How Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ Changed Music | Genius News

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syd16packchicken : The end of the vid got me sad. Rest in paradise donda. Thanks for making the greatest man to touch this earth yet.

Brandon La Flame : I was bumping this album just yesterday, now upload this vid lmao goals

Life of a Filmmaker : Best Kanye album imo and the second best hip hop album in history

Ash : Didn't like this album as much as the first two.

Blake Wurtzler : Didn't really say anything about how this record changed music

Roberto Carlos : Kanye West is most definitely the greatest hip hop ARTIST. He has his great lyrical moments, he's not vocally amazing, he doesn't dance, but man, the man has so much musical depth and unlimited creativity. Best hip hop artist IMO.

Blake Mericle : Noisy and complex just be saying anything and be trynna make it make sense 😒

gotchafool : Graduation was my favorite album before you new yeezy wearing bitchass niggas


D Rezzz : who is the narrator? he is soooooo fine

Taahir Matthews : Anyone slightly perturbed by the 'blocky' m's n's and u's ?

David f : Kanye was the first guy to show me that you didn't need to be a gangsta rapper to become the King of Hip Hop.

El Cheapo : No lie. Music has never been the same since this album.

kingkckc : coincidence everyday struggle just had a kayne discussion about this exact topic not to long ago?

MALIBU : its sad cuz Now he can't top any of his older albums

Bap Pedro : Kanye is one of the best Rapper of all time...for Real!

Ethel Esparza : a lot of graduation songs make me tear up (i'm gay)

Myia Jones : His best album !!! So much love for him

lam : "...but on graduation he dived into more electronic depths" *plays drunk and hot girls* sampling Can now thats very electronic. who edits these LOL

Sujan Lamsal : Sooo... I'm Still Left Wondering... How Exactly Did Graduation Change Music?

DeadHead 101 : Gangsta rap took a Major hit when Graduation dropped and never recovered damn Kanye really changed the culture

DeMarcus Sparks : My fav album of all time!

Dolly Oliver : people were talking about it?

Justin Roberts : I have this album cover tattooed on my arm

Branko Krzelj : I didn't understand how this album changed music.

Vro : Why this nigga look like a bald caleon fox

ZXQaos : Yeah, but you guys didn't explain how it changed music. I'm not saying it did, but all this vid does is discuss and contextualise the album in Ye's discography and career, which is cool, but off topic.

justmejr315 : I actually bought that album when it came out. I wouldn't buy his new stuff though, despite Vox's analysis on his new sound.

Aaliyah Cain : I will always love the Good Morning video 💯🙌🏽

in3 smi : Still wondering why title says Graduation changed music? No mention of this in the video.

HipnikDragomir : He had never heard of Daft Punk before that?

eazi cash : A great album, i usally don't listen to all the music on one album, but this one had too many tracks that to me was fire, had to listen to the whole thing.

Cam'sJungleAquaria : One of the most complete hip hop albums of all time. Not like today where there's one hit single and the rest is trash.

Mo P : His 1st 3 albums were fuckin amazing! The nigga snapped. One of my favorite rappers

We Love Hip Hop : Here's our interview with A-Trak!! I know you guys will take down this link But please watch it first. We do good work on the podcast.

Zecto Mask : Only true afro samurai fans will recognize the boy with bear head on the graduation cover

Dave Buikema : The old Kanye can't come to the phone right now

Michael Solomon : Great explication but not really sure if the title of this video is appropriate.

highvoltage47 : ... so how did he change music?

Xevics : Still his best album period

Spectacular Yes Entertainment : I know I'm in the minority, but Graduation has aged worse than any of his albums for me and feels like the most disposable/ shallow work he's done, even compared to Cruel Summer/ Watch the Throne. His team leaned too heavily into relatively generic synth sounds, his song structure was less surprising than ever, and that itch to make everything as stadium-friendly as possible caused him to sacrifice so much of the complicated content he still manages to stuff into his music. It's just an opinion, but something about this record leaves me feeling empty, unlikely just about everything else he's released.

fadedOTAKU : Good Life is a fucking classic.

Jacob Stilin : he doesn't explain how the album changed music. it was just a bunch of information about kanye

SAD SURF : Before I even watch this, whatever they saying he did, he did that shit

Meraki Soul Beats : All these salty comments. You try make music LOL

BTB Ninjah : For some reason I Wonder has a special place in my heart and I don't know why

Destined Star : I love the tone of my first album when 36 chambers debut talking about real issues and street morals and how Graduation was another way of expressing self worth and things we observed or experienced in life with people

Bruce Wayne : Who's waiting for his new shit to drop.

Abraham Silva : Y'all barely figuring this out???

Bendigo Way : why did they show drunken hot girls its kanyes worst song