Make Glass Photo Pendants - EASY How-To Cabochon Necklace

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Hubbard's Handmade : This is one of my favorite videos you have ever made Crafsman! Did you use your new binaural mic? Great sound! Keep 'em comin'!

DownloadAndPrint : Thank you for this fun project! I'm gonna be saying "cabachan" all day! I am going to try it with maps of my friends home towns

Taylor J : *Moves glass over faces in catalog*“Hello!” I love you, Crafsman, you’re a real treasure! If anyone I know is having a bad day I send them a Bob Ross episode or a Crafsman how-to video and it cheers them right up :)

Beth Miller : Put the hurdy gurdy on it!

Ido Carmel : Thank you, Crafsman! Your special mix of educational and entertaining just makes my day every time you post a video.

Beth Bryan : Papa Johns🍕 Hello 👁 Dimensional Magic. CMON! ✨🙌💥 Put the hurdy gerdy on it. 💪 My night has been made. 💖😂

Ethosaur : You had me at papa johns!

Dave Simon : "...then you want to drop it..." Made me laugh :) Great video! Thank you crafsman, you have a great day!

KATHYY4 : Your voice is so soothing. you sound like a lot of fun. lol i luv how enthusiastic u say cabochon. u really like that word huh

rkhound247 : Hello Crafs Man. Thanks for this video. My husband just introduced me to your woodcraft videos and here you go and add a cab video that's right up my alley just as I subscribed! You are the Bob Ross of crafting!

Ra Lu : Cabochon. Papajohn. Amazon.

FaceValueGaming : Mitch Hedberg reincarnated as a crafter

Mark Pinther : PapaJohns!

Andy : Are you Cajun Mr Crafsman? You have a style all your own. You definitely stepped it up in this video. It was educational and entertaining.

Beth : You've inspired me to make some cabochons. I make jewelry but have never tried that, I can't wait to make one. Thank you! The maple one that you made is beautiful!

spacecowboy2k : Crafsman, your videos are so relaxing AND funny that I almost hurdy gurdied all over myself C'MON!!!

Pola Sanchez-Baker : I don't know you, CrafsMan, but I like you. You're funny and knowledgable and I really enjoyed your video! Also, you taught me how to make these cabochon pendants and now I'm gonna go do it! Thanks! I subscribed.

emma bridges : Best craft video ever! Love your voice. Making crafting sexy. Great tip for the mod podge too. Thank you!

Bigga figure : More video gold! And two great videos back to back?!?! C'mon. Make some crafsman puppet cabothings...I'd buy/wear one. I'll be watching etsy.

ScrewDrvr : C'MON!

Matty Byrom : the most esoteric teaching style on youtube

GentleBruce : "Then you want to drop it one time to make sure it holds up good" XD Such a relaxing and entertaining video, got my sub today

Lashon Voice Actress : Cat papa johns haaahaahaa! Stop crafsman!

Michael Cataline : I've never had so much fun watching a jewelry making video. I thoroughly enjoyed you! Keep it up CrafsMan.

Neal elliott : I went to papa John's, and asked for cabochon. they told me I was all wrong.

Maame Efia : I was wondering if you can use Mod Podge MATTE-MAT instead of Dementional magic? Thanks soo much for this video💚💙God bless you 🙏🙏

kittenesque : I actually have a bunch of sheet music from old books and a lot of family and friends in music, so I think you just inspired me for Christmas gifts. Thanks for that!

Joe Seabuhr : i live for the 'hello's

Karen J : That was THE BEST tutorial I have ever watched!!! Your voice is so zen-ful, and you are seriously hilarious! SO happy I came across you!! Thank you!

Estella Banks : Oh my goodness! I have stumbled upon a fun video! Thank you for the great tips and for adding the fun sound effects. Your voice is very smooth and soothing.

JoeBcrafts : Where did you get the Tequila at? I got it at Cabo, Shawn. All this time selling things on Etsy and I never really knew what a Cabochon was. Now I do. Thanks CrafsMan.

Nosewarmer : That wood at the end looked like labradorite! Great vid as always mate :)

NizzyAmps : Thank you Crafsman. You make things look so easy, so crafsman smooth. Makes me want to try new things. I always learn new stuff watching your channel.

Antoinette Lee : I'm glade that I didn't pass up your site, really enjoyed your tutorial.  the idea of using my scrapbook sheets is a GREAT IDEA. Thanks so much.

Jennifer L. : You are so good, and so funny!!!!!

Delyth Angharad : I could listen to you saying Cabochon all day. :D

Corey Merrell : CrafsMan, you are a delight! Thank you for a great project, and for the smile when I needed it today. Subscribed and looking forward to watching more of your fun and interesting videos.

Jennifer Reihl : Om gosh....I love this guy. You just made my day. Love your humor and your gentle voice mixed with the abrupt shout-outs!!! haha!! You rock dude!!

Kyle Durham : Thank you for including so many industry terms in your video,like "put the hurty gurtin' on it." 🤣 Love the vids; keep 'em coming!

robin magargle : Glad you showed how to make those and told where to get supplies at. I also just got my white waste basket and light for the picture taking video you did. Can't wait to try that also.

Kira Spellman : I have just met you here, CrafsMan......and I love you ; Givin me smiles and inspirations! (You like to clean the cabochan and drop it once? Ha!)

TenacityResilience : I love your voice and your video!!! You've got yourself a new subbie! Puttin the hurdy gurdy on it! LOL!

Tracy Walker : This was the first video of yours that I saw, and I was so taken with your knowledge, talent and humor that I subscribed before I even got halfway through the video! Can't wait to try this, as well as following your other work. And I absolutely LOVE the way you say, "CABACHON!" Rock on, and be blessed!

Shere Graham : I have to say, Dear Mr. CrafsMan, that you have a wonderful and soothing voice! Your videos make everything look so easy :) I love that you don't have any music, your voice is melody enough! And some people sing, which sometimes is really bad! Thanks so much for all you do! You are truly an inspiration!

buzzkill131 : Such a great video, easy choice to sub. So happy you included amazon links cause im definitely gonna start making these bad boys.

57hippiechick : I LOVE your video! I really like your narrative, and your instructions and visuals are so nice, clear, and descriptive. I look forward to seeing more from you, Mr. Craftsman! You are the bomb! :)

frank z : thank you ! you are the CrafsMan and explain it so well...i appreciate your passion..i can tell you dig what you are doing and it is inspiring ~peace CrafsMan

Greg Williams : Hi Crafsman! I'm Ali - - (not Thank you for the awesome video! I have switched to Crafter's Pick and love it! I've been having a real issue with air bubbles using cardstock, photo paper, and on regular paper. It's so frustrating! I have tried Dimensional Magic and other Mod Podge products. What could I be doing wrong? I really like printing my photos for cabachons, but I'm having issues with silvery spots which i think are air bubbles. Any suggestions? Thank you so much! LOVE your videos!

Melissa Taylor : Just collecting ideas when I came across your video. Love your video, gave me great ideas, made me laugh and the fact you sound like Mitch Hedgeber totally sold me on wanting to watch more of your tutorials! Thank you

2greenpeas10 : I have never subscribed to a channel so fast. You sir are amazing and have a wonderful talent for crafting and making people’s day! Keep it up Crafsman!!