Making A Bacon & Egg Sandwich

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Tom Greenhalgh : The fat looks like boiling coke.

tracey davenport : Never seen cooked eggs look like that. They actually changed colour 😂

Michael Bale : When I was a child we stayed at a guest house in Bideford overnight. In the morning the lady served us with a breakfast very similar if not the same as yours. I can remember my dad wrapping it up in a serviette and putting it in his pocket (not for later on )..Many thanks for bringing back to me that childhood memory..You should be on the TV that Gino de Campo is shite..

pocket monkey : Show us how to fix up a milk steak.

stealthisname66 : "That's not me pan! Mine were black with soot"

Stuart Greene : The cooker always being on 12.00 is really triggering me

231swift : hey do you think you could make a video of dauphinoise potatoes and duck l'orange, desperately need some help fleshing out my menu for the restaurant I'm opening soon, I've been trying to make sushi rolls but I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I keep burning the rice and the lettuce any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm in quite a bit of a panic here Kay

Martin Walford : This is how food should be. Kay, you've mastered the art

SpudCommando : did you deep fry your eggs, wow.

Derek Doig : Nooooo, fry the egg in clean oil at a really low temp, takes longer but you get a better fried egg, your ring was definitely too high. Liked your video though.

Ryan Moloney : Wow, will you do a naked cook. Love to see that. How much will you charge to take a dump on my chest???

sandham : Good to see you grilling the bacon Kay - healthier option

fl0wsss : subbed up keep up the good work

Neil Mossey : Hiya Kay - I love your videos - thank you. PS Any chance of Egg Fried Rice? I always mess that up


Brendon Clay : Ere Kay, make us a blindin' crisp sarnie!!

Noods Radio : QUALITY

maya sanderson : Amazing! can you do avocado and poached eggs on toast?

sbuggy jones : thanks again Kay love your videos you have inspired me since day one i have watched and learnt and now i have opened my own burger van and its all thanks to you

Jim Vortakana : breadcake is Yorkshire for roll, innit?

Pablo Rodriguez : willNE

KettiexD : my goodness.. those eggs.. great job?

KettiexD : please tell me there was a pan underneath the bacon to collect the dripping fat?

Uncle Derpesh : Proper good cook you are Kay, love the vids and the food looks lovely

Catherine Hamilton : What a lovely lady - she makes me smile just watching her x

Stephanie Boond : Those bacon & Egg bread cakes looked yummy I do hope that yourself & Lee also Ziggy enjoyed your food.. God Bless x

cHxv4fg : Looking real good! Nice video

Fred Astaire: The Sultan of Savoir-flaire : KAYE -- brilliant job. Well done, you! Keep on cooking! Would love to see a traditional breakfast fry-up. Fried bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, blood pudding, eggs, bacon, beans...the whole works!

Fluffybunnyaz roblox : Hi Kay I know u

TheAGCteam : Don't dislike this, this is just what English cuisine looks like. Can't blame her, it's just her culture.

Emma Nottingham : Love iron maiden x

Jimmy Vaughan : they're tea cakes up in West yorkshire

DidYaServe : Good stuff, Kay. That's a proper sandwich.

lee hornsby : Great stuff, enjoyed watching, hahahahaha

Judith memories not to be forgotten Petrou : Good cooking Kay👍🏻😀💕

Mark Steve : Do liver and onions classic british meal

ELA1ization : DansGame

Pirate Cat : Kay you legend

FLOODY : I wish I could kooc like this/

Phil Mcrackin : Oh yes! Can't beat a good bacon and egg sarnie! Yet another smashing video Kay x

Rasputin Varez : My god woman, get a stoneware cooking pan and some sillicone implements, you can cook without oil or with far less oil than you are using. British food is meant to be hearty and nutritious working class food!

The Khajiit : I would love to know how to make a Thai green curry.. can you please show me where I am going wrong?

christine dennison : Well you've managed to put another twist on egg and bacon sarnies..interesting take on eggs...nice one kaygella.😵😘

Lollipop Lou : if you're making a bacon and egg bap there's no point in trying to make it 'healthier' with less oil, let the gal live with her 10/10 sarnie and all the oil she wants to use

PeepClick : Yes now i can go on thank you Kay. I will live today

Rey Hasanov : You buttered those buns very nicely :)

Ellison Rector : you should cook with your wrist

julie Wallis : Who else is here because of Harry Hills alien fun capsule?

franki c : very good!!!!! subscribed

Aaron Hodgkins : Kay, you seem like a lovely lady and a barrel of laughs to be with, but I'm not too sure about some of your cooking methods :')