Will Tyrion lose his tongue?

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books by leynes : "It's growth, then decay, then transformation." Boo-ya! 💪🏾

Banks : but wouldn't tyrion losing his tongue completely defeat the purpose of his character? he's all about talking his way out of problems and he's not much of a fighter. how would he even be a part of the story if he can't talk to dany or jon?

William Arnold : Every time a good theory like this comes out, GRRM says "Shit that's a good idea" and the book gets delayed another 3 months.

Benjamin Saffir : Varys wouldn't cut out Tyrion's tongue to keep him quiet about a conspiracy. Tyrion can write! And gesture! That would be a bad plan. If he ever needed to keep the secret he would have to kill Tyrion completely, but I don't think that would happen.

Laura Carr : I don't think cutting out Tyrion's tongue could keep him from telling a secret about Aegon. Tyrion can write. It'll have to be a punishment/act of cruelty, IMO.

oboyy : Let's cut Alt Shift X ethernet cable and see how he evolves

Thee Stevie Franchise : Thanks, Shifty, had never heard the theory before. As always, you find sufficient evidence to separate the probable from the far fetched possible

OxyElite : #TyrionsTongueMatter

Julia J. Wink : 2 videos in a week, we have been blessed

SMbigpapi : If Tyrion does lose his tongue I only wanted to happen after he finishes the whole jackass in a brothel joke

Gus Fridman : If Tyrion loses his tongue, it does make him a good candidate to be the one that really write the all story of the ice and fire. Don't you think?

kerrythelamb : I don't think Tyrion losing his tongue is the equivalent of Jaime's hand. He's already had to question his identity all his life unlike Jaime who had always been the Lannister golden boy until he lost his hand. Tyrion already evolved and learned to cope with being a dwarf and his family's dismissal before the show started. Taking his tongue away would destroy Tyrion rather than force him to grow. Not to say GRRM wouldn't do it.

902d : He kinda had to grow as a character after killing his father, depression, life in a crate and alchoholism.

Mad Max : After 5 books, It doesn't make sense to me to cut off Tyrion's tongue... when people already want to cut off his head.

pixelilly : While I don't think they'll do that in the show with how few episodes are left, it would be interesting to see Peter Dinklage act around not being able to speak.

drugzis : I don't believe that a thing like that would happen in the show. In the books it seems plausible, but not the show.

danis corovic : „The equivalent of jamie's hand is tyrion's tongue“ I will leave it at that

Kate Hunter : Wow! I was skeptical of this prospect, but you've made a pretty compelling case for it. Well done.

DaggeN : He’s kinda already at rock bottom in the books though. He killed his father, lost his friendship with Jamie, lost Shae, found out the truth about Tysha, is hunted by his sister, rides pigs for peoples entertainment etc etc. There really is no need to further punish his character at this point

JustJay : And Sansa loses what defines her the most, her highborn status in becoming Alayne.

Nobody Really : You should do an audio AltShiftMR channel your voice is awesome

okönig : You should totally make a video on the "Eldritch Apocalypse" by PoorQuentyn

Penis Paladin : this George guy sounds like a real jerk!

Maja Henriksen : Two videos in two days....oh my.

Sheep326 : That Breaking Bad easter egg though!

Tá Ligado ?! : Oh mann i missed your videos, keep doing this great job best channel of GoT in the youtube, love your video about whats varys up to my favorite

Rowdy Barrera-kun : I would hate for this to happen but WOW would it be powerful development for Tyrion. I bet he would have such a hard time dealing with it - shaking constantly, sometimes trying to speak and failing. He might even cry.

Robb Phoenix : Game of Thrones likes to be cruel/shocking sometimes and I believe this will be crueler/more shocking than offing him, he won't be able to come back from this unlike the other characters. For that reason alone I think that this is very plausible.

jehaert : I agree with the sibling-arc, but Tyrion always talks about his mind, remember the conversation with jon, when they were making their way up to the wall. Tyrion talks about how he needs to hone his mind with books. Maybe he will loose his wits.

DireMass : If he becomes Danny's Hand in the books before his tongue gets ripped out, he would have the resign as Hand of the Queen.

Beatriz Medeiros Noleto : I don't think that Tyrion losing his tongue would fit that well into the Lannister pattern. Jaime and Cersei did horrible things with what they lost. Jaime threw Bran out of a window, with the intention to kill. He confessed that if he had found Arya when she was lost in the Trident he would have killed or maimed her. Cersei used her attractiveness to enthrall her brother, effectively ruining his life, seduced other men into making her dirty work, which includes lying under oath and murder and used her status as Queen to order the death of countless children who could have been her murdered husband's bastards. On the other hand, Tyrion might have been rich and noble (which he's not anymore) but he is a dwarf, blamed for the death of his mother, his father gives him a hell of a trauma when he is a teenager and later is victim to a plot to blame and execute him for the murder of his nephew, the little shit he fought for. He even lost his nose already, for the family who would not loose a chance to screw him up. So, he started the story not as privileged as his siblings, and his intelligence and speech are means of survival, not dominance or evil-doing. He pissed off a lot of people, of course, but he never purposely tried to do harm. The body part that best correspond to Jaime's swordhand and Cersei's beauty and sex appeal might be his penis. Tyrion doesn't define himself by it, but it is a force that controls his life, gets him into trouble and seriously hurt other people. As a teenager he rapped Tysha. Because of his lust, he disobeyed his father, brought Shae to King's Landing and that caused a lot of misery. He killed a man to keep his secret. His prostitute friend who fed him information or something was tortured as punishment for his disobedience. His plots wouldn't be found out if not for his keeping of Shae. She was his weakness. Of course, Shae was used as a nail in his coffin when she gave her statement in his trial. And then he became a murderer. Killed his father (don't blame him) and Shae, who he chose to mistake for a girlfriend, a fuck love. Then he rapped that sex slave with wipping marks on her back. Not to mention that part of the reason he was blamed for Joff's death was the fact that he was married to Sansa. Who he thought was a child, not fit to marry, but then decided to marry anyway because he wanted Winterfell, yes, but also because he wanted to get into her panties. His misery is because he is a dwarf, he is ugly and he is rejected by his cruel father and he is controlled by his penis. His tongue saved him more times than got him into trouble. Besides, how could Tyrion possibly reinvent himself without his tongue? Sorry for being redundant, but he is a noseless dwarf with stunted legs, different eye colors, poor, kinslayer, wanted for the murder of the King. Most people can't read, he would not be able to comunicate with anyone. Is he going to get magical powers, ride a dragon? I really hope that is a red herring.

Erik Rinard : "Jon Con" was all I needed to hear to make this episode a classic.

okönig : 4:23 Breaking Bad was amazing

e z : I feel like season 8 is gonna suck

Herb Coswell : This is really good. Can you do a video on the theory that arya and gendry could marry?

blackAngel : I almost feel like he already lost what defined him, when he had to leave King's Landing after he was sentenced to death. He wasn't a real Lannister anymore, had no more Gold, no family behind him. He already lost his title as the Hand of the King when Tywin came to King's Landing. I sure hope he won't lose the tongue as well. Although there probably isn't all that much talking left, in the tv show at least. And what is that about Varys cutting out the tongues of his little birds? On one hand, I don't feel like that fits his character from the tv show, kind of hard to believe that he would cut other people after he got cut. But mainly I'm asking myself, if the birds don't talk, how does he get his news? Does he teach them all to write? What's the point of having birds who can't "sing".

Henrique Benassi : Alt Shift X marry me senpai

Nosraceroom : The main problem with this theory is that unlike other characters, Tyrion doesn't really have any other skills other than his ability with words. As a dwarf, he's already in a perilous position in the world of ASOIAF, and were it not for his heritage and his brain he would have died long ago. I don't really see any scenario where Tyrion loses his tongue but doesn't die. Besides, we've already seen him go down into the dumps then rise back up again. It would be an odd writing choice to do it again, and this time there's no real way he could even recover. That being said, I can totally see him getting killed by Cersei or Varys in the end.

Awesome Romanian : Love the editing in this one, keep it up!

vav247 : The only thing more  cruel would be if he lost his mind. At least if it's just his tongue, he can still write and contribute to Daenerys' cause in some way. Not much opportunity for growth down that road so I doubt GRRM'll take it.

InvisibleMan95 : 2 Alt Shift's videos in one week! Christmas came early this year.

puntymcbunty : Another fantastic video! Just to add on the whole "losing what makes them who they are" thing, I'd like to add that Tywin also went through this, twice. His wife was the only thing that made him happy and she died in childbirth. Then, his other obsession was his legacy and family name. That was destroyed by Jamie being named a Kingsguard, Cercei going batshit crazy (and not having any non-incest children), and then Tyrion putting the nail in the coffin by murdering him. GRRM sure knows how to write tragedy.

Julian Gasparini : How about Tyrion cutting his own tongue?

Neuroziz Forgets : On the Euron point? Not only is Euron a growing baddie aligned against Tyrion/Dany/Jon - Euron also very much wants to win over Cercei. Given Cercei's repeated threats of removing tongues, Euron's repeated acts of removing tongues, and their growing bond in the aftermath of Jamie finally abandoning Cercei? ...well - Euron already gave a couple Sand Snakes to Cercei as a first present. Tyrion's tongue seems a quite fitting second present, in addition to the Golden Company.

aldrei 1011 : Jamie lost his sword hand. Cersei lost all her children. Tyrion losing his tongue? Here's to proud Lannister children. The tongueless dwarf, the cripple and the mother of madness.

Claudio Leitao : Clicked on this video as a joke... Now I think he will straight up lose his tongue.

Baxter Osburn : That's one heck of a theory, but I sincerely hope you are wrong. Could you do a video on the mysterious ancient cities of Asshai and Valyria?

Megan Wright : I noticed this in the books but not to this level, it's an excellent theory and the first fresh solid theory I've heard in months. Always making the best vids on GOT :)

wareq : Just when I was starting to forget how screwed-up this story really is, here's six minutes of casual speculation on what sort of horrific torture might be inflicted on whom, and when

Jordan Knotts : I think this is one of the best theory videos you've done. Great job!