Making A Bacon & Egg Sandwich
Making A Bacon amp Egg Sandwich

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tracey davenport : Never seen cooked eggs look like that. They actually changed colour πŸ˜‚

Stuart Greene : The cooker always being on 12.00 is really triggering me

stealthisname66 : "That's not me pan! Mine were black with soot"

LtCol Poopmaker : Show us how to fix up a milk steak.

Michael Bale : When I was a child we stayed at a guest house in Bideford overnight. In the morning the lady served us with a breakfast very similar if not the same as yours. I can remember my dad wrapping it up in a serviette and putting it in his pocket (not for later on )..Many thanks for bringing back to me that childhood memory..You should be on the TV that Gino de Campo is shite..

sandham : Good to see you grilling the bacon Kay - healthier option

sbuggy jones : thanks again Kay love your videos you have inspired me since day one i have watched and learnt and now i have opened my own burger van and its all thanks to you

Brendon Clay : Ere Kay, make us a blindin' crisp sarnie!!


fl0wsss : subbed up keep up the good work

SpudCommando : did you deep fry your eggs, wow.

Neil Mossey : Hiya Kay - I love your videos - thank you. PS Any chance of Egg Fried Rice? I always mess that up

KettiexD : my goodness.. those eggs.. great job?

maya sanderson : Amazing! can you do avocado and poached eggs on toast?

KettiexD : please tell me there was a pan underneath the bacon to collect the dripping fat?

Pablo Rodriguez : willNE

Michael Keegans : That looks scrumptious keep up the good workπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Julie Sowerby : hiya kay i absolutely love watching you cook.keep smiling x

Martin Walford : This is how food should be. Kay, you've mastered the art

Milky : Yes now i can go on thank you Kay. I will live today

Tashy Aspinall : kay you have made my day!! maybe you could show me how to make a grilled cheese 😚😚

Joanne Dwyer : kay hun it's a barmcake πŸ˜‚ kay can you cook a scouse? (stew basically)

Wayno Insaino : love your smile i can tell you love doing what you do keep up the good work yeah boii.

Ali Hayward : Love you Kay. Are you from Sheffield like me?

william mckevitt : kay you are a superstar.keep doing them videos very informative liverpool loves you

George Lilley : Bread Cakes, ULTIMATE FACEPALM.

QuintBlitz : Great video, please make more!! Maybe a pie next?

Rey Hasanov : You buttered those buns very nicely :)

Steven M : Loved the video and your great smiles and giggling! I love a good bacon sarnie and adding an egg is even better. I'd also add some HP Sauce don't you know. Thanks again; I'm subscribing now!

Mark Steve : Do liver and onions classic british meal

DidYaServe : Good stuff, Kay. That's a proper sandwich.

Sunshine Dreams : Hi hope u were ok when u splashed the oil on u. Cud u pls make pizza of faijitas thanks Luv

Emma Nottingham : Love iron maiden x

Uncle Derpesh : Proper good cook you are Kay, love the vids and the food looks lovely

Pirate Cat : Kay you legend

ollsmells : Thanks for sharing your cooking Kay

Fred Astaire: The Sultan of Savoir-flaire : KAYE -- brilliant job. Well done, you! Keep on cooking! Would love to see a traditional breakfast fry-up. Fried bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, blood pudding, eggs, bacon, beans...the whole works!

davidrhicks : Love watching you, you're a legend in the making.

Aaron : Kay, you seem like a lovely lady and a barrel of laughs to be with, but I'm not too sure about some of your cooking methods :')

Jimmy Vaughan : they're tea cakes up in West yorkshire

Katie Poulton : could you make prawn risotto?

Dan P : Looks lovely keep it upπŸ‘

Freddie Frog228 : Brilliant vid Kay, could you make Potato Dauphinoise

Steve Johnson : love ya videos Kay!!! bollox to Gordon Ramsey!! we call em baps!!!

Fiona Robertson : Get a George forman more healthy for u 2

Sean Chambers : tbh it's just like mama used to make! looks tasty


lee hornsby : Great stuff, enjoyed watching, hahahahaha

kiefer Woods : can you make scrambled egg and toast