Hollywood loves Harvey Weinstein - montage of Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon etc

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Matt Lewis : She called Harvey Weinstein God.... let that sink in guys.

Ren G : They all knew. Of course they all knew. Each one of them. Those at the top see a lot. Damn this changed how I look at Meryl. And JLo, she always smelled fishy to me. Idk, she reeks of fakeness to me.

SHIN BAKI HANMA : A whole video full of phonies... Hollywood is pathetic.

Symon Says TV : I hope people learned a big lesson in that there’s a big big danger in giving someone so much admiration in public. First it gives them a tremendous amount of power which in the hands of most people is far from being a good thing, second you never know what they’re gonna do with it and third you will look so "Streep" when it will blow in the light of day, ..or "Gear", I’m not too sure which one looks more accomplice today.

lucaspenido : And aaaaaall of them “never knew anything” of course.

Chadisms : “The Oscar is a perfect metaphor for Hollywood, gold plated on the outside and lead on the inside.” -Mel Gibson

Akilleus : “I slept with Harvey for a role”- Gwyneth Paltrow “#metoo” - Jennifer Lawrence

Ultra Magnus : "The Punisher. Old Testament." This is a sideways way of calling him God. Disgusting.

SpaghettiandSauce : Remember - none of them knew anything about what was going on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jakeus 25 : I can only imagine the amount of loads Jennifer Lawrence has taken from that pig

Charles Bukowski : Everyone in this video swallowed his come...Think about that.

B.Barnes WS : Merly Streep and Oprah Winfrey knew the whole time, and were in on it.

The Saint : Hollywood in a nutshell

Mario Stans : For some reason Jennifer Lawrence makes me feel sick. Something about her just screams rodent. She looked so cozy when presenting with Weinstein it almost made me think she probably helped him spike a drink or two

TheRandomGuy : That's Hollywood.. A giant shithole. I feel no sympathy for the harassed actresses either. They knew how things work there.

King Ozymandias : Why hasnt Jennifer Lawrence she said anything? Or Meryl Streep.. Oh yeah because they sucked their way willingly to the top.

kasra khatir : This is Uncomfortable in so many levels

Damien Ward : So #metoo is just an actresses self admission that they had consensual sex for money , huh ,,,,, I flat out condemn sexual predation but equally this is prostitution is it not.

Chillen Killen : He definatly banged Robin Williams.

Psoriasis Buddy : I literally hadn't even heard of him until all these people decided to feel guilty for their whorish antics.

Marcus Apedradus : looks like Jennifer L. really did it to Harvey, she suxs and swallow

Peter Cruz : 2:35 goes in for a kiss twice

TIMOTHY : UGH. meryl streep is creepy for calling him god.

Omar MA : The good people in Hollywood are the bad people who still aren't in jail.

kmos66 6 : So is he the good guy?

chocolatewheelchair : Good clip collection totally shows Hollywood’s inside knowledge of his devious ways and their complacency. 💯

Pat Markell : They speak of TRUMP speaking with north Korea dictator,Meanwhile these WOMAN adore this rapist Ms STREEP ESPICIALLY and totally put him on a pedestal and even gave him a nickname the punished. They all knew about him and never even frowned upon what he did they ADORED him and his partner in crime DENIRO!

Jenni Mel : Leo?! You too?

Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me : #TheyAllKnew P.S I'll never forgive him for ejaculating on me but you gotta respect the man, caning all those hot actresses.

Hundred Percent Steve : I wonder how many times Jennifer Lawrence had to sit on Harvey Weinstein's face...

Armand Khan : Look at these people, look at their integrity, they will sell their soul for a dime but then act as if they are some moral authority, as if they are better than the rest of the world.

They call me Alf : I hope Harvey Weinstein gets away with his crimes. He deserves too. All those complicit folks and all of a sudden I'm supposed to believe the allegations. They were complicit then how do we not know they are being complicit now and to what degree.

Trudi Sagovac : The Punisher? What does that mean, do you s'pose?

bremenfan29 : I can’t stand Jennifer lawerence.

smokingcrack issaferthantidepods : I wonder how many of these celebs were forced into saying this though I mean they can’t openly diss him on stage and to keep their careers going I would be willing to bet 75% of these ppl actually hate him

Claire W : Why do we take anything political celebrities say seriously... Jesus Christ!

Ben Stevens : Richard Gere most probably still has a hamster up his ass stuck in there by The Punisher himself. He's done a lot of good deeds in his life like meeting Richard Gere's sexual fantasies.

Silas Frost : Gere was being clearly facetious. As for the rest, fear often masquerades as respect.

K Michael : So this is why Jennifer Lawrence is so successful

Ashish Acharya : Fake! They all are paid actors.... I hope you got the joke😂😂😂

Swag Fzce : They built the monster

TBA : They used him to get where they are and then didn't need him anymore.

Billy Bronco : "A kindly wonderful man who we all love" said Richard Gere.

Albert Andrews : A lot rough around the edges Rough sex perhaps

cable wire : this is why even the women in the metoo movement were just....so fake? Like these are all millionaires that kissed up to wienstein when it was convenient for them- and yes I use the word convenient because at this point most of them weren't FINANCIALLY dependent on their jobs- most of them had more money than they knew what to do with. If they cared THAT much about women't rights- they wouldn't have just stood by and watched it happen to themselves and other women to propel their careers.

Ray Jim : He's so much nicer than that other Harvey Weinstein! Wait... What?

sticksman1979 : JLaw what a suck up. Probably literally.

JAYANT srivastava : Gwyneth calling him godfather and she accused him of coming on to her and brad pitt beat him up. Its all very confusing

Zach Galifanakis : wow the way Jennifer Lawrence was rubbing on his arm softly at 1:38...🤔🤔🤔

BOB R. : Pedo's awarding pedos