Hollywood loves Harvey Weinstein - montage of Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon etc

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Cyrus MUFC : This us so fucking creepy

Yolo Yolo : Jennifer definitely fucked him tho

The Saint : Hollywood in a nutshell

JAYANT srivastava : Gwyneth calling him godfather and she accused him of coming on to her and brad pitt beat him up. Its all very confusing

Batman Jr. : Always thought Streep was the most overrated actress. This just make me dislike her even more, the hypocrite.

Dani : yuck yuckyuck

Aamir B : This video is full of creepiness. OMG

Xiao Hei : This kind of behavior is seen in every industry. People suck up to the powerful abusive guys just to get themselves on the top of the ladder. Whoever has the guts to go against the powerful boss is trampled upon by everyone and their career is shut down instantly.

alt knight : These wamen have all swollowed this mans load many times, for their careers. Theyre all nasty.

MrBrational : Jennifer Lawrence definitely had his sour smelling balls in her mouth at least a few times.

Jurassic56 : And they wonder why we're all so cynical

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : The way they are expressing themselves sounds like a combination of regret, fear, sadness, hate and discuss. The last part when richard gere talks about "you gonna read about weinstein's good things in the articles some day" is hilarious, like saying to everyone, you have no idea.

You're completely true : Jenifer Lawrence must have had taken in her asshole for this success. The way she rubs his arms leaves no doubt.

spritz Berry : They're actors anyway

almost : You should smuggle this video to the Oscars next Time and play it in front of all these dumb actors

It's Jabo : So hypocritical, basically allow this man to do the dirty things he does and even praise him, as long as they gain fame in the meantime. Then as soon as stories get out of what he does, they all jump ship and throw him under the bus. I mean this guy deserves to be thrown under the bus, but these Actors were clearly fine with him doing what he did as long as it wasn't publicly known. I swear to God, the film industry makes me feel sick.

Andrea Mari : They all knew

Tom B : Hypocritical. When it was in their self interests they kiss his ass, as soon as the door opens they jump on the bandwagon to trash him. What he did was awful and wrong, but the pathetic nature of Hollywood is truly on show here.

Eric Decamps : They knew he was a pig. And if it wasn't for those strong ladies, he would have been on a seat in the front row with Meryl "she knew" Streep for the 2018 Oscars.

Dimitri Pieries : The simple ‘thank yous’ we can give those a pass...but the over top declarations of love... Meryl biggest hypocrite of them all. Actually calling him God👍😂

Goldturd 25 : They all knew. But didn't say anything at these moments because they were developing their careers at the time and didn't want to join the large group of actors you all see serving you coffee or taking your restaurant order. *Mic Drop

vikas malik : They all females have slept with him. Now they curse him.opportunists all of them

oldtimeysheriff : If this doesn't convince you of the hypocrisy, go look up the celebrities that applaud Polanski

0xygenIsOverRated : It's laughable people are just now realizing Hollywood is trash. Matt and Trey tried to tell you people this for years.

Felipe Santander : yeah... Hollywood is full of shit... what a shock.

TheHawk2001 : imagine how powerful this nigga was, he had all big celebrities kissing his ass (literally too)...he was like a god in his own universe, doesn't everyone love the tragedy and drama of the fall from grace?

TJ Neyland : I'm holding back tears, this video is soooo powerful.

Yunas Alblushi : Harvey must have pissed some real nasty people, how every single person in this video has turned against him.

Charles Lumia : Hollywood is the best. The fakest people in the country

rudycenaronaldo : Lets tweet these videos to the celebs😂😂

Stevie B : The punisher and the bomber, just what they had to call him while he was hanging out the back of every one of them 🤦🏽‍♂️😮

Martin Shkreli : My dog's opinion holds more weight than any of these Hollywood sleaze bags

K Michael : So this is why Jennifer Lawrence is so successful

Lisa D : They all knew!

Joan . : Oh Hollywood..

Todd Michaels : Why you can't trust these people an all the agendas they try pushing

Joe S : Hillary Weinstien. Madonna deserves Harvey Spunk between her teeth. All have each other.

John K : Thanks for letting me suck your...er...thanks Harvey!

Danibo Gizmo : I hope the oscars get hacked and they play this.

Izzy Toms : They knew.

Tom R : They really love him

KeKKi : Richard Gere tho lol

Geerladenlad : These people are all Hypocrites they knew what kind of guy he was now they're just scattering distancing themselves from him. These are the same ones that distance themselves from Roman Polanski and then a few years later louded him as a hero they'll do the same thing the Weinstein you watch!

Russ Tanner : This is sickening. The hypocrisy is so thick in the room you can cut it with a knife.

Lukia Bl : Hollywood is nothing but a huge bag of rats every last one of them

V Cab : Remind me of Hitler's supporters before the War.

p : why do i feel like 0:49 isnt a joke on a hidden level....

CHEESEY TOKE : The cringe

Julián : This is cringeworthy.

MSlusark : Praise him when he's getting you awards, crucify him when the truth comes out