Hollywood loves Harvey Weinstein - montage of Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon etc

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lucaspenido : And aaaaaall of them “never knew anything” of course.

Akilleus : “I slept with Harvey for a role”- Gwyneth Paltrow “#metoo” - Jennifer Lawrence

Kieran : God I hate Meryle Streep and Oprah.

spifire hrt : Fake! They all are paid actors.... I hope you got the joke😂😂😂

matt bardot : There is no denying Jennifer Lawrence slept her way to the top.

Don Folders : It’s important to keep in mind that with 99% of these, they knew full well what he was doing at the time. If you work in Hollywood, you have to be willing to be a complete sellout and whoor for every job you get and connection you make.

Charles Bukowski : Everyone in this video swallowed his come...Think about that.

Yvette the Maid : dint gweneth paltrow recently call him a monster? she sure was praising this creep back than

Phoibos Apollon : Now we all know how Jennifer Lawrence arrived on the big screen. Never liked her to begin with.

Raziel Ehkano : Jennifer "in the ass but not in my hair" Lawrence

Ralph Macchio : And Hollywood keeps preaching to us and telling us how bad Trump is....

APG95 : I wonder how many milky loads of his Jennifer Lawrence guzzled down.

Peter Cruz : 2:35 goes in for a kiss twice

Matt Lewis : She called Harvey Weinstein God.... let that sink in guys.

bryzzo 2016 : wow the way Jennifer Lawrence was rubbing on his arm softly at 1:38...🤔🤔🤔

dangboof : they all sucked him off for their fame. if you think they didnt.. youre naive.

Adam Smith : Bunch of sell outs and phonies.

frenly Neybur : None of them were sexually assaulted because they all gave consent.

MotoSocal PCH : *And Then They All Turned On Him Lmaooo*

6Kine6tic6 ; : No good people. That man is literally hollywood. So i guess he's an artist? Wow this clip is soo revealing. And we wonder why hollywood hates trump. Its all an act.

Jorden Jones : Yeah Jennifer Lawrence. Now it all matters ,morality and respect for women. Blow it out your ass Hollywood .

Helen Keller 2.0 : I wonder how many of these celebs were forced into saying this though I mean they can’t openly diss him on stage. And to keep their careers going, I would be willing to bet 75% of these ppl actually hate him and were forced to kiss his ass. And im pretty sure this was before all those allegations came out but I find it hard to believe anyone in the industry hadn’t heard, didn’t know, wasn’t aware, etc of his behavior.

Brown Bradley : Harvey definitely stuck it to Jennifer Lawrence

6 Max Grinder : They. All. Knew.

set clock --:-- : So not only did the women have to sleep with him, obviously the men had to do that as well...

Darren Keane : God.. I DESPISE Streep

SHIN BAKI HANMA : A whole video full of phonies... Hollywood is pathetic.

TRUTH FINDER : what a bunch of cowards.

Ken May : What corruption looks like.

dangboof : it would take two people to hold someone down and rape them with oral. all these women who say "he raped me.. he went down on me.." could easily have stood up and walked out. instead they laid there. took it. and then felt regret afterwards. that is not rape. that is sleeping your way to fame. this whole metoo movement was a joke. its part of the "make men the enemy" agenda. do i think harvey used his position to gain sexual favors? yes. do i think giving into his demands for money and fame is rape? no, no i dont.

W h i t e y : And then they have the nerve to lecture the rest of America about this.

Liz Neptune : He smashed all those actresses and they don’t regret it. All the actresses that DIDNT come out and will never cause they did their bid and they got what they wanted.. kudos to them lol

Lotus Sutra : Richard Gere is an embarrassment to all Buddhists by calling Harvey a good man. Liberals are the moral scum of the universe and yet pretend to be holier than thou!

Prometheus Theseus : Just like in the media, it’s all P.R. I’m glad everything is being exposed. People are waking up.

Hard Truth : All current celebrities should be locked into a huge barn and the barn should be set on fire...

Big Dog : All these hoes ate HW arse to get up there.

TheRandomGuy : That's Hollywood.. A giant shithole. I feel no sympathy for the harassed actresses either. They knew how things work there.

Chris : The crazy thing is that these Hollywood stars are all puppets

JK UK : And all them knew, then have the nerve to scream 'Me Too'. Cunts.

TRU MARTYR : I heard Jennifer Lawrence gives a mean David Blowie! #metoo (poundmetoo)

THE BATMAN : If Harvey "raped" anyone... he should pay for it. It's much much more likely that he was betrayed by these no talent Barbies when their 15 minutes were up and they wanted more. Just like the cannibalistic masquerade of '72 in France. When one goes down, the feeding ensues. Hollywood is a "play" on words. What would Holly do for a part? Hurray for Hollywood they all sing! The witches with their goat heads and birdcages that Stanley so wanted to tell us all about before his Eyes were Shut. The only victims here, are the children seduced by the Rainbow. The rest are willing participants and dress in black robes before the Double Eagle and the Serpent. It is a world run by Blood and Honey.

David Scott : Jennifer lawrence was bad from the start, i knew it, you knew it... She is a cold fish and she blazed a trail all over hollywood, why? ...for the same reason people like Matt Damon are so successful ...the loudest and most evil common pond scum are in charge, and if you are their kind of cut, you get the money and the job. i stopped watching anything with j lawrence in after winters bone .... Face it, the majority are idiots.

The TCR : No one ever talks about all the women that did sleep w him for parts. I've seen many many Weinstein co movies with a lot of pretty actresses that have said nothing. Zellweger, Theron? We're looking at you 😆

SwiftJustice2020 : I love it. I absolutely love the moral hypocrisy, and how it only came about because of their absolute disdain of Donald Trump.

sypen1 : Bunch of hypocrites

lebkha : Jennifer and Gwyneth slept their way up to fame.

alexander44444 : Hollywood is more hypocritical sheethole than Washington

citizen x : Hollywood is clueless. Pretty obvious. We see you, you are all fake!

Joshua Carrasquillo : Hollywood makes me sick. Meryl Streep especially. Pack of hypocrites.

Jakeus 25 : I can only imagine the amount of loads Jennifer Lawrence has taken from that pig