how glass is made from scratch | Jimmy Butler.
how glass is made from scratch

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On my recent trip to Venice, we stopped by a glass shop in Murano. I almost passed out learning how to make glass from scratch, it was beyond hot. Take a look at some of the dope things they made from glass. ► SUBSCRIBE: ► WATCH MORE Most Recent Video: ► FOLLOW JIMMY Instagram: Facebook: Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar Director/Editor: Darryl Omar.


Roborexgaming : I will never forget the day Jimmy made a glass ball sack 🤣 love ya Jimmy

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HonestComment : We never see other NBA players or Sports star do vlog like this tho I mean most of them just flexing but Jimmy really living his life. He's willing to embrace other culture & art it really shows Jimmy's character tho. Cool dude and great vlog.

Boss2119 • : In the beginning he looked so happy to see other black people in Italy 😂😂

Agnese Giannone : Buongiorno Jimmy, torna presto in Italia ! ❤️🇮🇹

james khing : yo jimmy! this is awesome! please make more content like this. add some science to this and inspire an entire generation to do good in this world instead of playing playstation or slinging crack on the corner or pimping out their sisters. i'd love to see you show us how parmegiano reggiano is made from scratch or prosciutto or burrata while you're in italy. this channel has so much fucking potential to inspire greatness out of youths!

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