How Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ Changed Music | Genius News

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Cyranek : pretty wild that I'm still listening to this album

Carl : thought this was vox at first

Dang Masey : I love graduation


KANYE WEST : when haven't I changed the game

Bryan Lorenzo : yep. he changed hip hop and people still hate on him just cause everybody else does. don’t follow a train on the wrong track

Camii : Swoozie? Lol

It's all good : Everything Kanye makes is influential to the genre and culture.

syd16packchicken : The end of the vid got me sad. Rest in paradise donda. Thanks for making the greatest man to touch this earth yet.

mayan-kade Nelson : Bruh i swear youtube stalking me, i been listening to graduation so much lately

Franio Lenart : Kanye the goat 🔥🔥🔥

ШИМЕ : kanye did so much for hip hop

SWISH_DNTMISS : Yall should've done 808s& heartbreaks because ppl don't know how relevant that sound/style is & being used by almost every artist today.

Sean : I Wonder is the best on the album IMO

I Am A God : Kanye was ahead of his time when he dropped graduation

Bootyclan 5 : Kanye = 🐐

Rebecca C : This album is literally a part of my childhood. One of my favorites of all time.

Roger Regor : Wonder is one of the most underrated songs ever

Yung Mordo : Kanye = 🐐

Dgnius Makileven : I loved this album

Dk_0 : love him or hate him, you gotta give the man respect where it's due

Yaseen Baker : Still listening to Through the Wire, Slow Jams and Overnight Celebrity daily!

Skinny Hardaway : Graduation changed the landscape of hip-hop forever. He birthed a lot of these melodic acts today. Can't Tell Me Nothing is one of the songs that describe my life in a nutshell lol.

Gregory Hale : This guy looks like Swoozie mixed with Virgil from off-white

Oliver Hernandez : I miss the old kanye Chop up the beats kanye.

Nicholas Friscia : Kanye West is a genius, don't @ me

Keke delisser : HANDS DOWN , Graduation is the best album 👏🏽👏🏽

Temple Slug : I miss the days when people took the time to learn an instrument instead of drag and dropping samples in FL studio .

Liu Liu : I Miss the old Kanye

Abin Joes : trying to low key hint that Kanye dropped off after graduation, i see you Genius MBDTF and yeezus kill

klockWorkz92 : 2007 was an important yr in music period

william Taylor : Fire

Gfdb Ff : the life of pablo is very underrated

Danny Bravo : Kid cudi helped influence his sound too

Pigeon : 808's and heartbreak I think really changed the game. And kinda paved the way to bring about a lot of the artist we have today.

Xanderpie : Greatest of all time

postshanna : Kanye is more important to hip hop than Jay Z

weekendplayground : Do a video on how Yung Lean changed the rap game

Swaran Bains : Thank you for this. Thank Kanye for all of this.

Sean Drummer : The 🐐

Lev Levin : 4:48 aint that the awaken my love cover?

Fredointhecut 96 : Kanye needs to get out of his sunken place Kim change this man for the worst

Ethan S : Dropout is better...

NO THEY ARENT LOL : Synths...strings...non gangster't u get it..:revolutionary

Anthony Titone : It's not rly that original it's heavily inspired by kid cudi

Spectrum UK : Say what you want about Kanye, but if you love music you'll understand his significance in the industry.

Lil Uzi Kool-aid : 🙏

Gaia Knight : i still hate kanye west

Isaac Reichner : How about "How Every Single Kanye Album Changed Music"

Enlightenment BillyBobJones : GOAT