Will Tyrion lose his tongue?
Will Tyrion lose his tongue

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Benjamin Saffir : Varys wouldn't cut out Tyrion's tongue to keep him quiet about a conspiracy. Tyrion can write! And gesture! That would be a bad plan. If he ever needed to keep the secret he would have to kill Tyrion completely, but I don't think that would happen.

oboyy : Let's cut Alt Shift X ethernet cable and see how he evolves

books by leynes : "It's growth, then decay, then transformation." Boo-ya! 💪🏾

Julia J. Wink : 2 videos in a week, we have been blessed

kerrythelamb : I don't think Tyrion losing his tongue is the equivalent of Jaime's hand. He's already had to question his identity all his life unlike Jaime who had always been the Lannister golden boy until he lost his hand. Tyrion already evolved and learned to cope with being a dwarf and his family's dismissal before the show started. Taking his tongue away would destroy Tyrion rather than force him to grow. Not to say GRRM wouldn't do it.

Mad Max : After 5 books, It doesn't make sense to me to cut off Tyrion's tongue... when people already want to cut off his head.

Laura Carr : I don't think cutting out Tyrion's tongue could keep him from telling a secret about Aegon. Tyrion can write. It'll have to be a punishment/act of cruelty, IMO.

902d : He kinda had to grow as a character after killing his father, depression, life in a crate and alchoholism.

Thee Stevie Franchise : Thanks, Shifty, had never heard the theory before. As always, you find sufficient evidence to separate the probable from the far fetched possible

Kate Hunter : Wow! I was skeptical of this prospect, but you've made a pretty compelling case for it. Well done.

pixelilly : While I don't think they'll do that in the show with how few episodes are left, it would be interesting to see Peter Dinklage act around not being able to speak.

Penis Paladin : this George guy sounds like a real jerk!

Gus Fridman : If Tyrion loses his tongue, it does make him a good candidate to be the one that really write the all story of the ice and fire. Don't you think?

OxyElite : #TyrionsTongueMatter

Maja Henriksen : Two videos in two days....oh my.

okönig : You should totally make a video on the "Eldritch Apocalypse" by PoorQuentyn

DaggeN : He’s kinda already at rock bottom in the books though. He killed his father, lost his friendship with Jamie, lost Shae, found out the truth about Tysha, is hunted by his sister, rides pigs for peoples entertainment etc etc. There really is no need to further punish his character at this point

Ronnie Kray : „The equivalent of jamie's hand is tyrion's tongue“ I will leave it at that

JustJay : And Sansa loses what defines her the most, her highborn status in becoming Alayne.

drugzis : I don't believe that a thing like that would happen in the show. In the books it seems plausible, but not the show.

Sheep326 : That Breaking Bad easter egg though!

Nobody Really : You should do an audio AltShiftMR channel your voice is awesome

jehaert : I agree with the sibling-arc, but Tyrion always talks about his mind, remember the conversation with jon, when they were making their way up to the wall. Tyrion talks about how he needs to hone his mind with books. Maybe he will loose his wits.

Banks : but wouldn't tyrion losing his tongue completely defeat the purpose of his character? he's all about talking his way out of problems and he's not much of a fighter. how would he even be a part of the story if he can't talk to dany or jon?

elˈXames : Dear AltShiftX, would you mind doing a video about the Netflix series „Dark“? You already did one on „Stranger Things“ which belongs to the same genre. The effort you guys (cause I think at some time you mentioned a team working on these vids, not quite sure ;)) put into making these videos is to be respected but the quality is always top notch. So I wouldn‘t mind if you were already too busy to be working on a completely new project but it would be really great and fitting for this channel cause of your consistent level of deep analyses. Keep up the good work!

Tá Ligado ?! : Oh mann i missed your videos, keep doing this great job best channel of GoT in the youtube, love your video about whats varys up to my favorite

Robb Phoenix : Game of Thrones likes to be cruel/shocking sometimes and I believe this will be crueler/more shocking than offing him, he won't be able to come back from this unlike the other characters. For that reason alone I think that this is very plausible.

Erik Rinard : "Jon Con" was all I needed to hear to make this episode a classic.

Matthew Finis : The equivalent of Jamie's hand is Tyrion's tongue"

Miranda Elaine : Well D&D figuratively cut out his tongue by butchering his character and lines.

Isbrahim Vin Tuna : It's quite fascinating how people could imagine all of these irrelevant theories.

nightgost : I think you're right. Tyrion becomes the author of the books.

Awesome Romanian : Love the editing in this one, keep it up!

DireMass : If he becomes Danny's Hand in the books before his tongue gets ripped out, he would have the resign as Hand of the Queen.

vladimir putin : I don't think this will happen. Jaime losing his hand and becoming a better person makes sense, because he's still relatively intelligent, handsome, charming and the heir to Casterly Rock. Tyrion, on the other hand, is deformed, hated, the 3rd child, and most certainly not a fighter. He's managed to uphold his status only by being clever and quick with his mouth. If he loses his tongue, he's nothing! The point is that Tyrion's tongue is way more important to him than Jaime's sword hand ever truly was to him. If this happens to him, what can he really do with his life? Become a bookkeeper? Nah...

blackAngel : I almost feel like he already lost what defined him, when he had to leave King's Landing after he was sentenced to death. He wasn't a real Lannister anymore, had no more Gold, no family behind him. He already lost his title as the Hand of the King when Tywin came to King's Landing. I sure hope he won't lose the tongue as well. Although there probably isn't all that much talking left, in the tv show at least. And what is that about Varys cutting out the tongues of his little birds? On one hand, I don't feel like that fits his character from the tv show, kind of hard to believe that he would cut other people after he got cut. But mainly I'm asking myself, if the birds don't talk, how does he get his news? Does he teach them all to write? What's the point of having birds who can't "sing".

Jordan Knotts : I think this is one of the best theory videos you've done. Great job!

LightDriveGaming : You may aswell cut off theons di.... oh god

shiva369 : People were pretty brutal in the old days. That saying "to cut off your (own) nose to spite your face"? That's derived from the pretty common practice of cutting someone's nose off for some perceived insult or whatnot. It was kind of like punching or pushing someone in a bar nowadays. Some dude looks at your lady the wrong way or spills your ale? Pull out your dagger and slice his nose off. Some wench talks shit behind your back at work? Track her down and off with her nose! It was quite common. In fact, part of the civilising of medieval Europe involved forbidding the wearing of one's dagger at the table and the adaption of the blunted, specially made eating knives we use nowadays - people kept knifing each other at dinner over trivial slights and arguments. Next time you go to a nice restaurant and order a steak, notice how you have to have the dagger-like steak knives brought to you and think about how uncouth it would be if you started jabbing at the bread rolls instead of reaching for them with your hands (or tongs, if you're really posh). Our ancestors were brutes who had to be restrained from being bloody thugs with all these rules and etiquette we take for granted now.

InvisibleMan95 : 2 Alt Shift's videos in one week! Christmas came early this year.

Mack Junzun : IMO, Tyrion would become a writer/scribe if He lost his tongue. So, removing it to silence him wouldn't work. I think Euron will do the deed.

TicotazII : No but Danny will want to kill him for letting Jaime go to go and save Cersei. But John will kill Danny before that happens so he will be part of the counsel w/ Bran on the throne.

Aldrei Sia : Jamie lost his sword hand. Cersei lost all her children. Tyrion losing his tongue? Here's to proud Lannister children. The tongueless dwarf, the cripple and the mother of madness.

wareq : Just when I was starting to forget how screwed-up this story really is, here's six minutes of casual speculation on what sort of horrific torture might be inflicted on whom, and when

Megan Wright : I noticed this in the books but not to this level, it's an excellent theory and the first fresh solid theory I've heard in months. Always making the best vids on GOT :)

Jamie Davies : "you would be surprised, he's good with his tongue" - ross

Arief Rakhman : Nooo... please nooo...

lachlan Bastin : Drinking game: take a shot every time you hear ‘tongue’

Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos : I'd honestly be pretty fascinated to see Tyrion's character development post losing his tongue