Momma brings 4 babies to the door, 6-20-13

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Mommy raccoon appeared with only 2 babies about a week earlier, and now there's 4. We're not sure if they're all hers (two are bigger than the others) or if she's nursing orphans. This is one of the first times she brought all four babies to see us. We're not worried that they'll try to get into the house or attic since we're surrounded by natural woods with plenty of trees for them to nest in.


reba kows : cute! momma was saying, "come on feed us... I brought my four kids" LOL

JKL : She wants to place an order at the drive thru

ProjectFlashlight612 : They look like little robbers with eye masks on

Alexis Grunden : Normally, I'd be concerned about rabies, seeing a raccoon out in the middle of a bright, sunny day like that. But being a mom is a 24-hour job; I know that's why that mama raccoon was out with her kits. It's a lot of work to fill four empty bellies.

Julie Purpleskater : I have some raccoon friends in San Francisco... a mom and 5 babies. They know me & my car, and now that the babies are teenagers, they've learned I usually have goodies. (Fruit, cereal & cat kibble.) They LOVE grapes, and will come up and gently reach out and take them from my hand. They're so cute!

John Edward Jones : Lived in Hollywood Hills in 80s. One night at 2AM the air conditioner went out. After an hour of tossing and turning I decided I should sleep on the deck by the pool on a big chaise. Zoned out, I had the feeling I was being watched in this very secluded area. When I woke up and looked, five raccoons were sitting watching me. The message was clear. "Hey you got anything to eat." Went in and got cheese. They were not interested. Then popped corn. It was an instant hit. Love raccoons. Unless threaten or ill they are friendly..Always very smart.

Mary D : They are so sweet and adorable thank you for feeding them God bless you

tina A : I have many raccoons that visit me every night. One is named Possie and she comes into the house to play and she plays with my cats. Now that she has babies I do 't let her in anymore because I'd be chasing them everywhere. Possie makes a mess in the catfood and their water so I couldn't handle her three babies messes. Lol Possie was a baby herself last year and she let me hold her. Now she sits on my lap and eats cookies and grapes. They know my house is a safe zone for them to come and eat & play. They sleep on my deck and play in the trees. They live under my cat kennel. I just love them so much. I get a lot of deer, coyotes, wild turkeys, bobcats, and mountain lions too. Of course we have squirrels and bears too. I live in the pine woods of the sierra mountains in California. Love the scenery and the wild animals. Most all sense that I'm not going to hurt them. I also have 2 skunk friends named stinker and stinky and an opossum named Opie. lol Thanks for sharing the video. Cute little guys 😊😊😊

Kawy Thowy : I wanted to see you feed them.

Stella Kalivas : That's a beautiful family. So very cute.

715490 926 : Look at her eyes. She just wants to help her babies. Too cute.

katgirl1958 : Love it I had a mama that was buddy bring her babies every year and she would let me pet them! I gave her dry cat food! When she got older she came during a storm and I rescued some of the babies that got stuck from flooding! She was making a fuss and I could hear them crying so I went and got them and they all hung out on the porch till the storm was over! She was very friendly and she was happy to share the burden of feeding them with me. I also fed a lame deer! And had vultures come by when we had an extreme draught for water! I feel since we have screwed up their environment sooo much that it's our duty to help them when needed!

Fenwick : Raccoons are so cute and very intelligent. :) Thanks for sharing!

StonyRC : Damn they're beautiful - not quite fox, not quite badger ... something in between???

Ergo Sum Adrieyl : How nice of you :) we gotta look out for our single mommy’s 👱🏽‍♀️👧🏽👶🏽👦🏾🧒🏽

SacredLust97 : Racoons are adorable. They can be feisty but still cute.

Wanda Steeves : Adorable—- she’s like HELP they keep multiplying lol 😆

M Lee : it is very pity that human lost instinct to communicate with animals by the emotion from heart。It's not easy to raise four children,mommy raccoon just beg some food for children。

Cheryl Albright : Absolutely adorable!!! We also live in a wooded area, and I have been feeding the Raccoons for years, the Mama's always bring the babies, then they grow up and they remember that we provide food and water, and safety. Never have tried to touch them, although they take food from a plate I hold in front of me. Due to loss of their Natural habitat, there isn't enough food for them to thrive. I can't just watch them starve, so I don't mind buying their food. Sweet, smart little cuties, that have brought me so much joy! :-)

The Life Of Scott Wenger : so cute!

Jennifer Loving : The most interesting thing to me about racoons is their paws. Seriously, they are so ambidextrous, it's like they hands!

SJ SMITH : They must be hungry!

temptress xxx : OMG precious

BluesBadTom : Thumbs up and happy weekend also.

bertitolino : Momma knows where the good food is

John Ross : Thank you for your excellent, detailed description of your interactions with all the forest critters. It helps to balance all those YouTube comments which can create such a bad reputation for raccoons.

Angelique Jones : They are very CUTE and very Polite!😇 YES! They do look a bit HUNGRY!😇😘💖👏👍

xlxcrossxlx : So glad to hear you feed them.

tara : you didn't show feeding them---any updates ---they are all grown up--hope predators did not get any of them!

Montse Grifell : Qué bonitos!

Allana Thomas : Nature's beauty at its best...

Stewie Griffin : It’s like taking her babies to the zoo

Half pint : i wish i could enjoy something like this in my life. how wonderful

Brendarenée Green : I see orbs also💜 Bless you🌼 I have Mamas that bring babies too❣

Hg Hiulh : Nature is awesome. People could learn a lot from animals. 🙂❤️🌱


charlotte zawinsky : I hope your raccoon friends are still there and doing well. I think it was amazing that the mommy knew to knock on your window to ask for food. Since I've been retired and moved out into the country, I have seen so many wonderful things that has blessed my heart from all of our wild back yard animals. Bless you for your love & kindness.

Mimi Song : Thank you for being so kind !!!!!

Linda Lulu : They love cat food (dry type) like meow mix.


Agnes Przelucki : This mother Raccoon asks for help : for weather and food, maybe for Your guard and building them a house ! They are sweet company, we always left weather and food for Raccoons.

Chrissy🇩🇴❤️😂😍🥰😘 : Those raccoons are like “ so we booked a place to sleep and that place was here sooo are you gonna let us in or what?”

Taylour22 : You're going to wake up one night to a noise, and glowing eyes in your bedroom.

Mia Marvin : oh man. that.. that is painfully adorable

Deede Chai : Absolutely in love with your backyard. The amount of space and forestry, just beautiful.

Ownyx : I've always loved raccoons. Great vid!

H khan : awww that’s so good of a women feeding these beautiful animals god bless u hun ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chantel Manning : "This is our house now, when do we pick up the keys?"

John Vallett : I think its wonderful, so gorgeous, and Racoon's are my Favorite Animals, its nice when people and Animals get on so well xo