presentation style I have ever seen in all my years of searching through craft tutorials. This is just wonderful. Keep doin' what you doin' :P

Maame Efia : I was wondering if you can use Mod Podge MATTE-MAT instead of Dementional magic? Thanks soo much for this video💚💙God bless you 🙏🙏

buzzkill131 : Such a great video, easy choice to sub. So happy you included amazon links cause im definitely gonna start making these bad boys.

2greenpeas10 : I have never subscribed to a channel so fast. You sir are amazing and have a wonderful talent for crafting and making people’s day! Keep it up Crafsman!!

Edwardian Lady : Really informative video, nice sense of humour:)

JoeBcrafts : Where did you get the Tequila at? I got it at Cabo, Shawn. All this time selling things on Etsy and I never really knew what a Cabochon was. Now I do. Thanks CrafsMan.

Nosewarmer : That wood at the end looked like labradorite! Great vid as always mate :)

NizzyAmps : Thank you Crafsman. You make things look so easy, so crafsman smooth. Makes me want to try new things. I always learn new stuff watching your channel.

Antoinette Lee : I'm glade that I didn't pass up your site, really enjoyed your tutorial.  the idea of using my scrapbook sheets is a GREAT IDEA. Thanks so much.

Smashalee Jerkface : Thanks for the vid! I really needed a refresher course on setting the cabochon into a bezel. I have had ink that transferred through so I appreciate the glue Trick I will certainly try that. You've totally gained a new subscriber!

August Cooking : AWESOME AUDIO! Oh, and it was the tutorial I was looking for! I was smiling the whole video.

Jennifer L. : You are so good, and so funny!!!!!

Delyth Angharad : I could listen to you saying Cabochon all day. :D

Corey Merrell : CrafsMan, you are a delight! Thank you for a great project, and for the smile when I needed it today. Subscribed and looking forward to watching more of your fun and interesting videos.

dor duieb : And the you wanna drop in one time.... to make sure it holds.... LOL... you cracked me up with that one. Love your videos Crafsman

Jennifer Reihl : Om gosh....I love this guy. You just made my day. Love your humor and your gentle voice mixed with the abrupt shout-outs!!! haha!! You rock dude!!

Kyle Durham : Thank you for including so many industry terms in your video,like "put the hurty gurtin' on it." 🤣 Love the vids; keep 'em coming!

robin magargle : Glad you showed how to make those and told where to get supplies at. I also just got my white waste basket and light for the picture taking video you did. Can't wait to try that also.

Kira Spellman : I have just met you here, CrafsMan......and I love you ; Givin me smiles and inspirations! (You like to clean the cabochan and drop it once? Ha!)

TenacityResilience : I love your voice and your video!!! You've got yourself a new subbie! Puttin the hurdy gurdy on it! LOL!

Tracy Walker : This was the first video of yours that I saw, and I was so taken with your knowledge, talent and humor that I subscribed before I even got halfway through the video! Can't wait to try this, as well as following your other work. And I absolutely LOVE the way you say, "CABACHON!" Rock on, and be blessed!