Hollywood loves Harvey Weinstein - montage of Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep etc

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Celebrities in this video: Meryl Streep, Madonna, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, Martin Scorsese, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Holly Hunter, Robin Williams, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Williams, Christoph Waltz, Colin Firth, Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger. Film producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein has been accused by several women of having committed sexual harassment. The allegations appeared in an article by the New York Times last week.

Comments from Youtube

kev3d : Saying Harvey Weinstein is a "little rough around the edges" is like saying Bill Cosby is an "unconventional bartender."

W h i t e y : And then they have the nerve to lecture the rest of America about this.

dakritic : Are we really that surprised? I mean these are the same assholes who thought “Shakespeare in Love” was a better picture than “Saving Private Ryan”.

Phoibos Apollon : Now we all know how Jennifer Lawrence arrived on the big screen. Never liked her to begin with.

my thoughts on : There is no denying Jennifer Lawrence slept her way to the top.

Kieran : God I hate Meryle Streep and Oprah.

Christine Jones : This creature is sooooo disgusting. Look how Jennifer Lawrence keeps touching him,she knows how to work it.

set clock --:-- : So not only did the women have to sleep with him, obviously the men had to do that as well...

Freddy Yellin : Harvey definitely stuck it to Jennifer Lawrence

Danibo Gizmo : I hope the oscars get hacked and they play this.

Suyapa A N : and the only actress that's not in this thanking this pig is my favorite of them all and for some reason hated by many. Angelina Jolie.

dangboof : they all sucked him off for their fame. if you think they didnt.. youre naive.

Ame sama : That's why child actresses like Dakota Fanning and Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson are much trustworthy.. they really did it on their own.

Jair F.S : The way jennifer said "thanks for killing whoever you had to kill.." tells pretty much how influential he was, and no matter what, once you had a deal with him

xohillary : Instead of #metoo it should be #weknew because they all knew what he did but and then turned on him and pretended like they weren't covering for him all those years. Hollywood is sickening.

lebkha : Jennifer and Gwyneth slept their way up to fame.

Chris : The crazy thing is that these Hollywood stars are all puppets

APG95 : I wonder how many milky loads of his Jennifer Lawrence guzzled down.

jxsilicon9 : Lindsay Lohan was right about how Lawrence got her parts.

Chadisms : “The Oscar is a perfect metaphor for Hollywood, gold plated on the outside and lead on the inside.” -Mel Gibson

anjana ch : Give all of them extra *two* Oscars for their superb acting, 1.before the allegations 2.after the allegations Hypocrites 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

Joshua Carrasquillo : Hollywood makes me sick. Meryl Streep especially. Pack of hypocrites.

cepenica1 : Oh make no mistake about it Jen is a real satan worshipper.

liam macpoyal turd : They were all happy to heap praise on him ,fully aware of what he was getting up to because it furthered their own careers . But now his reputation is in tatters they want to claim solidarity with the victims .This whole situation exposes the real type of people that comprise the Hollywood elite .behind the constant moral posturing and virtue signalling ,these people are simply self serving, narcissistic wankers .

K Michael : So this is why Jennifer Lawrence is so successful

Tommy Lellan : As a kid I would idolise famous people. As an adult I pity them.

izeizei : Streep, Oprah and Lawrence are absolutely abhorrent, vile people!

Anarchist Atheist : Jennifer Lawrence is overrated as a actress. She is only a slightly decent actress. I believe she is overrated partially because she is from the the Southern United States. Though where she is from is a lot better then where most famous actors and actresses are from today. The foreign countries, where much of the famous actors and actresses are from would not even give an American actor or actress a chance to perform in even a amateur dramatic production, let alone allow them to enter their country.

OAlexable : I truly believe Jennifer Lawrence slept here way to roles in hollywood

Matt Lewis : She called Harvey Weinstein God.... let that sink in guys.

LiL Shekel : he blew a load in all there faces

Ayesha Jasmine : "The Punisher" lmao no one saw it comin eh

MFYrising mayo : soooo is it safe to assume ALL these actresses that thanked him publicly got GOT??

Yoshi Todo : Dumb Americans. 😂

The Saint : Hollywood in a nutshell

T R : No one ever talks about all the women that did sleep w him for parts. I've seen many many Weinstein co movies with a lot of pretty actresses that have said nothing. Zellweger, Theron? We're looking at you 😆

James Wheat : Stop giving Hollywood your money folks! Stand for something for once

Joseph Docherty : Yes, I do agree *some* knew, but most (especially directors) were thanking him for producing their movie. You are aware you can't make a movie without someone producing it. Afterall they supply the budget. So without them you wouldn't have made the film.

Fernanda Jiménez : And now he is finally saying he slept with Lawrence and she's denying it, lol. Try to believe her after watching this video.

Rocket Raccoon : My shit is cleaner than hollywood

Matthew Mayson : I would rather work at walmart than get my cheeks clapped to be a celebrity.

Setting Mind : Hollywood actors are professional liars. Never belive what they say and do.

FromHyrule : They only knew (after) it got out. Before that they were fine wanking him off.

obibear123 : He looks like Jabba the Hut and drools as much!

SHIN BAKI HANMA : A whole video full of phonies... Hollywood is pathetic.

doll maleficent : Jennifer Lawrence is disgusting now

Александр Болбат : Wait a minute. Something is just not adding up...

Myron Kapetanakis : They all thank him on stage and then they all really THANK him backstage.

JON DOE : I have no pity for these Hollywood whores who traded sex for game. They're no better than him. Not talking about rape if he's really guilty of that, but talking about those that knew exactly what they were doing and why having the gall to cry about today.