'Transracial' man born white feels like he is Filipino

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tito k : Tuk tuk is in Thailand, not Philippines.. This guy just doesn't know what he is talking about..

violet girl : I'm a Filipino and I don't even know what "Tuk tuk" is. We only have trikes here ahahaha.

Jack T : Mental illness comes in so many flavors. This poor guy came in the form of _Fruit Loops_ cereal mixed with _Fruity Pebbles_ .

Desdemona : > thinks he's Filipino > gives himself an Indonesian name and drives a Thai vehicle I mean, if you're going to appropriate a culture, at least be accurate. I don't think this person really thinks he's Filipino so much as liking vaguely Southeast Asian stuff.

Sparkledash1 : You are not a filipino, just because you like filipino culture. What you do here, is fleeing from the reality of who you are and that is a mental illness. I like irish and celtic culture, but i am neither irish nor celtic, i am german and that's who i will always be. It's true, you need to be happy with who you are. But pretending to be something you are not, just shows that you are very afraid of reality. Stop encouraging this shit. If this keeps going on, people will identify themselves as animals and even objects.

Social Sketch : This man is a legend. Or maybe he's not trolling. Then he is just mentally ill.

Joseph Hiker : The hell man! He is so lucky! I haven't had anyone take me seriously when I tell them I'm an attack helicopter. They just laugh and laugh. I then tell them attack helicopters have a higher risk of getting shot down and they say I just proved their point.

Mac B : Im a 6'3" 300 pound Strong man with lots of Tattoos, but i really feel like im a 4'11" 86 pound Asian woman!!! This insanity has gotten out of hand.

Cool Hand Luke : I want to be trans-species. I should be able to say I'm a dog and pee where ever I want, poop where ever I want and walk up to people and smell their crotches without people being freaked out. lol

phenomenom20 : Filipinos don't use Tuk-tuks, dude, that's an Indonesian and Thai thing. It's cool that he has an appreciation for Filipino culture but he'll never be genuinely Filipino. If you like the culture so much then move there so that you can fully embrace the culture.

skipstah70 : At our current rate of Libtardization.. in 20yrs people will look back at this guy and see a conservative. Lol

Christopher Leon Johnson : I identify myself as a South Korean🤣🤣

Nate Higgers : Tuk-tuk is used in Indonesia, I believe. I don't see that in my country. In addition, this thing is insane.

Lindah Lee : Three words PUTANG INA MO!

mbproject21 : I'm DONE........

Ms.Boston : We need to find a cure smh

Andrew Stevens : Thats the next democrat presidential candidate

bastyo : Holy shit, you're just a guy liking filipino culture. That's it. I like mongolian throat singing, does that make me mongolian? I am still a German who likes mongolian stuff. And that's that.

Jamil Boykin : Its funny how people think transracial people are menatlly ill but transgenders are perfectly sane talk about the hypocrisy lol

Elysia Moore : This is what you call a WEEB

meggiedoll : First of all Ja Du is not even a Filipino name Secondly we use tricycles not tuk tuk Thirdly, you can't just wear our nationality just because you appreciate the culture. My people went through some serious hardships, colonial mentality and are still in the process of loving ourselves despite deep embedded western influences telling us we're ugly and not good enough Just say you love the culture and everything but don't identify as one of us. You'll never conceive what being a Filipino truly is.

sonoki82 : Send this crazy dude to President Duterte. He will sort it out for him.

Bakalakalajihad : Wait so it said "...If I can't find any groups like me that means there is something wrong with me..." 30 sec later "...so I created the group...."

Prince Blake : The Tuk-Tuk name may be taken from Asia but it is in fact a Dutch company which makes the vehicle Ja Du drives... Ja means 'Yes' in Dutch. Du is an abbreviation of 'Doodoo' or 'poop' in English. Who will Ja Du identify as next? A Dutchman named "Yes, poop!"? Michael Savage is totally up in arms! Or should I say, "Miguel Wiener is up in arms.... "Michael Savage" Ha! Another fake name!!!!


Mike Waisnor : I think HE has the wrong country of origin for the tuk tuk.. Lol..

San Arturo : its a condition of mental divergence. I find myself on planet Ogo, part of an intellectual elite, preparing to subjugate the barbarian hordes on Pluto. but even though this is a totally convincing reality for me in every way, nevertheless, Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche. I am mentally divergent in that I am escaping certain unnamed realities that plague my life here.

RU AwakeYet : Master troll

DBZ Fan7 : 2017.... I'm at a loss for words...

Dressage74 : What a freak, if you like a culture just enjoy it. I love Indian food but don't want to become Indian

Adobogains : Watching the history channel makes him filipino. Does that mean we are all porn stars?

El Grande : What a complete and utter freak.

Mike Oxlong : THIS, this is why I hate people.

Autumn Asters : Being transgender is a real thing. But just like this idiot is lying about being "transracial" I don't believe that he's actually transgender either....

Ken Garcia : He was almost on to it, yes there is something wrong with you, but in this day and age we accommodate all kinds of illnesses. We are destroying our society. Lord help us...

Jose Gonzalez : The man in the video is as white as white can be.


Franksta281 : Feels good to be Filipino American. Hahaha.

airplanemaster1 : Perhaps people should start killing themselves, and call it: *Trans-Living*

Ali Ngawngaw : Tuktuk is a term used by every Filipino as a threat to wake you up in the reality by hitting you on the head. Sarap tuktukan nito.

Etti Blanc : I'ma be white on Mondays and Fridays, Black on the weekends....don't mind me. I'm conflicted.

Sheriel ES : We do not use TukTuks... wtf! You got the wrong country JA DU! kulang sa pansin ka lang bayot.

kelly tingley : I disagree with his choices but I thought he handled himself really well on the Fox News interview. Friendly always positive, nothing negative to say about anyone. A lot of people in front of a camera could learn a lot from his attitude. I say live and let live.

hAE Ya DWAE : Is he at LEAST trying to learn the language?

Tesseract : The first picture of him from his childhood pretty much says it all!

Mannyl depor : You could be white and be Filipino. If you are born there you are Filipino. Filipino is not a race it is a nationality.

Cat Barrera : If you guys support transgender then why not support this?

Rennan DG. Yerro : Uhm.. Tuk Tuks are from Thailand. I'm a Filipino and there is no such thing as Tuk Tuks here. The nearest thing we have is tricycle.

DeVi0uS : I racially identify as North Korean meaning I live on nuclear power and my leader eats his people

joseph flair drip : then celebrate the culture, you don’t need to become filipino wtf no. no. no. just no.