Residents told to evacuate after rise in radiation levels near Russian blast site
Residents told to evacuate after rise in radiation levels near Russian blast site

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Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 Radiation levels were up to 16 times the norm in a nearby town, the national weather service said Tuesday August 13th, after an explosion at a Russian missile testing site on Thursday. Russian authorities recommended residents leave area. Visit our website: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


Robert Brown : There's no disPutin that Russia is going down the pan.

Ashwin V : We are dealing with something that has never happened before on this planet ..... oh wait

The Equaliser : That's what happens when you make hypersonic weapons propelled by nuclear fuel, the Russian people should storm the kremlin and drag putin out by the balls, humanity means nothing to corrupt world leaders and arms corporations, the people of the world should make the development of these weapons a crime against humanity, because they are there to destroy humanity act now petition world leaders and governments ban nuclear weapons from the planet no country should have them.

Metaxa 7 : this Geiger counter looks like $50 DIY from ebuy

Fossil Draws : Look at the russian trolls in these comments trying to deflect attention from this. You've been detected comrad.

Hyena : Season 2?

Christopher Justice : Anyone else having Chernobyl flashbacks?

Warrior Son : 3.6 Roentgen..? 😞

Andrew Dill : This is alarmist hysteria. I’m told by senior officials it’s merely the equivalent of a chest X-ray.

petes place : Chicken nuggets did it

scratch : For whatever the reason, simbots have a major fetish thingy going on for radiation like pyromaniacs have for fire. This universe is a sim. Physicists have already found some of the underlying sim programming code. The proof that this universe is a sim already exists. Simbot... simulation-generated biological robot that mindlessly perpetuates the universe sim agenda and status quo. No matter how stupid and wrongful the universe sim agenda and status quo might be. Simbot does as simbot is. It never fails to flabbergast me how truly stupid simbots are.

Epicure : It's a curse!

Biraj : Time to denuclearize the planet.

shneezal1 : Russia is for some reason considered a world Power. Yet they are so corrupt and backward. Instead of improving the lives of their citizens by raising wages, improving hospitals and roads and violence, the focus on building nuclear bombs and propping up dictators

Defcon One : Because humanity "needs" more weapons of mass destruction! /s

Jeff B : I wonder what sort of right wing group those guys in black leather jackets belong to? They're carrying the casket, and they're all skin-heads. If anyone knows what they represent, it would be interesting to learn!

Sir Loxley Mendoza : Where is Yang? lol Its Trump's fault lol radiation is racist lol Usual lib whines

Melvin McKinnon : Putin would love to be the top leader in the world. But he leads by fear. Trump does, but only of being 'fired'. There's the difference between the two men that cannot be ignored. If Putin were the top leader of this world, he would hurt people to keep his position of power. Trump will just go away and live his life as a billionaire, if he gets voted out. He could care less what happens to the US after he leaves office. Putin will die holding power. He cannot live life without it. That makes Putin far more 'dangerous' over losing power than Trump. But seriously, the alternatives to Putin are WORSE than Putin for Russians. Who do these protestors propose to replace Putin? Yeah...that's the question we should ALL be asking.

jose bautist : I’m in mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ should i be worried πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Sheeple are Lame : While Western Govmnts & big pharmaceutical companies, get away with, making billions a year through depopulation, through chemical warfare <<< SHEEPLE

dj videos : Greepeace... is that something new?